Parenting, Nipples and Q&A with Ryan Hudson and Kurt Sasso!

We are working on making you some new awesome episodes! While you wait, here is a re-edit update of an episode from 2009 where we did a round table with Ryan from ChannelAte and Kurt from TGTmedia. We actually talk about some serious (kinda) stuff. I did cut out about 15 to 20 minutes of talk between Ryan, Kurt, and I discuss webcomics and ad revenue. It got a bit interesting, but I felt it was a little out of place within this episode. If you for some reason you do want to hear that, let me know and I’ll make a mini episode out of it in case you are interested in how we handle ad revenue on our sites in 2009. On the show tonight: John Kaylie Jackie The Beast Producer Kam Ryan Hudson from Channel ATE Kurt Sasso from TGT Web-Comics Topics discussed: Our Awesome cover of The Moldy Peaches ‘Anyone Else But You’. Nipple Piercing Should parents pierce young boy’s ears? (the first SERIOUS topic on y2cl radio!) Round Table Q&A Comics Discussed: 1977 The Comic Astray 3 Devil’s Panties The Drunken Fools Heroes, Inc Johnny Saturn Least I Could Do Marsh Rocket Menagea 3 Mysteries of Arcana Oy Comics Phineus Magician for Hire Rival Angels Smiley Face Commandos Trying Human Union of Heroes WereGeek Support the Show! Support us on Patreon: Support us with our Amazon Affiliate link! See pictures and more on our site!…n-and-kurt-sasso/

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