Our Spider Man No Way Home Trailer Reaction!

Today Kenric and John sit and talk about the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer! This movie looks amazing and we can’t wait!

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Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Reaction – FINAL

John: [00:00:00] All right, guys. Welcome

Kenric: back to spoiler country.

John: I’m Ken agreeing in that other way. That way. Yep. Yep. It doesn’t matter which way you point. I can always fix it in post. That is Mr. Horsley. And today on the show,

Kenric: that’s finally happened. It’s it’s been released.

John: Officially. Yeah, not like tighter

Kenric: man.

No way home. And you kinda, it was a big trailer. They gave you a lot to digest it. It felt like almost a whole scene with Dr. Strange.

John: It was a it’s kind of funny how many fan theories about this movie have kind of like were confirmed yeah. In this trailer.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. So are you excited? Oh,

John: God. Yes. Yeah.

And apparently it’s, apparently it’s a three hour long movie too. Holy moly. I’m not excited. You’re not

Kenric: excited. Yeah. I’m excited,

John: but I’m just like,

Kenric: I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s just, it’s it’s not [00:01:00] like,

John: it’s not the Peter Parker you want, you want old Parker? Yeah.

Kenric: I want an older part, but I mean, it is what it is.

At least they’re not like, like all the other ones we kept getting reverse reboot. Yeah, well, no, I guess we didn’t. I guess Sam Raimi is Spider-Man went through all the way. Didn’t he? He got out of college. The third one.

John: I don’t remember. I haven’t seen it there in a long time, but yeah, it was, it was, it was an adult’s Peter Parker.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was more an

Kenric: adult Peter part that last one was, and then we got the two amazing Spider-Man, which what’s his name? Garfield. Great. Spider-Man but I think we got it right? Yeah. Not doing Peter Parker. Right. But I kind of feel like.

John: Tom Holland, Tom

Kenric: Holland has turned into the cool Parker and he is

John: becoming the cool Parker too.

But I think that’s going to kind of go away with him, his identity and being out there. Let’s let’s just, let’s just get this out of the way real quick. In, in the trailer, they kind of dropped that they are clearly convert, converging the MCU with [00:02:00] both of the old spider universes, right? Cause in the trailer, obviously it ends with, with, with.

With alpha Molina. We probably think the role of Dr. Octopus, right? It’s amazing. That’s fricking, I mean, he was, he was, I mean, I don’t know Willem Defoe was great, but I still say that alphabet

Kenric: Spider-Man to Sam or Spider-Man too, is still one of the greatest superhero

John: movies ever made. It’s the greatest live action Spiderman movie.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, yeah, it’s definitely that. And, and, and I would contend it’s one of the greatest just superhero movies. Yeah. It’s,

John: it’s amazing. So we definitely saw him. They, they show, I mean, you had, you had electro what Jimmy Fox is. Electro is going to be back in this one. They showed the pumpkin bomb for William Defoe’s green goblin, which is going to be, you heard his laugh and the laugh.

And they had they showed the lizard and silhouette from the amazing Spider-Man.

Kenric: Did they show him in silhouette? I missed it. I was like, I need this, like on 104 foot [00:03:00] fricking

John: positive frame by frame. Yeah. And, and they showed Sandman as well. So there’s going to be all these elements come in, coming in.

That’s going to be awesome. So it’s. I mean, it’s, it’s kind of what, like all like the wall, we will want these, the good parts of those old movies to be brought into the world. And it feels like they’re doing that. Guess

Kenric: I guess talking to you is making me more excited for it. When I watched the trailer, I saw it drop, but it was like, it dropped just three hours ago and I’m like, okay.

And then watched it. And then I was like, I, I don’t know, man, I guess I, I guess it was underwhelming.

John: Does that make sense? I get what you said. It’s not what you wanted, but I think that it’s going to be, I think when you see it’s going to be what you want out of this movie, like I’m super excited. I’m super excited for this film.

I have no, I mean, I made Katie watch it with me. We didn’t her and I talked about it.

Kenric: It’s going to be good about superhero movies at all.

John: She does. She does just, not as much. Oh,

Kenric: she doesn’t though. [00:04:00] She wants to like it so much. So she he’s like he pretends,

John: right? So it’s, I have some predictions. I’ve been talking with Robert from bids and they get gums about this.

Cause he’ll want to talk about trailers in person all the time. And he actually has, he actually has some good thoughts on what’s gonna happen. It’s always wrong though. He’s always wrong, but they’re always good. They’re always fun, you know,

Kenric: but he always goes over the top. He has these crazy theories, but when you hear him talking about it, you’re like, dude, that’s all possible.

That could happen. That could happen. And then, and then the movie comes out.

John: Right, right. But it’s the fun of it. So my thought, my thought is is I a hundred percent think that they’re going to introduce miles Morales in this movie. Like we’re going to get miles Morales. And I think, cause I I’m, I’m fairly certain, we’re going to have Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire reprising their roles as either Peter Parker and, or Spider-Man in his film at some point.

Right. Because there’s no, I can’t.

Kenric: Definitely Tobey Maguire.

John: Well, I they’ve they’ve there’s been set photos, leaked [00:05:00] photos released of Andrew Garfield in costume again. So nice. Yeah. So I’m hoping both of them, I think both of them, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it. Right. Cause it’s, I mean, they’re going to get one, get a shit ton of money out of it.

And two it’s just good fan service, but yeah, my prediction is essentially, they’re going to introduce miles Morales. They have to, I don’t know. They don’t have to, but they’d be dumb. Not to, this is a perfect vehicle to introduce miles, Marilyn. Right now by far one of the most popular characters out there.

Right? I mean, Peter Parker is always going to be more, but most relevance is like chipping on his bits. Right. But I think what they’re going to do and what they should do is they should introduce miles Morales out of token Maguire’s world. Not out of Tom Holland’s.

Kenric: That makes more sense because that makes all the perfect sense to do it because you could kill off Toby.


John: Kill Toby. Yeah. Like , they’re setting up if they bring the green goblin back out of that world in the miles Morales world, Peter Parker is killed by the goblin, which is a monster eyes version. I have green

Kenric: goblin be [00:06:00] willing to fo I mean, is he going to plead the green goblin or is he going to come back as the hobgoblin?

John: He should come back. He should come back. What they should do, that she should come back as the goblin, which is the green goblin, like monster eyes, right? Yeah. And how they should have Jason or James Frank would come back as the hybrid.

Kenric: I always liked the hobgoblin more than the green goblin.

John: Yeah. Why?

Kenric: I don’t know why.

I don’t know. I just, when I was a kid, I just liked him better. I don’t really have a good reason. I think it’s just because the green goblin was dead. He was already dead at that point. And you saw him in the, in things, but they kept him dead for a

John: really long time. And death used to mean something in the comics.

Kenric: He was dead for a long time. And then and they had the hobgoblin and that was the big mystery. Who’s the hobgoblin.

John: Isn’t it.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. It ends up being dead leads and, and but he was like the protect. He was the main antagonist of Peter

John: Parker for a good five, six years. Yeah. You know, but that’s what

Kenric: I grew up with.


John: that’s why I always liked him better. I think they’re, I think they’re going to turn that in [00:07:00] the MCU into hobgoblin the characters Ned played by the Asian guy. I can’t remember not remember his name, but he’s not. He’s so good

Kenric: as a sidekick though.

John: I, I feel kind, I

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Reaction: kind

Kenric: of wish they just would’ve made a new character.

Right. Is that guy that plays him, does a really good job does. And he’s fun. You know what I mean? Has the scenes with him on it are funny and they’re there and it’s not just comedic relief, right? They have good the act. We have good chemistry together, unfortunate to get to the point where he’s the hobgoblin

John: who’s going to hobgoblin.

Cause the actor himself has lost a ton of weight in real life and has gotten into pretty good. So more respectfully, and that is part of why he’s doing that is to play the hobgoblin, which would be an interesting character development. But we’ll see. Go back to what I was saying is it’d be perfect if they brought in Toby and Andrew and they introduced miles out of it, basically ending it with Toby Spiderman, dying from the green goblin and miles miles Morales.[00:08:00]

At the end, like just introduce them at the end. Cause what I w what I think would be cool, and this isn’t going to happen. I know this is too much, right. Then they’re not going to do this, but what would be cool is if they do all of that, right, they introduced the government comes in and you can get up and go into first character.

And then he kills Peter Parker. And you see miles Morales.

Kenric: Toby’s Peter Parker. Yeah, yeah,

John: yeah. Toby Parker. Yeah. And then

somehow, somehow it ends with Tom Holland, the MCU Spider-Man getting lost in the multi-verse right. Getting lost in a different world. And the next, the next Spider-Man movie is miles Morales, trying to. Go into, multi-verse getting a spider Gwen, like kind of like creating the multi-verse to find this Peter again, into the spider

Kenric: verse, but a

John: little bit more kind of like, but reverse it.

You know, I know, I know it would be weird to do that because they’re doing the multiverse of madness with Dr. Strange and Wanda and stuff. And there’s PR and some of this movie is definitely going to bleed into that because as this trailer shows this [00:09:00] movie 100% opens up the multi-verse it’s happening as one division has happened.

This. Okay. I’m pretty sure it happens after one division. Like in time, the timeline. Cause Loki Loki opened up the multi-verse low, allowed the ones low-key ended with allowing multi-verse to be there. And then now this trailer shows Dr. Strange, and then Peter messing him up to blowing up the ones versus converging into there, into the MCU.

Kenric: So what that means is at the time Alliance or whatever that, the time the

John: TVA, the timeframe. Yeah. But now with what Dr. Strange just did, you know, if, if they don’t fix it by the end of the movie, which I don’t think they’re going to, I don’t think they’re going to fix this in the movie that has ramifications for pretty much.

Any Marvel movie out there to now have those characters come into the MCU,

Kenric: what they’re doing and they, this is how they’re going to introduce the man. The X-Men anybody. Yeah. Yeah. This is definitely getting into all that and what a cool way to do it too, right? Yeah. It is a cool way to do it. It is a cool way to do it [00:10:00] and Spiderman.

Should always be the catalyst

John: Spider-Man should be their top character on the, in the movement should be the number one

Kenric: he is in Marvel. He, I mean, without Spider-Man you wouldn’t have Marvel today

John: without Spider-Man Marvel had nothing to rival DC for decades. Yeah, you can say it changed everything.

X-Men was great. I mean, they’re all great, but nothing could compare to DC except for Spiderman. When it comes out, when it comes to

Kenric: the great there’s four characters that make up everything three, or do you see in one is Marvel and exactly how to figure it out from that right there. What those who those characters are

John: a hundred percent.

Kenric: Yeah, and you can, you wouldn’t have any of the stuff that we have today without Spider-Man. So he should be the catalyst for all of that. And it’s going

John: to be really interesting. I’m hoping this movie I’m, I’m what I’m hoping this movie will do, because I think Tom Holland has been a great Spider-Man for this version of Spider-Man that they’re doing, right.

He’s an [00:11:00] adolescent he’s young he’s learning. I think he’s been really good at that. What I’m hoping this movie does with them introducing, you know, Andrew Parker and Toby Parker into the MCU. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is able to take from their experience of working with them and his mood for whatever reason, and come out of this movie as a more, a more grown-up Parker.

That is more of the the, the, what we see in the comics that we all expect him to be. I think Tom Holland did a fantastic job doing that high school level Parker, but let’s see him move to the next level.

Kenric: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, because now they could do this movie and then hopefully we get like three more with him.

Because you could literally do the next one, his college years do it. And then the second one could be him and MJ married and they

John: could end it on Cravens last time

we need it. Okay. One last time movie. A hundred percent. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. And Tom Holland by that time would be old enough and they could do it. But now they’re talking about doing a Craven movie with [00:12:00] what’s his name? The guy that, oh God, he’s such a great. He’s in the boys. He plays the Billy butcher and the boys.

John: Oh, Carl Ervin. Yeah. Carla Irvin put car in any character like that. He’ll kill it. Okay. The dude’s great. Harley

Kenric: urban as Craven is perfect. Yeah, dude, him, his dread when he did dread. Oh dude, that was so

John: good. And the fact that he agreed to do that movie without taking the mask off, which is one thing most stars would never do, which started to move with that.

Yeah, I think, and the fact he was able to convey that character justice mouse. Yeah. So dude’s great. And he’s so good in the boys and he’s good. I mean, he was good as Dr. Bowen’s

Kenric: he’s getting everything. Yeah, he’s good at everything I do. That’s the only, he’s the only redeeming quality in doom. The movie I

John: haven’t.

Yeah, we’ll be doing with him in the rock. I liked that movie. It’s so dumb.

Kenric: I love the thing when he gets all gets the adrenaline going and then they do the video game thing. It was awesome.

John: I [00:13:00] love that. I was like, oh my God. It’s so great.

Kenric: It’s so cheesy. It’s awesome. Talking with you now has gotten me more excited for the movie.

I am. I can’t wait to see what they do. There’s three hours long, man.

John: Whew. I mean, it’s going to be good. And I’ll say this now, like Shanghai comes out next week, right? Yeah. Wishing she looks phenomenal. I know we haven’t talked about on the show

Kenric: anywhere. He’s getting a lot out there. He’s getting good reviews.

John: Yeah, it looks incredible.

Kenric: The the character, the actor. Who’s awesome. Awesome. I’m so

John: excited to see it’s a real heat petition for, to get, get and got it and is killing it when I understand. But my problem is it’s only coming out in theaters and I’m not ready to go back to a movie theater yet, not especially now with the new belt rearing variant.

So it’s going to come out and I’m not going to see it until they really sound good.

Kenric: Interesting that they decided to do that was just a late decision or they did. They always say it’s only going to

John: be theater. Yeah. [00:14:00] I don’t know. I think, I think part of it has to do with the release of black widow, all the, this lawsuit and stuff like that is they’re like, well, they don’t want to do that again.

Or I don’t know. Honestly, I have no idea. I just know that I wish they were doing on Disney plus I could watch it at home because I’m with, you know, with, with five kids here, one with one who’s medically disabled and I can’t risk it there. And

Kenric: is no joke, man.

John: I mean, granted we’re all vaccinated besides our two youngest, but it’s still there

Kenric: and there’s another one, look up a Lambda Lambda, variant.

That’s even more scary than Delta and it

John: doesn’t care about your back. Yeah. So everybody out there to get vaccinated and wear a mask and to get through this shit. But yeah, let’s do it. I’m just worried that I’m afraid by December. I’m still going to feel the same way. And so I’m going to have to like either not see it or like go rent out a movie theater and spend a thousand dollars.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Actually it doesn’t cost that much to rent the whole theater out.

John: Actually. I wonder if we could rent, like if we could rent a theater for like us [00:15:00] by group and then just have our group go see it by herself. You know, the thing is,

Kenric: is we got, we got press badges for Emerald city Comicon, and now it’s like, am I

John: right?

Am I going to go? I mean, I booked the first, first year they give us press badges, which is awesome. Thank you, ECC. But yeah. How are we going to feel in December when it was actually time to go? I don’t know.

Kenric: I don’t know it, you know, I, I got people that I’ve, I’ve told people that if you’re not vaccinated, I can’t hang out with you.

I’d say I just can’t do it. I’m

John: sorry. It’s just like, it’s too big of a risk. I mean, we were

Kenric: talking last night and you were like, oh, is it just highly contagious? Is it really deadly? You know, You know what the doctor said that kids are catching it and kids are, and it is deadly for some kids, not every kid,

John: obviously, but that’s enough for me.

I’m like, that’s enough.

Kenric: She’s going remote. She’s not going back to school until she’s good to go.

John: We don’t have the Oxford remote here. It’s in the, in class only, which is

Kenric: weird. That is weird. But you know, our [00:16:00] reaction to Spiderman, we’re both excited. It’s coming soon. Well, let us know what you think. Yeah.

And then watch for our Shang Xi stuff coming out soon, because we do have a lot to talk about with

John: that based on what we know today. And we’re gonna, I’m gonna drop a quick little, a teaser, February character that I’m not even asking for permission to this. We are going to be doing a format change of the shovel little bit coming soon.

Just a little bit. But all good things. I just want to get that out there cause what’s probably gonna happen is it’s going to happen without any kind of announcement coming out. What the hell? So this is our soft announcement, but if we forget to do something else, do you

Kenric: guys go all right. See you soon.

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