#PausedNotStopped: Rise of the DCEU

This August, DC will be holding their MEGA, 24-HOUR, IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL FAN EXPERIENCE, called DC FanDome. If you are like us at the spoilerverse the excitement is real. Finally, after years of speculating of what the future holds for DC films, this event is going to not only answer whats coming, but also answer many other questions fans have conjured up over the recent weeks. This article will dive into a few areas which should help get your excitement even more elevated.


#PausedNotStopped is a hashtag conveying that we will be getting the DCEU we have all been clamoring for and deserve.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

#ReleasetheSnyderCut movement was a success! Releasing sometime in early to mid 2021 fans will finally get to experience Zack Snyder’s true Justice League vision. Whether you are excited about this news or not the one thing we all need to take away from this is how important it was for this to happen when it comes to artistic integrity. What happened to Zack in 2017 while working on Post-production was nothing short of horrific. Thankfully his fans and friends surrounded him, backed him and now he will be able to complete, in some capacity, the story he wanted to tell.


The Flash film, which has been in development HELL since 2016, has finally found traction and appears to be making headway. Originally the film was said to be a Flashpoint adaption but over time, and through many script re-writes and directors, it appears the film has become more focused on establishing the Multiverse. While we could still see a few Flashpoint elements sprinkled through, It is a safe say that we are getting something completely new and ambitious to help set up the DC Multiverse.

There have also been reputable sources stating that Michael Keaton has been approached to reprise his role of Batman from the Tim Burton films for the Flash movie. Which in itself is quite exciting.

Wonder Woman 84

Despite being delayed on multiple occasions expect to see some info regarding the upcoming film. While excitement for WW84 is sorta low right now, it seems people have not grasped what exactly this movie will mean to the overall DCEU moving forward. We have heard that while this film is not a reboot, it does, in a way, reset things slightly to help move the universe forward.

Could this have something to do with the upcoming Flash film? Possibly, but at this point all we should care about is if we can at least get a decent image of Cheetah. Let’s wait for the movie to figure out all the intricacies in how Steve Trevor is back.


One of the most disappointing aspects that came from 2017’s Justice League was the lack of screen time and development Cyborg had. According to reports Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was the heart and soul of Zack Snyder’s version. So much so that we could see him receive his own show or film in the near future. As well as have a part in the upcoming Flash movie.

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

With a new line up of baddies, James Gunn makes the jump from Marvel to DC to “re-establish” his dominance in the team up comedy genre with unlikely heroes. Very little is known about the movie and it is a safe bet that we will get our first glimpse during the DC FanDome event.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad

For those who haven’t paid much attention to what has been going on all over social media, Director David Ayer has been very vocal about his vision being compromised when it came to 2016’s Suicide Squad. Originally the movie was planned to be a set up for Snyder’s Justice League. Introducing Steppenwolf and the parademons in this movie which in turn would lead to Steppenwolf hunting for the Mother Boxes in JL.

While nothing has been officially announced, sources say that Zoic Studios was brought in to complete VFX for Zack Snyder’s Justice League as well as David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. If this turns out to be true, look for an official announcement in the very near future for the release of this.

But it isn’t ending there… Oh no.


It appears that Keanu Reeves, yes Keanu, has had talks with WB about reprising his role of John Constantine for an upcoming project. While details are scarce this is an exciting development that should not go unnoticed. His 2005 portrayal is one of the bright spots in a time period of simply horrendous comic book films. There is also talk about a JJ Abrams produced Constantine movie. Whether these are one and the same or not has yet to be determined. Let’s just hope something pans out and we get an announcement soon!

Green Lantern

Geoff Johns Green Lantern show is still in development for HBO Max. While little information is known, so far, with it. Other rumors surrounding the character have been popping up all over the internet recently. While it is believed that actor Sam Benjamin is portraying one of the many Green Lanterns in Zack Snyder’s Justice League recently a rumor surfaced that Ryan Reynolds was approached to reprise his role as Hal Jordan for the movie which would be added through additional photography.

While anything is possible, it is hard to image that he would be superimposed to the film this late in the stage. It is more realistic to believe he may have been approached for the Flash multiverse movie. At this point though it is just wait and see.

Justice League Dark

With all of that we cannot forget that we will be getting JJ Abram’s Justice League Dark show for HBO Max as well.

While we didn’t touch on the other possible announcements and discussions for DC FanDome. Things like the upcoming Batman video game, the Joker War comic series, the CW universe as well as new animated shows should all be topics that will pop up during the 24 hour event. So don’t miss it!

Let us know what you are most excited for.

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