New Thor #1 Trailer!

A peal of thunder shakes the heavens as Thor Odinson takes on his new role as the king of Asgard! Donny Cates, the mad mind behind Absolute Carnage  and Cosmic Ghost Rider, and artist Nic Klein are bringing the thunder in a new Marvel epic! Now, prepare for the reign of a new king with this THOR #1 trailer featuring Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, Editor Wil Moss, and writer Donny Cates! 


The War of the Realms has ended, and the gleaming realm of Asgard finds itself at peace. The illusion of security is shattered when a cosmic cataclysm takes its toll on Asgard and its people. All-Father Thor will wield power the likes of which he’s never dreamed of before.

“I like to dive deep into mythology, into lore, into gods. Now I get to play with them and build them up and build their mythology out and break them. Break all of them,” warns Cates

“There is no limit to Donny’s imagination, and there is no limit to where he’s going to be taking Thor in this new series,” says Cebulski. 

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