Michelle Lee – Oksana in Black Widow!

Melissa got to sit down and talk with actress, stunt woman, and martial artist extraordinaire, Michelle Lee. Not only does she play Oksana in Marvel’s Black Widow, but she also has a black belt in Wushu, and did motion capture for Resident Evil’s Ada Wong! Listen in as Michelle Lee joins the show today to talk about all the things!

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Michelle Lee – Interview

[00:00:00] This

Melissa: is spoiler country and I’m Melissa searcher today on the show. I’m really excited. I get to chat with actress stuntwoman and martial artists here to talk about her work on black widow, blood, and treasure and more. Ms. Michelle Lee. Hi. Hi, welcome to the show. Thanks.

Michelle Lee: How are you doing? Doing pretty good.

You know, considering.

Melissa: Yeah. Great. Are you have you, are you still in quarantine, like, is your, area’s still on lockdown or opening more?

Michelle Lee: I’m in, I’m in Los Angeles. I think we’re back to masks indoors and then No quarantine as of yet, but we’re knows.

Melissa: Yeah, I know it’s been such an up and down roller coaster for the past 18.

Yeah. And I mean, it’s, it’s impossible to even imagine. I think sometimes like what normal is again.

Michelle Lee: Yeah. Even with productions and end shooting you know, the new projects that I’m [00:01:00] doing it’s like the amount of hurdles we have to jump just to get through to things like the passport agencies are all backed up and it’s hard to renew your passport.

You know, it’s just, there’s so much stuff. That’s just all backed up and

Melissa: yeah. And aren’t like, a lot of things are, I’ve heard are filmed in Canada, right?

Michelle Lee: Yeah. There’s a ton of stuff filmed everywhere now. Canada, Atlanta

Melissa: you know, yeah, yeah. I can imagine that must be so hard. I know Canada has really strict guidelines for Americans or anyone that’s not Canadian, I should say.

And yeah, that must really prolong filming stuff.

Michelle Lee: Yeah, it, it, it does cost them a lot of money as a lot of money, you know, jobs have to be lost because of certain things and not on time projects are pushed and you’re like, oh my God, this is such a huge project with so much money behind it.

It’s it’s being pushed and yeah. Wow. It’s really affecting a lot of aspects of the industry. Yeah,

Melissa: absolutely. [00:02:00] Must be difficult to, to, to pick projects, you know? Cause if you’ve committed to one and then you’re trying to book maybe something else, but you don’t know. Right. Totally.

Michelle Lee: Totally. And even this one, even black widow, we I finished filming it two years ago and then we were kind of on hold, waiting for it to come out and I’m like, oh my God.

Wow. I’m so excited to be a part of it. And then like two years later, I’m like, okay, two years ago, I did such a rad movie.

Melissa: Yeah. That must be hard too. Yeah. Two years is a lot happens in two years, then it’s probably hard to, to like re remember back. I mean, I’m sure some things like stick out in your mind.

Of course, it’s such a nice, like, it’s this huge franchise, but yeah, I’m sure that some details probably get a little fuzzy when people ask me things. Totally. Yeah. Well, you have an, you have an incredible resume. I, yeah, I have to ask, like, how did you, how did you get started in, you know, in this business?

Was it, what did the acting start first or was it the start work first?

Michelle Lee: Well, I grew up in Los Angeles. [00:03:00] So as a kid, I had headshots and you know, I kind of dabbled in it a little, but you know, as an Asian girl back in the day it just wasn’t. It just wasn’t hitting quite. And so, you know, it was fun, something that I did when I was a kid and then, you know, I, I, the bug bit me back then, and then I just kind of let it go for awhile and did didn’t normal life things.

And then and then I came back to it, you know, when I was, you know, more grown. And then also at the same time I had started martial arts when I was a teenager. So those two things kind of hand in hand where my loves and then I didn’t realize, I was like, oh, wait, I think I can do these together.

Find them. So, yeah, that’s, that’s how the background of it started, but it was acting first, you know? Yeah.

Melissa: Well, and you tell everyone that’s listening, you know, what is your martial arts background? What do you study? And like, what does that entail?

Michelle Lee: I love all martial arts. But I [00:04:00] started with the Chinese Wushu I got my black belt and that is kind of like, Kung Fu You know, but more in a structured form.

So it’s more Kung Fu there’s there a variety of weapons and, and different types of forms and different styles animals, styles, and, you know, Northern and Southern styles. It’s really fun. It’s an endless, I feel like even today, you know, I’ve been doing it for so long and it’s, I can’t learn everything I wish I could.

And then I’ve also taken other forms of martial arts, like, you know, Korean and Japanese and Israeli and yeah. Cool boxing, you know, all kinds. Cause I just love it.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah. So you’re, you’re pretty lethal then

Michelle Lee: don’t tell anyone we’ll stay on your good side. Right.

Melissa: So you, so you started pretty young.

Were you like in your class, you know, where you were there many females or was it mainly male dominated?

Michelle Lee: Well, because, well, she was kind of more of a performance art. It’s not really like a, like a Krav Maga where it’s like true in the, in the, you know, on the grounds, like [00:05:00] just one-on-one with a combatant, like it’s, it’s more of a performance.

So there, there were more girls than I think a normal martial arts school. So it was a nice blend and, you know, And some girls that were inspirations to me and definitely, you know, instruct female instructors that I looked up to and I was like, oh my God, she’s so rad. You know, I think that’s always great as a, as a, you know, young, whatever artist of any kind to have, like, you know, especially female you know, role model to look at as well as the male role models.

Melissa: Yeah, of course. Did you like with, with your art form, did you do competitions? Like I know there’s some art, art disciplines that like, kind of don’t like the whole competition aspect. Was that something you did like tournaments or aspiring?

Michelle Lee: I dabbled a little bit in it. Was it for me? You know, it, it was more I think the study and the practice of it that I loved.

And then when I discovered that I could combine it with my other love of filmmaking and storytelling and, you know, [00:06:00] whatever performance art, you know, I was like, oh, that’s what I’m into, you know? So the competitions weren’t so much for me, but I know a lot of people that, you know, are fantastic martial artists where, where that is a thing.

And it’s so awesome to see.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah. It’s really fun to watch as well. Yeah. So when you’re preparing for a role, like for a stunt role I should previs what kind of training do you have to do? I mean, is it just insane as far as like the workout or in a regimen?

Michelle Lee: It can be depending on what kind of project you’re doing and what your role is.

If it’s, if it’s something where you have a background in and It’s as far as you just staying in shape that kind of a training, or if it’s something that like where you’re doing something new, like, for example I’m not too versed in Krav Maga. I’ve taken classes. I, you know, studied a little bit, but if someone would be like, oh, this role was all Krav Maga, all, you know, you know, moves then I’d for sure, you know, jump into that training a lot more.

So it all depends. I think As far as, you know, [00:07:00] actors that come from no background I think they required a lot more training and dedication to learning something that’s kind of new to them. So I think it all depends on your specific background.

Melissa: Yeah, exactly. Now it makes total sense. What are some of the like most exciting.

The things, you know, when we see like these behind the scenes clips, sometimes you see them like actors like flying on, you know? Yeah.

Michelle Lee: Yeah. I mean, I mean, I’ve gotten to be in a helicopter with no doors, not strapped in flying sideways. Like, like horizontal. That was pretty, that was pretty momentous and freaky for me over the Pacific ocean in Hawaii.

I was like, oh my God, I think I’m going to die on this one guys. I mean, I’ve done other ones where I do it an entire fight scene on wire work, meet as if it were zero gravity. As if we were floating in space really [00:08:00] rad. It was for altered carbon. It was. You know, tricky and cool and coming up with new ways to look like you’re floating and, you know yeah, that was cool.

You know, fun. I was a mermaid in pirates of the Caribbean for a stunt mermaid and also kind of thinking of. Kind of a fight scene with a siren killer mermaid due to the virus. So it wasn’t any kind of like whatever it was drowning and thrashing and swimming and all kinds of different scenario.

Oh yeah. In pirates three, I was kind of like a Singaporean Asian pirate that was cool with and fat when he was in, in that That one number three. And that one was, you know, a cool fight scene as well. Being, being a gnarly pirate, like geisha weird pirate girl, it was shot with her hair sticks.

Melissa: What was that like [00:09:00] working with him because he’s such an incredible

Michelle Lee: actor. He has a presence that I can only think of. When I see him in the king of night, Freaking royalty. He just has a presence, you know, and I think that that rural was made for, cause he’s kind of like that, not in a stuck up way, but in a very like, You’re like, oh my God, it’s giant fat.

And for me as a kid, I was like, I always thought he was like a superstar. I loved his movies and all his come from movies. Those were so rad to

Melissa: me. Yeah. Yeah. He definitely has like this, you know, presence where. You know, I’ve never been in a room with him, but I can imagine if you walked into a room, everyone just kind of like stops and

Michelle Lee: stares.

Yeah. He’s so charismatic. So cool. So friendly and you know, such a presence. Yeah. He’s awesome.

Melissa: That’s so cool. You know, that, that makes me wonder, so I know you’ve done so many things like, you know, in the beginning, I’m sure there’s some starstruck issues that, you know, we’re just, you know, the excitement of it all, but like, after [00:10:00] doing so many projects, like, are you still.

Like, does it become routine, I guess is what I’m trying to say? Or do you still kind of get those butterflies when you first get on set?

Michelle Lee: That’s a good question. I don’t think I so much get them anymore. I I’ve been doing it for a while and you know, I’ve been in so many. Big, you know, productions where I’m like, holy smokes, like this $200 million movie. If I mess up, everyone’s going to look at me, you know? I’ve definitely been in that moment where I’m like, You know, the jitters and, you know, nervous.

I think it takes a lot for me to do that now, but still I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, you know, put it, put it past me, like if it was it’s fine. I mean black widow to me was a big one. And I for sure had a little moment of like,

Melissa: I can’t even imagine to God I’m here right now. This is so cool. It’s like a pinch me moment.

Yeah. Yeah. What was [00:11:00] that experience like? I mean, tell me a little bit about your character, because I know there’s a lot of people that have already seen it in the theaters, and then there’s a lot of people like me who are afraid to leave the house still and I’m waiting for it to come on on demand.

So, tell me a little bit about your career.

Michelle Lee: Her name is Oksana. And she is I don’t know if it’s too explained in the, you know, movie, but it’s I think she’s a former widow. That’s kind of. Freed and she’s, she’s got this thing that the other widows, like Florence pure are after. And I don’t know if I want to give it away or not, but like they’re after me and this thing that I have, and I’m trying.

Run away from them and keep it, keep it away from them. And in the end she catches me, you know, some things happen. We brawl, you know, yeah, I get smashed by a car. Oh, wow. Yeah. Which I didn’t do. I’m an awesome, actually a stunt someone’s stunted doubled me for that because it’s funny because sometimes when you have a day of.

[00:12:00] Eight hours of fighting you, you don’t do a, let’s say car hit because in case, in case you’re injured on that car hit, that makes the whole day of fighting. You know, no void. So I was like, guys, I don’t, I don’t need to, I don’t need a stunt double for a car hit. Like I done, I’ve done them. Like I can do this.

No, no, no, no. We need for sure. This day to happen and we can’t. You know, have that happened. So, an awesome girl did that for me. She killed it. Yeah. And then, and then I, I fought with Florence who is awesome.

Melissa: Yeah, that’s so cool. I bet your stunt double. Must’ve been like thinking, okay.

She’s an awesome stunt double. And now I have just done double her, like no pressure.

Michelle Lee: Yeah. It’s, it’s tricky because you know, When when you’re an actor, so on this one, I, you know, am an actor and I do this done. Right. So it’s the world of like stunts and acting blurs, but it doesn’t, [00:13:00] you know, also there’s, there’s no it’s kind of hard to explain.

It’s like, there’s no time where it’s like, oh, well, You don’t do stunts as an actor. We’ll just give you this. That really doesn’t happen. Or it’s like, oh, you’re a step person here. And, and you don’t act, but we’ll just give you this. That rarely happens. It has to be. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s kind of a weird world like

Melissa: that.

Interesting. But we like don’t know on the, you know, on the outside, we just watch it and go, oh, okay. But there’s so much work that goes into it as well. And you know, like just when you were choreographing those, you know, those fight scenes at the end, as you mentioned you know, how long do you have to kind of go through those?

I mean, does it take a lot of rehearsal or do you, I mean, at your level, do you just kind of get it the first couple of times?

Michelle Lee: I mean at my level, I feel like if I don’t get it in the first couple of times, I need to be fired. I mean, I’m not saying that to brag, but I feel like at, at a certain point you hire [00:14:00] someone that’s like, okay, we don’t have time to, you know, baby you and teach you how to throw it.

You know, not look weird, you know? So hopefully, you know, I think I’m pretty sure. I, I think I picked it up at, you know, but you know, it definitely needs a lot of refining because depending on, you know, we have a great second unit Darren Prescott who is a stunt coordinator as well on many other things, just has an eye for exactly where to put the, the camera and the angles and this and that.

And, and James Young was choreographing. A phenomenal choreographer and, you know, having those people as veterans and so good at their job makes it so easy to be like, oh, here’s the choreography. We can shoot it from all these angles. And if in case not, let’s learn it from this angle. And then just so we’re ready that on the day, if something changes or, you know, whatever, right.

We’re ready to go. So it’s the chorea, it’s learning the choreography, but it’s also learning many. [00:15:00] You know, alternatives in case because you never know, like the day of the shoe comes and it’s like, oh shoot, the sun is covered by clouds. Or like, you know, I’m an actress is like, got rolled her ankle and can’t do this move and, you know, or whatever.

So many variables, so many variables and so many variables where the wardrobe doesn’t allow this move. And you don’t know until you put it off, you know, It’s like, God, no, what comes up? It always will

Melissa: so important. I think too, like, as you said for, like, we were talking about the camera angles, I just watched a movie recently, which I won’t name, but and it was a good movie, but there was one fight scene where it was.

Really clear that it was the stunt double and not the actor, you know? And it wasn’t a low budget movie. It was just like something is off maybe that day when they were filming it. I don’t know. Cause I don’t know anything about that, but I was like, oh my God. Really [00:16:00] blatantly, like not the actor, not the

Michelle Lee: actor.

Yeah. I will say coming from kind of knowing the background of that, I will say sometimes it’s a very, let’s say it’s a very tricky thing. Like jumping a motorcycle over a, a thing and landing the motorcycle and sliding out in a cool 180, you know, let’s say it’s complicated. There are very few people in the industry.

Yeah. You know, I, or anybody else can say, oh, he can do it. He will nail it. And if there’s $200 million of pressure looking at him, all eyes on him, he will kill it. Or she, you know what I mean? Like, so, so that’s where the trouble comes in and it’s like, well, he’s not quite the same weight or height or build or, you know, whatever.

And then you’re like, you’re just like, You know, with, with tricky things like that, dangerous things can happen. You know, I’ve heard [00:17:00] of many stories, you know, of people losing their lives and that sounds really dramatic, but it’s happened on an accident, just something accidental or maybe someone that’s not skilled enough or has enough experience or says they can do something, but can’t, you know, It’s it’s tricky.

So you kind of have to, that also comes into play because this is dangerous stuff sometimes, you know what I mean? And, and if you don’t have someone that’s experienced enough, sometimes, you know, they could get hurt or someone else could get hurt or adapter could get hurt, or the camera guy could get hurt, you know, or the grip could get hurt, you know?

Melissa: Oh, yeah. I can’t even imagine. I mean, just with like some of those fight scenes or who were kicking and throwing punches, I can imagine the camera might’ve gotten kicked in the face of many times.

Michelle Lee: Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s not just the, the actor or the, some people it’s, it’s people on the side that are, you know, not expecting things to move a certain way and oh, shoot.

The car went this way. It’s, it’s really sad. And it’s, you know, a part of the industry that, you know, we [00:18:00] all have to be careful and, and for sure, like respect because it’s not. It’s not, it’s not really all about glamor and who gets the, you know, fame of it. It’s sometimes super about safety, you know? Yeah.

Melissa: No, absolutely. And I think it’s important to have like people like you and onsite, you know, like, and I’m sure certain coordinators and choreographers as well, that are just really professional and experienced. That probably makes a world of difference.

Michelle Lee: Yeah. For

Melissa: sure. Yeah, definitely. Now, when you were, when you went up for the role in black widow, did you know anything about the character beforehand?

I know they’re super secretive about their, their stuff beforehand. Did you like even know who you were going for?

Michelle Lee: Not really. Not really. And even when I booked it and they’re like, congratulations, you got the role. I was, I was like, yeah, I didn’t give me the script until way later. And I was like, okay, well, I don’t really, you know, know too much about, you know, exactly, you know, the backstory and [00:19:00] whatever, where the script of it and how she fits into the script.

You know, like I knew about my character and who she was, but you know, how does she fit into the, the script and the host, the whole movie? I certainly wasn’t given the script which is crazy, but also, I guess, I get it. It’s a, it’s a highly anticipated movie and if something leaks and it’s like, Right.

Melissa: Yeah. Big spoilers. Yeah, that would be hard, I think probably too. Cause you have to like, not talk about it with your family or friends, you know, you can’t wait to say anything. It must be different.

Michelle Lee: Oh yeah, totally unimagined. Two years. Like I had to keep my mouth shut for two years.

Melissa: Yeah.

Michelle Lee: And like I was in a really cool movie.

You’re like, I

Melissa: swear.

Michelle Lee: Everyone’s like, sure, Michelle, good job. No, but I was an act, an actor in a really cool movie. What kind of a movie? Wow. I can’t really say, but you’ll find out. Yeah. [00:20:00]

Melissa: Great. Well, did you have to watch slate? I mean, were you familiar with marbles, Marvel movies beforehand? Or did you like go watch all of them or

Michelle Lee: before?

Oh, no, no. I love Marvel movies. Yeah, I’m, I’m a fan. I I, I worked on captain Marvel as a stunt woman doubling Gemma Chan. So I w I was manure. And I got to see that done venom, just kind of Marvel, Sony, and then yeah, I did a little tiny thing on the first suicide squad. So, you know, I, I love all the Marvel movies.

I think they’re fun and, you

Melissa: know, yeah. That’s awesome. I also read that you do a motion capture which is really fascinating. And it’s something that I don’t think a lot of people are familiar with, but I mean, it’s basically like you do it for video games and animation. Like what does that process.

Michelle Lee: Well, you put on a really, you know, stretchy suit with reflective balls on it, which is kind of like, you know, the, the reflection on a bike shirt or like tennis shoes, like that reflective material. When, when you hit it with [00:21:00] light, it kind of reflects. And then you stand in what we call a volume, which is a space filled with.

Thousands of infrared cameras that pick up that reflection. And then that reflection goes into the computer and now is recorded as data. So, the computer only sees the, the balls right then the animators build a skeleton as balls, and then then they mold the character and then they put texture on it.

And then it’s magic. It’s like real life.

Melissa: Yeah. I always find that. So amazing. How there. To do that, you know, that the technology that goes into that

Michelle Lee: really cool. It’s really cool. I’ve done motion capture for a while now, and I’ve seen the development and in the technology and it’s, it’s so amazing. Like when I first started, it was, it was very rudimentary, very basic.

And then now, you know, with augmented reality and being able to just put, you know, put your phone up and see, you know, a CG character or. [00:22:00] You know, the virtual reality stuff like doing virtual reality motion capture for virtual virtual reality is, is crazy too. Yeah, but it’s, it’s awesome. I love Sony as a company.

I work with Sony a lot and we’ve done many games together and

Melissa: That’s fun. I’m a total gamer nerd. So, absolutely. Yeah. Like I think where you, what was the one I just read you’re doing a SQL or is it the last of us?

Michelle Lee: Yeah, I did last of this. That’s

Melissa: cool. Now do you do voiceover work as well in those are just the motions.

Michelle Lee: It it’s that, so that’s all separate. Right? So, I, I would love to, and I kind of dabble in it, but definitely not as like the, the big time, you know, voiceover actors, actors, and actresses, but a separate category in and of itself. So there’s performance actors that do voice and performance, which is usually kind of like a celebrity where you get their body movements and their voice, or there’s only voiceover artists that just record the voice.

They never set foot in a, in an emotion [00:23:00] cat, you know, Motion capture volume and then there’s motion capture artists, which don’t do the voice, but do all of the movements. So like every single movement that, that character does is done by the motion capture artist, you know, so there’s like, You know, and then like, then there’s the performance.

Like I said, the performance ones where they do some of the, they do all the voice and then some of the kind of acting bits of motion. So there’s all kinds of, you know, subcategories to the motion capture. It’s it’s a really cool world and you know, I’ve done some performance capture. I was eight along in resident, evil six.

Oh, and, but I wasn’t the voice that’s hard and I didn’t, that doesn’t count as friends. No,

Melissa: that’s okay. I mean, you were her right

Michelle Lee: lip. I mean, I feel like it, but you know, I’m sure the voiceover artists who was very talented and sweet and awesome does as well as she definitely killed the voice. So yeah.

Melissa: Now eight along is one of my favorite characters.

I love the resident. Awesome. She’s [00:24:00] such a badass, but yeah.

Michelle Lee: What a fun resident? Evil series of hosts. Yeah. Yeah,

Melissa: I love the movies. I love the games, such a cool franchise. I really hope they keep doing more films. I don’t think we’re going to, but yeah. Have you, did you ever do anything with the films at all or.

Michelle Lee: The resident evil films. Yeah. It’s

Melissa: not working. Okay. So they need to make another one, so you can be eight or wrong in it. Yeah. Right. Well, the other thing I want to ask you about too, I know that’s coming up is blood and treasure, which looks really, really fascinating. I haven’t seen, I think you’re in season two, right?

Michelle Lee: Yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s a CBS shown on CBS, CBS, all access. And the first season came out. As normal, I think a year and a half ago. Okay. Two years ago, something like that. And it’s a cool treasure hunting type of show. And the lead characters are awesome. Lexie and Danny, and you’re back again at sea in season two.

And and I [00:25:00] play a character named violet. Oh,

Melissa: cool. Cool. And so it’s kind of, I was reading about it. It’s like, they’re not they’re like antiquities dealers, right? Like sort of like artifact hunter. Yes, yes, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. That’s really fun. What does, what does violet do? What’s her role?

Michelle Lee: She is, Lexi’s kind of former friend.

They used to be friends and they fell out of touch and then they got reunited. And so she comes in and she’s like flux. So they have, you know, a season together of adventures and stuff. Yeah, it’s awesome. It’s I mean, we went to awesome locations. We went to Italy Montreal, Thailand. It was so fun, so fun.

And this was pre, this was pre pandemic. So, you know, we got to experience everything just. Normal life.

Melissa: Yeah, exactly. It’s actually travel and experiencing what it’s like to be on a big, big budget show like that.

Michelle Lee: Yeah. And then, and then right, as we finished, we almost finished the, [00:26:00] the lockdowns happened and, and so we were like, oh, we have a couple of weeks left to finish the whole season.

So then we came back at some point, you know, to finish it. And then now it’s I’m being told it’s coming out mid seasons.

Melissa: Okay, go ahead. Yeah. I just saw that seasoned ones on Amazon prime and then I didn’t see season two on there yet. So I’ll have to, I’m sure. You know, they, they’re usually pretty quick about getting seasons on streaming nowadays.

It’s not like the old days where you had to wait

Michelle Lee: a year. Right, right. It’s like, why wait now? It’s like, everyone’s already just going to.

Melissa: For instance, waiting for content. That’s all we’re doing. Sucking it all up as much as we can get. I never used to watch this much TV.

Michelle Lee: I know, but there’s so many options now and such good content out there and

Melissa: oh yeah.

It’s like every day of the week, I’m like, okay, I don’t, you know, you start running out of time to watch everything I’m like behind. Yeah. So many different French shows right

Michelle Lee: now. I know can’t commit because then I want to know what happens and then I’m just [00:27:00] going to sit in front of the TV. So I have to be selective about which ones they choose.

Melissa: Exactly. Yeah. So how do you actually, I was gonna ask you that, you know, being in quarantine and stuff. You’re such an athletic person and you’re so active. Did it, did you like, cause I know a lot of us are like, oh, we have pandemic weight and all this stuff, you know, from being at home and not really moving around.

Did you just keep active the whole time? Like, was it a struggle to kind of maintain like the lifestyle that you’re used to being at home?

Michelle Lee: It’s for sure. A challenge. It’s for sure. A challenge. I think as far as the weight and staying fit, you know, I truly believe that fitness is about diet, you know, and, and maintaining a certain level of exercise.

But ultimately I believe that what you eat is really going to keep you, you know, and I, and I love health. I love nutrition health, and, and I love food as well. So, so, You know, I, I just, I follow all like healthy things to eat. I, I [00:28:00] rarely indulged in like just terrible things. You know, I, I did in the past and I was extremely unhealthy and I thought, oh my God, I need to, you know, and once I cleaned out cleaned up my diet, I was like, oh, this is how you.

You know, you can binge eat on, on a weekend and not gain weight. You know, if you eat greens and healthy and, and healthy, organic grains, then when you eat a lot, one day, it’s like, oh, you’re, it’s just, you know, a little bit of bloat and the next day it’s gone, you know? Yeah. But if you’re eating, you know, highly processed foods and terrible, like tons of sugar, then it’s like, oh, when you binge eat one day, then it, then it goes straight to your gut.

You know, it’s like, I don’t get it on my hips, which I would love. I don’t get it. Yeah, Jess, which I would love, it just goes straight to my guts, narrow

Melissa: the one place women, especially like, I feel like we’ll take it from our button buys, but [00:29:00] not

Michelle Lee: bare where it

Melissa: belongs. Yeah,

Michelle Lee: exactly. Or makes me look curvy and not, you know?

Melissa: Yeah. Do you Kind of like, have you done keto or vegan or

Michelle Lee: anything like that? So like very little sugars and, you know, for sure indulgent sugars, when I feel like, oh, I just need this right now. But so I’m not perfect for sure. But you know, as long as. You know, healthy sugars, maybe L and D indulge more in fruit things.

Every once in a while, you know, the bad stuff, but very rarely once you don’t have a taste for it, it’s so easy. But if you have the taste for it, it just like, you’re like, oh, I want it. You know, you’re kind of addicted. So I think it’s, you know, yeah. That’s so true. I’ve

Melissa: been gluten-free for seven years.

Yeah. In the beginning. Yeah. It’s really hard. Cause you’re like, oh, you know that, that taste. And it’s just a new body and the wheat is in your body and gluten and [00:30:00] everything. So, but it’s the same type of thing. I think once you get past that, like three month mark, you can just stop craving.

Michelle Lee: Yeah. You’re just like, oh, it’s a lot easier to control.

And if I don’t have sugar today, then I’m good. You

Melissa: know? Exactly. Yeah. That’s the hardest part is just the beginning, you know, and if he can get through that, It’s just, you develop like a new habit, a healthier habit, I guess. Right? Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Well, also I I’ve been looking at your Instagram and, you know, you have a lot of like really inspirational kind of empowering, you know, messages and photos.

Yeah. It’s really nice. I love the way you have it laid out and, you know, do you see yourself as a role model for, for young girls?

Michelle Lee: I don’t see myself that way. But you know, I, I would, I would love to, you know, if someone told me that that would be really flattering I just kind of, you know, live my truth and I’m out there trying to do the best that I can, you know, you know, as truthfully, and as honestly as I can You know, not, not faking, like I’m always perfect, cause that’s [00:31:00] definitely, you know, not me.

And try my hardest, you know? Like I said, some days I don’t make it some days I don’t eat the best, but it, for sure it’s a, it’s a lifestyle that I’m trying to commit to. And, you know, as long as I think you have a goal in mind in an, in a kind of a purpose and a motivation to do something. You just stay on it, you know, and veering off track a little bit is fine.

It’s life. Yeah.

Melissa: Yeah. We’re only human, right? Yeah,

Michelle Lee: exactly. Exactly.

Melissa: Yeah. Well, that’s great. And you know, before I let you go you know, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a career, you know, as a, you know, a stunt person or as an actor or just in that? Maybe even as a martial artist you’re like Ron,

Michelle Lee: I mean kind of like, like we were talking about just kind of having a goal yeah.

Motivation and not giving up on it and not, and you know, not being bummed out that you you’ve, you’ve veered away from it or if something didn’t happen. Are there [00:32:00] any times in my career where I’ve been rejected, like, oh, I’m up for this job and it’s be so cool and I’m so close and it would change my life, but I don’t get it, you know?

And if I allowed those things to kind of define me and tell me who, how good I am, then I wouldn’t be here. I would have stopped, you know? So I think just kind of, keep going, if you have a love and a motivation to, to set that intention and then, and then go it.

Melissa: Yeah. Just like, don’t give up.


Michelle Lee: Don’t give up because if you do you 100%, won’t make it, you, 100% will fail. You know what I mean? Yeah, of course. Yeah. And so it’s sometimes it’s maybe about numbers. If you, if you’re there enough, if you’re the reliable person, if you’re, you know, if you train consistently, you will be, you know, you will get better.

And veterans slowly, slowly, whether it’s slowly or fast as long as there’s a build, you know, And then one day you have one day you find you have momentum, you know? And so you’re like, oh shit.

Melissa: Yeah. One day the door finally opens. [00:33:00] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Well, that’s, that’s really awesome advice. And I now you’ve made me want to go work out.

I’m doing it. Yeah. You’ve inspired me.

Michelle Lee: Just do five minutes. Just do sometimes. Yeah. I’m going to do 10 minutes and that’s it F everything, you know, I am not going to do any more than 10 minutes, you know, blood flowing. Yeah.

Melissa: Right.

Michelle Lee: That little bit. That’s baby steps. Right?

Melissa: Exactly. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on today.

Thanks for having me so fun. Please come back any time and everyone listening, make sure to check out miss Sal’s performance in black widow, if you haven’t already, which I’m sure half the nation already has. And you can also follow her on Instagram. Underscore Ms. Ali and check out the underscore underscore

Michelle Lee: a long line million Michelle LEAs that got their name before me.

So triple wonders. Okay.

Melissa: Yeah, it [00:34:00] was like a long line, triple underscore and check out her website as well. Actress Michelle lee.com. Thank you so much for coming on.

Michelle Lee: Thank you. Thanks for having me.


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