Pokemon Go Teases Genesect and A Drive to Investigate Investigation

Pokemon Go has teased Genesect in a tweet, noting that something “Mythical” was coming to the game. Special Investigation event will be announced given that no other details were given. Genesect, a Bug / Steel-type Pokémon, has similarly shaped feet that’s shown in the tweet below.

Genesect is an ancient Pokémon that was originally resurrected by Team Plasma. Team Plasma forcibly added a cannon to his back. As a result, it shoots different beams depending on the drive that inserted into its back. Pokemon Go added all five Genesect shapes to the game. However each have their own move depending on the drive that its holding. For example, the Chill Drive form of Genesect knows Ice Beam, while the Burn Drive version of Genesect knows Flamethrower.

Many Pokemon Go fans are wondering if there are plans to charge players for access to this mythical Pokemon. A data mine discovered that players had to purchase a ticket to access the “A Drive to Investigate” event. This makes it the second time Pokemon Go has a paid Special Investigation event. This is the second paid event, the first being Regigigas, which was released last year.

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