New Pokemon Snap Pre-Order Guide

Nintendo has officially announced that it is releasing a new Pokémon Snap gaming for the Nintendo Switch. For many that are either too young to remember or those who are just getting into gaming, Pokémon Snap was first seen on the Nintendo 64 in 1999, and was a huge hit for the system, along many other Pokémon games of the time. With all of the excitement around the new game, various companies are now beginning to allow fans to pre-order the game!

While there isn’t a set date for the release of the game, GameStop and Best Buy are both offering the base game for $59.99.

To keep fans reeling for the game, Nintendo has also given a description for the game which you can read below!

“Seek out and take in-game pictures of Pokemon in their native environments in the New Pokemon Snap game, only for the Nintendo Switch system! You’ll even discover behaviors and expressions you’ve never seen before when you encounter and research lively wild Pokemon..”

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