NEW International Trailer and Featurette Released

Last Jump… Maybe Forever.

The International Trailer for Episode IX has dropped and with it a few new scenes not yet seen. We also have a new behind the scenes featurette looking back at the last 40+ years of Star Wars.

Is it December 20th yet?

As we inch closer and closer to the release of Episode IX it is no surprise that more and more Trailers, TV Spots and Featurettes get released. Below you will find what has most recently been released.

International Trailer

It seems like every new clip or trailer that is released is ramping up the intensity and feel of what this film is going to bring.


Some interesting points about the little featurettes that have been released.

1. Warwick Davis is suiting up as Wicket again for Episode IX!
2. They are doing everything they can to honor all that has come before Episode IX.

TV Spot “Duel”

Did you hear it!? The use of Duel of the Fates in this TV spot leads us to believe that John Williams absolutely honored themes that he has made before by including them in this final chapter of the Skywalker saga. I also believe that it is a new recording of the theme, it sounds more cryptic and dire.

We also get some new dialogue from Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine.

“This will be the final word in the story of Skywalker”

What could that mean?

This TV Spot may be most action packed one yet. On top of that the despair and sense of urgency is very apparent.

For me this is my favorite spot yet! And to think we have had PLENTY to watch and build our excitement with.

Homegrown Memes

If you haven’t noticed, Baby Yoda has sort of taken the internet by storm. Here are a few homegrown memes that anyone can use as they wish.


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