Will Vega joined us in the crypt, to talk about his upcoming project, “Monsters”. An aging Abraham Van Helsing finds himself in a proxy war between man and monster in a dystopian Victorian London.

Will talks to us about how his love for horror started as a kid, and how it continues to mold his projects.

1. An aging Van Helsing uncovers a clandestine plan to pit unholy creatures all over the world against the human race. He rushes to London to find his former associate, Mina Harker, who is the key to stopping this worldwide genocide.

2. Frankenstein strikes an alliance with an unlikely partner which grants him access to unlimited resources in order to finish his magnum opus: the Creature. During the finishing touches, a catastrophic event occurs which forces his own creations, the Prototypes, to fight against another monstrous entity, seeking out to destroy his ultimate creation.

3. Herbert Ward Griffin is an eccentric failed scientist, who in the quest for fame and fortune, ends up broke and desperate. He becomes a snake oil salesman in order to fund his greatest experiment, which attracts the attention of world-class mad scientists, local law enforcement, and Van Helsing himself.

“Monsters” is currently on Kickstarter, and you can back the project by clicking here or sharing it. 

You can also follow the project on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Will on Twitter.

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