Never Pick Up Strangers – AHS 1984 Episode 7 Review

This episode really starts to kick off the final arc of the season. This episode hits hard with a new villain, new plots unveiled, and everyone coming together one last time. I personally enjoyed this episode a lot as there was a lot of action happening as opposed to the previous episode. Without any more hesitation lets dive into the review……


Lavinia’s Camp Golden Star Massacre

Beginning in 1948, this episode kicks off with a young Jingles. We see a young Jingles and his younger brother Bobby at summer camp. As he’s reading a comic, his brother begins to bug him about wanting to go swimming. The two boys fight, causing their mother, whose the camp cook, tells Jingles to take his brother down to the lake. As they walk to the pier, Jingles noticed the lifeguard and a girl walk into the nearby woods. While he follows the lifeguards into the woods, Bobby jumps into the lake. While Jingles is peeping, Bobby is shredded by a boat propeller. As Bobby’s lifeless body is pulled onto the shore, his mother has a meltdown. She blames Jingles and the counselors for not watching her son. Within the following nights, she commits the first massacre on the campgrounds.

The Rise of Brooke Thompson

Arriving in a hotel room, Brooke begins her detox from the drugs of her execution. While she’s handcuffed the bed she sees a newspaper for the Camp Redwood concert. Brooke, coming back to her senses, wants revenge on Margaret for blaming her for the second massacre at Camp Redwood.

Cutting to a roller rink, we see Brooke get a feel for the new decade that she has missed due to her incarceration. Brooke and Donna roller skate around and enjoy their time, they meet a man named Bruce. He creeps them out and they decide to leave. Upon leaving they notice that Donna’s care won’t start, and Bruce comes over to fix the car. Once he fixes their car however, he decides to ask for a ride, which the two hesitantly accept to do.

While they’re driving down a highway, Bruce reveals his true intentions. He tells Donna that a really knows who she is. Just as he does, police lights and siren begin behind them. They act calm, and Brooke asks him to get out of the vehicle. Bruce refuses and shoots the cops dead. Consequently, Donna and Brooke flee the scene freaked out.

Jingles Returns to Redwood

Jingles is met by the impersonators he killed a decade ago. Still upset with Jingles, they capture him and take him to Montana and Xavier. Due to Jingles trapping everyone on the campgrounds, they tie his hands above him and get ready to kill him for revenge. Chet begins to explain to how everyone is terrified of one spirit that haunts the grounds. Jingles begins to tell the story of his brother and how his mother went committed the first massacre on the campgrounds. In response to seeing her, Jingles was forced to stab his mother. Due to the events of 1948, Jingles believes that her bloodshed and rage is why everyone is stuck in the camp after death.

With nothing to lose, Xavier takes Jingles to an old cabin, to which Jingles sees the apparition. The ghost reveals to Jingles that shes his mother. She searches for Bobby every day, and wishes that Jingles was the one that died that day and not Bobby. After that Lavinia reveals that she felt his presence return to the camp and essentially possesses Margaret and forces her to commit the second massacre on the campgrounds.

Brooke’s Ruthlessness

As Brooke and Donna seemingly escape from Bruce, the two of them are rear-ended and captured by him. Being slapped awake, Brooke is awaken in the driver seat of a car with Bruce sitting next to her. He presents Brooke with a decision, either she drives the car and drags Donna killing her, or he shoots and kills her and Donna is saved. Brooke, mulling it over, distracts Bruce enough to disarm him and shoot him in the leg with his own gun. When she shoots him, Donna comes from behind and ties the rope around his neck. The two of them tie Bruce to a post nearby, and Brooke cuts his thumbs off. Donna and Brooke then leave Bruce to die in the middle of nowhere.

Preparing for the Final Show-down

Now we jump back to Camp Redwood, where Margaret, Trevor, and the band Kajagoogoo all arrive at the camp. As Margaret is talking to the band, Trevor notices Montana standing in the bushes near them. As a result, he chases after her into the woods, where the two kiss and Trevor confesses his love to her. Montana tells him to get lost and runs into the woods.

As that is happening, one of the band members is outside of the bands traveling van smoking, when Ramirez appears and wants to collect on their broken contract with the devil. He proceeds to kill the entire band on their van. The next morning Courtney, Margaret’s assistant, discovers the dead band and freaks out.

While band is being discovered, we see Jingles sitting on the same dock where his brother died all those years ago. His mother appears and chastises him for sitting where his brother died. This causes Jingles to break down and confesses how bad he feels about his brothers death and how he named his son after Bobby. With a change of heart, His mother tells him that the only way to save his son is to kill himself on the campgrounds so he can return as a ghost. Deciding that its the only way, Jingles guts himself on the dock, and instantly returning as a ghost.

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