Rebels Sequel in the Works?!

From r/StarWarsLeaks, there has been news from a leaked sequel to Star Wars Rebels. Not much is known outside of plot details. The series is set to be released Winter of 2020, but that could be subject to change with the pandemic currently happening. Listed below are the details of the upcoming sequel.

The Rise of the Empire of the Hand

Sabine and Ahsoka find Ezra following Purgill. Ahsoka communicates with them through force and they are taken to the Unknown Regions.

It is revealed that Thrawn actually re-established contact with Palpatine shortly after the Battle of Yavin. With the threat of Grysk invading and the Empire now in crisis after the destruction of the Death Star, Palpatine and Thrawn enacted a plan in which Palpatine would secretly send personnel, resources and ships to Thrawn in the Unknown Regions. This is so he could deal with the Grysk directly, while Palpatine and Vader dealt with the now-rising rebellion.

Thrawn has been secretly using these resources, as well as the Ascendancy resources, to create the Empire of the Hand. With its capital located in Nirauan, EOTH has become its own entity. It has become a truly unique aesthetic that is a kind of mix of Chiss and Imperial design. The TIE Defender was put into proper mass production. Along with this the technology combined with Chiss technology to create an even more powerful fighter: The Clawcraft.

The Clawcraft

The Common Enemy

The Empire of the Hand and the Chiss Ascendancy have been cooperating as allies against the Grysk. With imperial support, the war is going well, when Sabine and Ahsoka arrive, they find that the tide begins to turn against the Grysk. Ezra has been fighting in this war, leading the armies of Chiss and the Empire of the Hand. Ezra views the Grysk as a threat to the Rebellion. He has grown quite fond of the Chiss in his time on the Ascendancy, fluent in their language. He is quite … “different” on this show, apparently his experiences in the war have changed him a bit. He still has his issues with Thrawn, but has reluctantly come to respect him as they have a common enemy.

The Grysk

A major focus of the series is the tumultuous state of the Chiss Ascendancy. The Chiss are on the verge of a civil war, only kept at bay by the presence of external forces. Thrawn’s brother Thrass is a prominent politician in government, a man as smart in politics as Thrawn in war. Born as a commoner, he has grown to hate the arguing nature of families. Many of the families consider their proposals for radical reforms and a centralization of the Ascendancy to be tyrannical. Thrawn himself distrusts many elements of the Chiss government. Many believe that he is more loyal to the Empire than his people and distrustful of the great military force he has built.

EU and Comic Tie In

The relationship between Ezra and Thrawn’s niece does not appear to be romantic in nature. There’s another chiss woman who, instead, seems to be Ezra’s love interest (they apparently turned back and forth in the writer’s room). A sort of Han Solo freelance mercenary / professional who was previously a Skywalker who forcibly lost his sensibility. He will probably be a fan favorite along the same lines as Doctor Aphra, as he travels with.

HK-47, yes, he’s in it, apparently Filoni really wanted HK-47 in this series. Said mercenary from before found it and fixed it. His memory is depleted, but fragments pass occasionally, Revan is mentioned directly at least once.

The Grysk are just a temporary villain, leading to the main antagonist. It was revealed that the reason they are suddenly expanding so quickly is because they are fleeing from a greater force. Ezra and Thrawn have been investigating this larger enemy, and it is revealed to be the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Yuuzhan Vong Tie In

Vong’s main invasion force is far away, the main villain of the series is warlord named “Lord of the Void”. The Lord of the Void and his forces are descendants of explorers who were trapped in unknown regions. They were separated from the main fleet.

The lord of the void is a force to be reckoned with. Apparently, he wears a squid on his head as a kind of live helmet with which he talks affectionately like a pet, giving him a very Cthulhu-like appearance. He is a military genius, even a rival to Thrawn, and in lightsaber-proof armor he is a terribly powerful fighter.

The Mnggal-Mnggal

If any of you remember Grievous from the 2003 Clone Wars cartoon, it’s that, but with Thrawn’s intelligence. He’s been manipulating the Grysk into attacking the Ascendancy in order to remove the tattered remains. He and his followers have abandoned the worship of the ancient Vong pantheon, instead of revering an entity known as “Mnggal-Mnggal”. This is a mysterious gray parasitic liquid that may possess people. The Lord of the Void and his followers frequently sacrifice people to this entity to be possessed, and the Mnggal-Mnggal speaks to the Lord of the Void through a possessed Vong priest known as the “Oracle”.

Filoni, as usual, is digging into the history of the Expanded Universe for content here, there are plans for all sorts of old EU content to appear. Soontir Fel is a pilot in the Empire of the Hand, and other species such as the Vagaari, Kiliks, and Ssi-Ruu are on the table.

My Thoughts about the Sequel

This seems really interesting! I’m all for bringing the EU into canon, and the Yuuzhan Vong into the fold makes me even more excited. With the addition of HK-47 and a reference the Revan, I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say we need this series like today! Hopefully there is more of a tie in to the EU that hasn’t been leaked yet!

Let us know what you think about the sequel below!

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