News From Around the Galaxy 11/25/19

The marketing has ramped up even more now that we are less than 30 days from the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Between magazine exclusives, a new :30 second clip and a behind the scenes look. There is so much to talk about around the table during this holiday week.

Empire Magazine

With three exclusive covers on sale Thursday 28 November, Empire Magazine, much like EW last week, will have a lot to talk about when it comes to the past 42 years of Star Wars and the Skywalker Saga.

Make sure to grab the issue before they are gone!

Not only will you get these awesome covers and insight to the upcoming film, but the issue also comes with a bonus Skywalker Saga magazine. The ultimate celebration of the nine-film epic, with fresh interviews, features, archival material, and more.

The Rise of Skywalker Script Leaked!

During an interview on GMA Director, JJ Abrams, confirmed that in fact the script for The Rise of Skywalker leaked. Meaning the rumors of this were true. He did not reveal who the culprit was…even though he wanted to.

“One of our actors, I won’t say which one — I want to, but I won’t — left it under their bed and it was found by someone who was cleaning their place,” Abrams said. “And it was given to someone else, who then went to sell it on eBay.”

Luckily for everyone involved, including the fans, the leak didn’t find its way too far as one of Disney’s web-watchers caught it before any damage was done.

:30 Second Clip released from Episode IX

marketing for The Rise of Skywalker is going in full Force (Pun TOTALLY intended) and because of that we get our first clip from the upcoming film.

It doesn’t give much away but shows an interesting new skill the Stormtroopers have.

“They Fly now!” – Poe Dameron

The clip is exhilarating and fun. Showing off comedy more akin to the first six films as opposed to the last two while displaying one of the many action sequences JJ Abrams has promised us.

141 Minutes is all it will take to End the Skywalker Saga

While on EWLive JJ Abrams revealed that the run time for The Rise of Skywalker will be bit shorter than many believed.

The Rise of Skywalker is “two hours and 21 minutes,” Abrams says (and then added “I believe,” which could add a minute or so of end-credits wiggle room). – EW

While it’s nice to have an official run time revealed it is a bit worrisome that they found a way to close an entire 9 film story arc in 2 and a half hours.

Time will tell if it works.

Also, is this confirmation that it is done and shelved until the release?

End of a Trilogy…. End of a Saga.

I’m not crying….. YOU’RE CRYING!

Honestly though the past 42 years has been one hell of a ride. Whether you loved everything that has released or even a portion of it. Star Wars has been a phenomenon that took the World by storm and has never let go.

While there are plenty of stories to be told within the universe, the Skywalker Saga will always be the quintessential story within.

So, Let us know what you think about all the above. Is the run time for Episode IX too short or just right?

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