Peter Parker’s Spirit Spider Suit Makes its Appearance in the Marvel Armory Collection

The newest Spider-Man figure up for pre-order perfectly showcases one of the unlockable suits from the Playstation 4’s Spider-Man game! The suit in question is the Spirit Spider.

The origin of the suit comes from the Incredible Hulk Annual #1. The premise of the suit comes from the Peter Parker from Earth-11638. The Peter from that reality was killed and resurrected by Dr. Banner.

The figure stand about eight inches tall, sparing room in your cabinets for it. Along with its reasonable height, Sideshow Collectibles has made the Spirit Spider accurate to its in-game counterpart.

“Faithfully based on the costume’s in-game model, the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Spirit Spider Suit Statue measures 7.8” tall on a circular black base that evokes the game’s scientific interface,” a description of the statue read. “This highly detailed Marvel collectible captures Peter Parker’s unique ghostly look as though possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. His eerie appearance features a textured white and blue body, two distinct spider symbols on his chest and back, and a skeletal portrait complete with blue translucent flames. Ethereal energy practically ripples from the Spirit Spider Suit as our hero stands, fists clenched in a battle-ready pose.”

Realistic looking figures typically run you an arm and a leg, but the Spirit Spider with only cost you roughly $85!

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