ReUp – Questions from Wanda B!

Originally this was at the end of the Taversia episode, but I felt like I should just pull it out into it’s own thing because it has nothing to do with Taversia. I mean sure, she stayed on to listen to us answer these questions and make some horrid jokes, but it’s not the same topics.

Questions for John and Kaylie from Wanda B.

-What stimulates your imagination?
-You seem to really enjoy yourself with your comics and radio broadcasts. Everyone seems to be having a blast. Do you sell any of your art wrok, or comics and where could I purchase some @ a reasonable price of course?
-Do you have many guests lined up to appear on your shows?

Praise from Wanda on the show:

I love your twisted sense of humor! In todays society or proprietary this and proprietary that it is hard to come by. Honesty in ones feelings are the best things you can give yourself and your associates.

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