While in Orlando for the Massacre/False Prophet/Druid Lord show I got a chance to hang out with Michael Borders, the original (and often uncredited) original bassist for OG Death Metal band Massacre. What follows is a really informative and honest conversation about the early days of massacre, his exit from the band, his re-entry into the band, his thoughts on his role, and his opinions of the past and present of the industry. We also took a completely unrelated side-trip into his ties to the Pacific Northwest, his love of the outdoors, and other piles of randomness! This was a really fun conversation with someone who has not done a ton of interviews in the last several years, so take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear a perspective you don’t often have access to!

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Closing Song Credit: “Dawn Of Eternity,” off the debut album From Beyond. Copyright 1991 Earache Records.

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