Megan Huang talks Rangers of the Divide!

Megan Huang is a comics writer and artist from Toronto. She talks to Casey about her new mini series Rangers Of The Divide(issue #1 in stores May 19), her work on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series Jennika, And the amazing comics community in her hometown of Toronto.

Rangers of the Divide Synopsis:
(Following the disappearance of the nations’ peace keepers, an elite Commander stumbles upon a team of bright-eyed cadets in need of leadership. The group prepares to venture out on their first mission into uncharted territories. Are they ready to face what awaits them . . . or will danger find them first?

  • Debut comic series written and illustrated by comic artist Megan Huang.
  • Dragons, mythical beasts, and sci-fi technology!)

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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Megan Huang – Interview


[00:00:00] Casey: all right. Welcome again, to another episode of spoiler country today on the show we have artists writer. She, she does a little bit of everything. Megan Long

Megan Huang: I’m good. I’m Happy to be here, not here, here, but on the show, you know.

Casey: Awesome. Awesome. And so I’m just going to go ahead and come up. You’re too polite to say it.

This is the second time that we’ve done this interview, but something happened to my recording and I screwed it up. And so therefore we’re doing it. Again, but this time it’s actually being recorded. So yeah. Yeah. You’re an artist. You’re a writer. And you do comics. Where did all this start?

Megan Huang: It all started, I think. Well, I don’t know how far back recoding, but started, I would say and I’ve said this in, in some other interviews too, where it’s from the walking dead, which I did not know of like the first [00:01:00] season of the show. And I did not know it was a comic. So you know, after I learned it was a comic, then that kind of opened the door, like to comics for me in general.

So thanks the walking dead.

Casey: Yeah, sure. I actually know a few people in that same position that, that came around to reading comics because they love the TV show, the walking dead. And once they found out that the comic was like, you know, ongoing for like, you know, several, however many issues are like, oh, I’m on board.

Yeah, that’s so cool to me that that people find them, you know, and just random ways. So,

Megan Huang: yeah. Yeah, I think, I think TV has definitely got me to read comics that I didn’t really know about before. I haven’t read umbrella [00:02:00] academy yet, but I do want to, and same goes for the boys and same goes for blocking P I think you know, like I think TV and other mediums that have been adapted from comics, like definitely opened the door to Homex first for some people who, who, who are like apprehensive maybe at the beginning.

Since, you know, comics are, are kind of known to be, or like they, their stereotypes to be for kids. So yes. And that’s not the case. It’s a, it’s a wonderful medium it’s, it’s, it’s like going to an art gallery, but like there’s a story in the art gallery. It’s like the best of both worlds. I, I just, I just.

I don’t know, I haven’t read a novel novel, and, and I actually, I actually got rid of not rid of them, but like I’ve, I moved them into like boxes to pack away because I’ve just been, I’ve just read comments [00:03:00] or the past, like few years, maybe I shouldn’t say that. But yeah, like I just, it it’s. Yeah. So I think comics are like a really great medium and they’re pretty addictive to get into.

Yeah. Oh yeah,

Casey: yeah. Yeah. Speaking of the walking dead I don’t know if you’ve had the chance yet, but the invisible, the invisible show is fan fricking. Fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed that.

Megan Huang: Yeah. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it all. And I, I kind of, I, well, I’ve actually for that one, I read the comics before the show was even announced.

Oh, wow. Yeah. So I read them. For, I don’t even know, maybe four years ago I had got a humble bundle and it came with the humble bundle. So I, I read that because the person I was dating at the time, like he was really into it. So I read it, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t like, [00:04:00] like my favorite, at least at the time.

But yeah, like, so the, the, the story of the show definitely stayed true to the first. I think I got the first compendium or the first volume. But yeah, like, I, it stayed true to, you know, up to the point that I read at. So that’s, that was pretty cool. Not that they, like, you know, comic TV shows or movies have to stay true to.

Their source material. But I think the fact that it did was, and it worked out really well was pretty cool.

Casey: Yeah. Yeah. And that was what, maybe wasn’t 100% like accurate, but the field was there and that’s what you want. And it, it really with how well they were able to translate that over. So w [00:05:00] when did you develop your art style?


Megan Huang: Like where, where did I like at school? Or

Casey: what, what inspired you and who, who did you kind of get, like what made you want to actually get out and do, rather than just consume? Oh,

Megan Huang: I think overall I’ve always loved to draw. So that came kind of before you know, my introduction with watching Ted I think, you know, I’ve always loved to drive, always wanted to do something with it.

So it just kinda came to me naturally because it’s just what I liked doing ever since I was like I don’t even know. Like, maybe for ever since I could use a crayon, I don’t know what age that is, but yeah, I’ve just always loved to draw. And my mom was kind of like a crafty kind of person and she would actually just talk to her [00:06:00] about this, like this morning or yesterday morning, I dunno, is this is this past couple of days, but she needs to Draw these like little cartoon creatures and stick them in my lunch bag.

So when I opened a violence Vega at school you know, during lunch, I I’d get this little, like she would call them pig horses or pigs you’re against, because they’re like a mix of pigs and animals, other animals, but like, it was really nice and I appreciated that, you know, and I, and I, I reminded her about that reason.

I mean, she. Yeah, it was, it was a good memory to recall, but yeah, like I think, you know, I got some of it from her. But I think overall, I just was always a creative kid or I don’t know if I would say creative, but I always like to draw. Yeah.

Casey: Nice. Nice. And All, all of that has kind of culminated in and you not only illustrating other people’s work, but, but making your own work.

And so [00:07:00] just so everybody knows, I mean, you’ve you’ve got this book Rangers of the divide out now, but you’ve also done Kim auntie Jennica, which is a fantastic book. And G and the NY and monster, and you you’ve just really kind of done a whole lot. And what, what seems like a short time especially given that you, it seems like the

it’s, it’s not all the same thing. They’re all very much very different projects. And that that’s so impressive to me just as, as somebody who you know, tries to make comics himself. It’s like, holy crap, she’s getting the work done. So that’s that’s fascinating to me. I, I love it. You,

Megan Huang: So yeah, go ahead.

Casey: I’m sorry. So w how did you end up getting on the the ninja turtles book?

Megan Huang: Oh so my friend Adam Gorham [00:08:00] he’s done a bunch with IDW, I think right now he’s doing our Godzilla. Which is pretty cool. I’ve been drawing Godzilla obsessively, and it’s, it’s awesome that someone I know is working on.

Good. Scylla and so yeah, he’s worked on ninja hurdles. He’s worked on. I think Jerry Joe is done like a whole bunch all except my little pony, I think. And so, yeah, he gave me the email to a couple who is edited tour there. I don’t know. And then I think the other editor introduced me to another editor there.

But yeah, basically. Thanks to Adam. I got on too. Jennica or like genic has a backup short for Janica. And that was pretty cool. I got my comps I think for the full volume, little later on, down the line. So maybe like near the end of 20, 20 or beginning of 20, 21. I, yeah, so I, I, yeah, it was, it was definitely [00:09:00] like.

And an enjoyable experience. And I just hope I did a good enough job that they would want me back for something. Cause so far I haven’t done anything else for them and I feel like scared, but cause I, I really do. I do like, you know, I, I working with those editors and on those it is it’s it, it was.

Yeah, I, I really liked the publisher in general. So,

Casey: so the, the writer on that short was Rhonda patents, Pattinson, or Patterson and she’s super talented as it is. And then you were featured in a book by, you know, the guy that created the character brown Lavelle. Did he have any, like, anything to say about how it was done on your book? Did you talk with the other creators on the book?

I don’t really know how that’s done when you do like a backup. That’s kinda cool.

[00:10:00] Megan Huang: So he he talked about like me in another book or like,

Casey: oh, no, no, no, just The story was featured in, in the book that had, that was like, I guess the feature was, was Brommer villain and Rhonda patents and then recreation was, yeah.


Megan Huang: I talked to, I did not talk to him. I talked to Rhonda, I talked to editor, Bobby kernel. But yeah, most I, yeah, mostly Bobby. But I did, I did talk to Rhonda a little bit I think just firstly, complimenting her, her work and. She’s the, the color astray on, on the Jennica or ninja turtle series in general.

I dunno if it’s one or the other. Just both. I think I know for sure. It’s Jennica. Yeah. Yeah. I did talk to her a little bit. I think we follow each other on social media still. I mean, I hope she still follows me. [00:11:00] That’d be nice. But yeah, I, I did not. I, I w oh man, it was so long ago. I don’t think I talked to Brian now.

Casey: Oh, okay. Yeah. He seems like a really cool guy. I got to talk to him, I think last year. And he was like in Germany or Italy or somewhere and yeah, it seemed like a super cool guy. And that, that has to be kind of cool doing a story with like the, you know, With this new character or, you know, somewhat new she’s been around for like a few years, I guess, but yeah.

And, and now you’re doing this book Rangers of the divide. Can you tell me about that?

Megan Huang: Sure. Well, it’s right now it’s just a mini series, which will end on a cliffhanger. If it doesn’t get picked up for another arc. So core, she is. It follows a group of cadets and their commander as they kind of travel these pronounceable wilds in order to put a stop to [00:12:00] an unknown enemy best fan kind of just like looming on the horizon in a way.

So by the end of the first arc, Basically the enemy will be revealed, but I’m not going to go into his people. Need to buy the book. Yeah. Yeah, so it’s definitely, it’s, it’s drawn by me, you know written Lavi and let her buy me. The only thing that’s not by me is, is all the logo, which is a really great looking logo.

Every time I look at it, I’m like, damn, that’s so good. They have the in-house designer and she did a great job. And, and of course the editing is done by the editors. And yeah, but basically it’s all right by me. Yeah.

Casey: That’s awesome. Was, was that kind of like overwhelming? What was it while you were in the process?

Just [00:13:00] having so much responsibility for this book.

Megan Huang: It, it is overwhelming to this day. I just, I just I’m like almost, I don’t know if I’m okay in my eyes. I’m almost done issue three. I have eight more pages to go. I feel like that’s, for me, that’s coming up to the close of the book and issue four has yet to be started.

I only did the cover for it. So I have to. You know, I was reminded today that it should probably be done by July and I was like, okay, I can do that. So I got to make sure I’m focused. I actually a couple of weeks back, I, I was headed. I was also on a book for the band all-time low and I not to, you know, reduce quality.

I, but I did 30 pages in one week. Not colored, but still I got it done because I needed, I, I knew I needed more time for [00:14:00] Rangers. And I had to, I knew I had to prioritize one. So I, I got the all time low book out of the way which sounds kind of like cold because I mean, it was a fun book to work on.

But I just, I I’m only one person and I needed to, you know, find the time or make the time in that case to do I think. What was important to me, kind of which was Rangers since it doesn’t really have the same star power behind it and it doesn’t, and it’s all just by me. So the promoting of it all falls basically on my shoulders, aside from darker.

So yeah, I it’s, it’s like, I, I, I think put. More time into Rangers, for sure. But I mean, I did, I did like working on all the time on the young renegades for all the time.

Casey: That’s such an [00:15:00] interesting project to be on in the first place. Just, you know, the, the idea that like a rock band has their, their comic.

How, how did you end up on that project to begin with?

Megan Huang: So. Yeah, like going backwards again in time. No, it’s okay. No, no, no, no, no. It’s all good. I basically submitted cold, submitted to talk cow a while ago, like a few years ago. And. The editor who saw it, I guess, or like my submission really liked my work.

And ever since then, he, I didn’t get to do anything for them, but he’s been like following me and my work and kind of watching it grow. And so one day he messaged me on Twitter and asked me if I wanted to do like a punk band kind of book and. You know, I saw [00:16:00] that homesick pilots from image comics was coming out and that has like a lot of like band kind of vibes in it.

I was like yeah, I would definitely like to do this too. I would like to kind of do what they were doing. A little bit, it was Def it’s definitely a very different story from homesick pilots. But yeah, I, I. So yeah, that’s how I got on through it, basically through a Twitter DM. And I am happy.

I agreed to it cause I was on the fence ever. So I was going to saying no just because, you know, Rangers and I also have another book in progress, the dark horse, and it’s a lot. But I, you know, I’m happy. I said, yes, I think it was, I think it was good for me. Like And it may be a good step in, in, in my career and all that.


Casey: I know that I recently had the opportunity to talk to a top cow their editor, Matt Hawkins, and he was such a nice guy. And they, they really. Are [00:17:00] they exceptional it finding talent, I think. And so I mean they, they found me,

Megan Huang: I’ve checked them then successfully.

Casey: Oh gosh. Don’t yeah.

It’s they, they knew what they were talking about and So all, all of that, you know, eventually just kind of led up to you having this awesome, the fringes of the divide, and you are buried under the crushing weight of responsibility now. So what do you do when that becomes like a bit much? Like, what do you do when you need a break?

Megan Huang: Lately it’s been playing the Spider-Man games. So, you know, the first is 2018 Spider-Man and then it was the DLC and now it’s miles. And then after that, it’s probably going to be the vendor’s game. So I’m just kinda like going through all the, the Marvel games they’ve released.

In, in mostly chronological order. And yeah, so that’s kind of what I do to take a break. I also just literally take a break and I, and I’ll sit there and [00:18:00] pause my work saved my work of course, or try to remember to, and then you know, watch a bit of TV and then get back to it. So. And also sleep, sleep, sleep is a good which I have not been getting a lot of just because it’s not because of the work, it’s more because like I have sleep issues, but whatever I’ve learned to deal with them.

But yeah. Sorry, go ahead.

Casey: And entering into this field, I’m sure you have seen a ton of your peers with back issues and stuff like that. Do you do anything to actively kind of mitigate that? Just because, I mean, you’re, you’re sedentary, you know, being an artist you’re kind of strapped to your desk for, for the day. Yeah.

Megan Huang: Like back issues as in like, they, they have like a whole [00:19:00] bunch of work behind them, basically.

Casey: No, no, no. Like, like physical light, like eventually it hurt it, piles up. It hurts your back from like being crouched over it.

Megan Huang: That issues. Sorry. No,

Casey: I get what you’re saying.

Megan Huang: Right.

Casey: You’re like also, I do have a lot of back issues. However, my spine is cool.

Megan Huang: The I actually got a decent chair, actually bad side of the road. It it’s the only problem is it’s kind of creaky, so I don’t sit on it for the, for the podcasts or anything. I’ll move to a different area. Usually just sit on my bed as I am now.

But cause that share is just horrendous for audio. But yeah back issues. Aye. Aye. [00:20:00] Aye. I feel like I will have them cause I’m a negative kind of person, but I hope I wouldn’t. I hope I wouldn’t and I hope I won’t have like arthritis in my hand or fingers or stuff too. That would be bad. Because I do, I love working and I, I, I just can’t really imagine retiring.

Like it’s something I kind of wanted to. And it’s like, oh, making you just saying that. Cause you’re young right now. There’s just way to like, you know, until you’re 50 or something and then you’ll want to retire. And I just, I don’t know. I like, I like what I do. I really do. And I, I just don’t know what I would do with my time if I wasn’t creating.

So yeah, I think that was a bit of a tangent, but I think my friends. They don’t really have too many issues. One of them mentioned that from there, from his time at art school, like the paint chemicals kinda messed with him. So [00:21:00] to this day he had some issues from that. But for the most part from, from my circle I think everyone’s okay.

I think everyone’s okay. I would hope they are. They haven’t said anything so far. Yeah.

Casey: Do you listen to anything while you work or are you like, everything has to be like off, you know, Megan has to concentrate.

Megan Huang: Yeah. It depends. So I, when I write, I, I either listen to. Non lyrical music. So it’s like a soundtrack from like games and movies.

So that the little voices in my head don’t get confused with the lyrics. Cause that’ll like, make me go slower. Like I’m easily distracted. And when I’m drawing, when I’m doing a rough, I also takes a bit of focus. So I, so I will put some stuff like shows on, but sometimes. [00:22:00] If I’m just not, if I’m just like, not focusing on the reps at all, while I’m watching something, I’ll turn it off and I’ll do it in silence.

But usually when I like color, when I get, get to colors and like letters and stuff I I’ll watch stuff. I’ll listen to stuff. It just depends on my mood if it, like, if I’m, if I’m wanting to watch something or just listen to music. But yeah. Like for the stuff that takes more brain power. I, I, I, I can’t even listen to two or watch anything because I will just start to procrastinate and just kind of like start to browse my phone.

And it’ll, it’ll, it’s a mess. It’s a mess. If I do that

Casey: You had this amazing book and it’s ongoing. Do you have any other projects staffed up to, to go once, once Rangers of the divide is complete.

[00:23:00] Megan Huang: Do you? I do. I have a couple one is in like the pitch stage doing it with a writer. So it’s not going to be just me so low again. I also. You know, have been asking about getting on the Witcher comics at dark horse, some like in doing something I’m like, it doesn’t even have to be the whole series.

It could just be like a variant is, let me do one thing, just one thing. So that in an avatar like James Cameron’s avatar for dark horse as well, I’m hoping that they’ll let me on that. I just, you know, brought this up to the editors today. I don’t want to annoy her with it, but I just don’t want to forget, but like anxiety that she’ll forget.

And I don’t think she will, but like the anxiety says otherwise. And I, and I just, I really want to you know, get on, you know, those books. But yeah, I do have a few, I guess fantasy books lined up after [00:24:00] ranger is And yeah, I think I’ll have an okay amount of work to, to do after this art is, is done.

Yeah, I think, I think I’m okay for now.

Casey: The, those two properties you mentioned, I could just see knocking out the part. Just like completely and totally.

So I would love to see do some stuff like that. So I’m really taken by your art style. Was there anyone in particular that you were inspired by when, when you when you started kind of getting out on your own with, with your art?

Megan Huang: I think so like Ben gal is always the first name. I say I’m kind of like asked that question.

He’s amazing. He’s done work for Marvel and DC and image and all probably like the big four actually. Yeah. And yeah, dark horse as well. He’s, he’s [00:25:00] done Overwatch covers and, and, and Over lots of Overwatch stuff for them, anything. So he’s like, he’s pretty great. One day I’ll follow you back, hopefully.

But yeah, I think he’s, he’s phenomenal and yeah, another Fiona is Canadian, so like Fiona staples. She’s great. I, I do miss saga and You know, my, my friends so like, you know, the Toronto comics, community kind of friends that I have. So you know, Adam gore him and, you know, Paris, Eileen Jamal Campbell’s cool.

Do you know, I Lindsay’s this, my group that like, we talk and they’re supposed to talk tonight, but like, I think I’m too tired too. So we, yeah, we usually do like these virtual Hangouts and I just feel so bad because I haven’t been there for a while and now I’m feeling guilty. Oh my God. But yeah, like they’re, they’re all really great artists and

[00:26:00] they’re really great friends of mine except for like Bendel Fiona. And yeah, I just. They do inspire me. And I definitely look at their work and try to learn from it and grow in it. And I do have a bit of a competitive side and it’s like, I don’t come, I don’t necessarily compete with them, but like I see them growing and I want to grow too.

You know, I want to, you know, get, you know, reach their levels and try to. Make it so that like, I feel like I deserve to be part of their group in a way, you know, and it’s not, it’s not really for anyone else, but more for me. So

Casey: that’s a good way to do it. Yeah. That competition is bad.

It can be bad. [00:27:00] But doing it like that is, you know, that’s the way to do it because you’re, you’re challenging yourself and you’re pushing yourself further by looking at someone you admire and going. I can do that. I need to be able to do that. One only kind of took you under their wing. When you, when you first got into comics.

Megan Huang: Definitely the friend group. They helped me out like a whole bunch. So, I didn’t even say Jason, but Jason Lowe in Paris as well. And then, then Adam came into the group a little later. And I mean, Adam’s contacts have been so helpful in Paris. Oh, like he, he definitely makes me want to be like a better artist and he’s amazing.

And I think in Jason, he, he’s always so friendly and he’s like very welcoming and he. He actually just got like a, a thing with Marvel. And because an editor saw his stuff on Twitter and he was like, here’s my email now? [00:28:00] Like, like send me this stuff because I need this to be a book. I, I’m not sure if you saw it, but it was, I was like, whoa, congrats.

You know? So yeah, like they, they definitely No helps me. They’ve given me like a criticism when I’ve, when I’ve asked for it. And they’ve been very supportive of my work and encouraged me to actually attend cons, which I didn’t do before, because I just didn’t think I was good enough. Like I w I didn’t feel like I would.

I was ready to be in like the pro section at all. But they told me to apply and I did, and I got in like when we first try, so I was pretty happy with them. Like, oh, people don’t get it on their first try. Huh. But I, yeah, like they’ve definitely, you know, pushed me to be more social and more outgoing and.

[00:29:00] They like push me to be a better artist and in, so that whole group has really taken me under their wing in a way, and, you know, showed me like all this support and I really appreciate that.

Casey: That’s awesome. Yeah. And it’s so important to be like socially available, I guess in, when you work in a creative field, because nobody like when you’re working.

And, you know, a field that is collaborative, nobody wants to work with an asshole and could be the most talented artist ever. But if you’re a jerk to be around, they’ll go like, oh, it’s going to look good, but I’m going to be torturing myself for the next few months while I work with this check hole. So yeah.

Yeah. It, it it’s. And also it’s just, you know, healthy for you more locks to get out of your [00:30:00] holes every once in a while and see some sunlight and talk to people because you guys do not leave the house. Yeah. Yeah. Y’all artists especially are, you know, you’re chained here, your tables a lot of the time.

And so I’m, I’m glad that. You know, you’re, you’re learning to to get out and talk to people.

Megan Huang: Yeah. I just I just kind of I don’t know, like I just, I I’m happy on my own, but I mean, talking to people is okay too. I dunno, like to this day, I. I do not. I do not like going to cons. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but like, I don’t, I don’t like it.


Casey: the cons people there and they’re gross.

Megan Huang: Yeah. I just, I don’t want to say, like, I want someone else to take my stuff, you know, go to the condoms for me. Yeah, but like, but I do it [00:31:00] because you know, it’s definitely necessary to make those contacts that you probably would only make in person like I did with my, my friend group cause I met them at the Toronto comic art festival, I think here and then.

Yeah. So, so I, I don’t like it, but I do push myself to do it. When I do talk to the people, it’s not like I’m sitting there going. Oh, when will this be over? I do enjoy it. I just, I’m just a hermit, you know, like you said, I, I just, I would, I, if I give him the choice and. No, my work wasn’t impacted by it.

Like I would just stay home all the time because that’s, I just like it

Casey: where the food and the TV is. Why, why would you,

Megan Huang: why would I want to be anywhere else? So, yeah.

Casey: Well, is, is there anything else you want to bring up before we before we wind down?

Megan Huang: I think, I think [00:32:00] I’ve covered most of my life.

It’s a very small kind of contained to my room, but yeah, I think it’s, I think it’s good for now. I

Casey: think so real quick, do you have a local comic shop that you that you’re over the moon about that you want to talk about?

Megan Huang: I there’s a couple, I think. So conspiracy comments, which is a small chain in this area I’ve had my Polis with them for, for years.

And they’re, they’re pretty, they’re pretty welcoming. They

Casey: they’re like,

Megan Huang: I dunno, they’re good.

They’re expensive. Like I have, it’s like, Amazon’s cheaper. But aside for the fun girl thoughts, I, they, they’re always on top of things and getting me my stuff from my pull list. And I know my pull is sits there for months while I’m sitting at home drawing for months. So I, I do [00:33:00] feel bad that I don’t go pick up my stuff more often.

But yeah, like there are definitely good solid. Store and, you know, I hope I hope their business has been okay during the pandemic. But also I really like comments, connection, which is, which just kind of like down the road down the highway from a conspiracy. So they, they’re always really nice.

They’re really nice to me. And they remember me, even though I don’t go in that often. Little fruit and conspiracy. So since conspiracy is closer, you know, obviously I will go there more often. Always so nice. Comments, connection, always so helpful. You know, if they, if they, if they were like a little bit closer than can seriously, I would definitely be going to them.

Not that they’re like, not that like one is better than the other or anything, but I dunno, I’m just. You know, you don’t want to drive further than you need to, so, yeah,

Casey: well [00:34:00] I’m glad that you are visiting your local shops and you guys, if you’re in the trumps area check out the comics connection and conspiracy comics and yeah. Megan, It has been awesome talking to Rangers of the divide as the book is out from dark horse comics. And keep your eyes peeled for that by that now

Megan Huang: actually it’s it’s on the 19th,

Casey: it’s dropping on the 19th.

Awesome. So talk to your comics place and tell them to get that book. And then go buy it this month. So Megan, thank you again. And we’ll, we’ll probably drop it the week that this goes live. So when your book goes live and I’ll I’ll make a note for them to put it out and yeah,

Megan Huang: that works.

That definitely works.

Casey: Thank you. No problem, Megan. Thank you again. And you have [00:35:00] a wonderful afternoon. Oh, you too. Thank you. Bye bye.


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