It would be anything but a normal day of the week if there wasn’t some sort of rumor involving the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home film. That’s what makes it fun though… right? Either way we have heard some interesting and very intriguing information regarding a member of the Fantastic 4… So jump into the rumorverse for more!


Rumors have been swirling in regards to Marvel’s first family since Kevin Feige revealed plans for a Fantastic 4 movie in December 2020. Excitement ramped up even more when a reference to an Aerospace engineer by Monica Rambeau in Episode 3 of WandaVision was made. Speculating on who this Engineer could be ran wild but ultimately the consensus has been she was speaking about Reed Richards. While WandaVision is where everyone was hoping to see the MCU’s iteration of Richards, it seems there is a good reason why it wont happen until the upcoming Spider-Man film.

Word around town is that Reed Richards will actually make his debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now it seems that this appearance will be more of a cameo but impactful moment for the MCU moving forward. Right now it seems No Way Home is being stuffed to a point the seems may begin to pop… however that is the point. Where WandaVision is exploring the what is possible, Spider-Man: No Way Home will begin exploring how to understand it. Who better to help in this than one of the smartest Marvel characters to ever grace the page?

When all is said and done though we are told that his involvement in the movie will be simply an introduction of the character where hi interest will be piqued to what is happening and nothing more. With that, the connection to Peter will be something built on over the course of this new era of MCU films. Much like Tony was a mentor to Spider-Man Reed will become a mentor to Peter… in scholastic way.

One note not to forget is Jon Watts has directed all three of the MCU Spider-Man films and will be jumping into the Fantastic 4 not longer after No Way Home is released. Makes sense that Watts begin planting seeds for his future projects.

As always what we share in the Rumorverse is simply rumor until officially announced or revealed. But what do you think, will we get our first glimpse at Reed Richards in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

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