Moonrise Kingdom Wath Along!

With Kaylie hurt we decided to do another watch along to a movie we knew nothing about. Tonight we watched “Moonrise Kingdom” from Wes Anderson. This time we give you a queue as to when to start the movie to watch a long with us! Let us know what you think! Oh, and Kaylie has started a new LipSense business! So here are some links to that! Seriously though, if you wear lipstick, you need this. If you know someone who loves lipstick and make up, they need this! FaceBook – Instagram – On the show tonight: John Kaylie Jackie Upcoming shows we will be at! July 19-23 – San Diego Comic Con Sept 1-3 – San Fransisco Comic Con Sept 8-10 – Rose City Comic Con Sept 15-16 – RenCon Nov 4-5 – Jet City Comic Show March 1-4 – Emerald City Comic Con Support the Show! Support us on Patreon: Support us with our Amazon Affiliate link!

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