Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Nerds From the Crypt

  1. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein
  2. The Dolls & Black of Heart #1
  3. Available on Kickstarter #03
  4. Miskatonic High meets Lovecraft P.I.
  5. Available on Kickstarter #2
  6. La Mano Del Destino
  7. Midnight Highway
  8. Available on Kickstarter #1
  9. Worm Crawl IN
  10. The O.Z.
  • Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein - Lyndon White joins us again to talk about his upcoming concertina book of Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein”.  What is a Concertina
  • The Dolls & Black of Heart #1 - Chris Charlton joins us to talk about 2 of his comics, “The Dolls” & “Black of Heart” #1. Both of
  • Available on Kickstarter #03 - We are back with another set of creator interviews. First, we speak Kevin Garcia and Emmanuel Valtierra about their ongoing
  • Miskatonic High meets Lovecraft P.I. - This week we welcome back Mike Shea (Miskatonic High) & D.W. Kann (Lovecraft P.I.) to talk about their 2 issue
  • Available on Kickstarter #2 - Thank you once again for another episode of “Available on Kickstarter”. Once again, these episodes are our way to highlight
  • La Mano Del Destino - J. Gonzo joins me to talk about the trade paperback edition of “La Mano del Destino“. It is currently running
  • Midnight Highway - Mike Tener and Alex Maday join us to talk about the upcoming comic issue of Midnight Highway.  We talked about
  • Available on Kickstarter #1 - We continue “Available on Kickstarter” with a couple more campaigns currently running at We will be looking for horror, sci-fi,
  • Worm Crawl IN - Dan Schmidt joins me today to talk about his ongoing Kickstarter campaign, Worms Crawl In. Dan talks about his process
  • The O.Z. - David Pepose joins us this week to talk about the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for The O.Z. #1.  The O.Z. is

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