New World – Amazon Games Take on an MMO

New World is a new massive multiplayer online game developed by Amazon Games. Players will explore an alternate 17th century full of magic. In the New World, players will explore a mysterious island called Aeternum during an alternate reality of the Age of Exploration. They will have to compete with legions of the undead called The Corrupted. Thats not the only enemy though, as PVP will be the true focal point of the game.

Players can create companies, build fortresses, and go to war against others. On the other hand they can choose not to go to war with other players. “One thing we learned was that a lot of the MMO players just didn’t feel comfortable exposing themselves to PvP at all times,” Scot Lane, director of games for New Worlds. “They would rather choose to participate. We thought it was important to get people to alternate ways of playing.”


Unlike other MMOs, New World takes a more action-oriented view when it comes to combat. Players will have much more control over their attacks with sword strikes colliding with their opponents. With this also means position and space will play a role in the fight.

There will also be massive battles taking place in a world powered by Amazon’s web service. These battles will keep the world uninterrupted without the need for any burden.

New World also wont feature classes. There will be the traditional classes like tanks, healers, and magic users, but it’s up to players to follow that path of one class or another rather than choosing it from the start. It is up to them to decide what skills they want and what equipment they will use, all of which can quickly change a person from one class to another.

New World is out for PC in May 2020 for $40. Those who pre-order the game will be able to join the closed beta in April. See the website here.

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