ReUp – Schadenfreude!

I know, the title really has very little to do with this episode, but that’s ok. It’s another RE-UP from the old show. Originally this was called “SEX TALK WITH YOUR MOM!” even though no ones mom was on the show (not counting Kaylie). For the longest time I had thought, purely based on the name of the episode, that this was the episode we had Kaylies mom come on, but NOPE. 
Full disclosure I did edit out like 20 minutes of conversation that was just…kinda gross. It was funny, but it didn’t need to be on the show. 
However I did leave in the 25 minutes of us talking about building comic websites and the inner details of WordPress updates! So exciting!
Notes from the original posting June 25th, 2009
The music you hear: Intro: Me playing Bass Songs (in order played)
Our Spot Light musician is Ani DiFranco and we picked songs from her ‘Little Plastic Castle’ album: -Little Plastic Castle -Fuel -As Is
Topics for tonight’s show:
John saw the midnight premier of Transformers 2, he will talk about how he liked it.
A lot of today was spent playing Guitar Hero. We may be a little late in the game to talk about it’s joy, but we will.
Jackie likes to give head, but not receive head. This will be our sexy topic of the night.
There is also a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT tonight for the fans of y2cl, Furry Animal Magic and Mysteries of the Arcana. Kieth W. (who was on episode 10 and 11) has taken up a new fun project. A sub comic of a sub comic that will go live this Saturday called… y2cl Present a Furry Animal Magic Joint: Animal House!
There will be more information on this as it comes in.
John made a brief appearance on Moonhawk Studios Presents tonight, made an announcement, participated in some round table, plugged his apearance on that show for July 1st and generally had some fun. Ok, that’s a lie I wasn’t on the show I was there for the intro, they did talk about me a lot. I left, then the show went to shit. FIND OUT WHY!
Mentioned comic people: Rikka from Skyfall Manga Eric from Exiern
On the show tonight:
Jackie the Beast
Ryan Hudson
MIchael C Prokop from Starship Moonhawk
Producer Kam
Keith Wood
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