A Very y2cl Radio Introduction!

This will be the third (and final I hope) time I re-brand this show. Originally it was called R3 with JH and hosting over on the Nerdtalkalypse Podcast Network.

I decided I wanted to incorporate this show into Haphazard Adventures and just release it on that feed. That just didn’t feel right. This is a different show, and is usually just me so I needed to rebrand it.

You may know that many years ago Haphadpod was called “y2cl Radio.” I’ve always loved that name, cause you know I own y2cl.net and release comics under that name soooooo I decided to bring it back. So here we are, back to y2cl Radio (even though I say R3 in SEVERAL of the intros)


Song played under the intro:
Title: Pond. Written by Rafael Krux
Song on the episode:
Title: Cheese on my Toast. Artist: Damn The Cow.

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