Michael Keaton Suiting Up as Vulture Again…And SOON!

The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania star is having quite a resurgence as of late. Besides his stint as Adrian Toomes/Vulture in Sony’s latest Spider-Man Universe films he is also once again donning the Cape and Cowl of Batman, which he last wore in 1992’s Batman Returns. With all this going and regardless of what role it is, fans are excited to see him back on screen. The latest comes from Keaton himself.

While on Jimmy Kimmel Keaton discussed his time as playing Vulture and we got a nice little sound bite of him admitting he will be shooting something as Vulture the very next day. So what could it be?

Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness

If you are unaware, currently the next Doctor Strange film is undergoing additional Photography and Extensive Re-shoots. Many of which were pre-planned to fit around actor’s schedules. This is the most likely of scenarios where we will once again see Adrian Toomes show up. However, there is one other possibility, while highly unlikely is the only other project we know this character to be part of.


The upcoming Sony Spider-verse film, Morbius, has been delayed multiple times due to Covid-19. And while the film is undoubtedly completed and just awaiting its January Release, it could be possible they wanted to add just a little more Vulture into the film or even in a post/mid-credit scene.

Regardless of what it is, we should all be excited that we are getting more Michael Keaton in the Marvel Universe.

Which project do you think this is for?

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