REUP – The Drunken Fools!

This episode was a lot of fun to do back in the say, mostly because it involved a ton of drinking which wasn’t something we did a lot. It’s funny, I had always thought that Kamren was the one who brought me all the drinks during this and not Jackie. I guess I’m not as bad of a person as I thought I was! 
I’m also a little shocked that the stories stayed as tame as they did cause we told some pretty raunchy stories back on this show from 2009. 
Here are the original show notes for you, cause I know you want them!
The Music you hear: ~Floggy Molly: Drunken Lullabies from their Drunken Lullabies album. ~Sublime: 40oz to Freedom from their 40oz to Freedom album ~Brave Combo: Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie from their Polkasonic album.
What was everyone drinking?
John drank: -Long Island Ice tea -4 Mudslides -Vodka Sweet Tea
Kaylie Drank: -Mohito -Corona Lite
Antoine drank: Pink Wine called C’est La Vie!!
Ryan drank: Some girly wine I forget the name of, then he left us for a Big Labowski party.
Derrek drank: Caberet wine (or something)
Ben: Scotch (he was only there for a little bit)
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