OSCAR ISAAC Looking to Join the MCU as MOON KNIGHT

Deadline is reporting that the Oscar Isaac of Star Wars fame is in negotiations to star as Moon Knight in the upcoming Marvel/Disney+ series based on the comic book hero of the same name. Often compared to DC’s Batman, Moon Knight was introduced in 1975 in Marvel’s Werewolf by Night #32. He was created by Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin.

Jeremy Slater (Netflix’s Umbrella Academy) is set to lead the writing team and develop the series.

It was announced by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige on November 10, 2019 that Moon Knight would be introduced into the MCU making it the first time Moon Knight would be portrayed in live action.

In the comics, Moon Knight is Marc Spector a former CIA agent, mercenary and boxer who nearly dies when betrayed by employer, Raoul Busman. As Spector laid nearing death he was approached by an Egyptian moon God, Khonshy offering him a second chance at life in exchange for being his avatar on Earth. To keep from dying, Marc accepts and is fully resurrected with superhuman abilities. When returning to his home he decides to become the crimefighter known as, Moon Knight.

No release date has been announced.

More as it develops.

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