One Year Anniversary – No Longer Dry

Oh man we made it a whole year! and 99 regular episodes, 11 Kickstarter Signal Boosts and 2 Podcast Signal Boosts! Can you believe it? I can’t either! Listen to us talk about the last year and play you some special messages from some amazing people:

Mike Peacock –

The not so crazy podcast with Blizzard the Wizard and Eli –

Kaylie –

Casey Allen –

Play Comics –

My Worst Holiday –

Nerdtalkalypse –

Travis Holyfeild –

Super Awesome Sisters Podcast –

Hot Takes and Lunch Breaks –

That Thing you made –

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Author: Spoiler Country

The best podcast out there about comics, movies, whatever that you will find with John and Kenric as the hosts! Check out our archives by clicking here!

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