Matt Damon said WHAT about RDJ and Iron Man?!?

What did Matt Damon say about RDJ and Iron Man?? Listen and find out!

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[00:00:00] Kenric: Hey, welcome back to The sport, the country I’m on, I’m on a different camera than usual.

John: Does it look different? I mean a little bit, but it’s fine.

Kenric: Yeah, I’m on the laptop’s camera. And as honestly I forgot to pull the other camera out and I just realized that I just

John: fine.

Kenric: So welcome back before the country I’m can agree in that.

I think it’s that way, that way. This way. Okay. That is Mr. Horsley. And today on the show, I read an article and I instantly thought I got to ask Johnny’s opinion on this. And so we’re just taking a quick break, having a really quick thing, some summation real here real quick here. Yeah.

John: I have no idea what we’re talking about.

So the Sunday times,

Kenric: okay. Had an interview with Matt. Mary Jamie. Yeah, I’m sorry. We ran out of time. David we’ll have to bump up

John: that team team America road police. I always think I [00:01:00] just, I hear his name gaming just can’t. I mean, I love David, but that always pops in my head. Fucking

Kenric: Matt Damon. That’s what pops in my head.

So what’s up. So he, they asked him, he feels that the leading man. Is starting to go away. Okay. Okay. And people don’t go to movies so much for the person, the actor, they go for the franchise and he made the comment that anybody could play iron man that has wit yeah. That people didn’t go for Robert Downey Jr.

They went for the Ironman suit basically. And I’m curious, cause that means, well I’m with. You got some wit right. We get paid $50 million. Do you want to see this fat man in a tight iron

John: man suit? It’s all. I mean, they can CGI make you look good. Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: But yeah, I mean, cause some people are actually [00:02:00] mad about his re his, his, I don’t see anything offensive.

I would hope. Downey wouldn’t have an issue with what he’s saying. I kind of get what he’s saying that it’s the franchise and the, the IP that is driving this whole thing,

John: but yeah.


Kenric: And the delivery of the lines that, that Downy does makes all the difference in the world and Fabros direction on how to, because Ironman was a boring character. Yeah. I don’t like iron man. Yeah. But he made it fun.

John: I agree. So I don’t, I don’t disagree with him. I think he’s half. Right. I think that people aren’t going to see iron man or any of the Marvel films for the actors, like.

Nobody’s going to see Blackwell for Scott. Johannesson right? No, one’s going to see Thor progressing. Well, people might, you see at the opera, Chris Hemsworth, but not for the reasons he’s talking about. But people are going for the character. A lot of these, a lot of these movies are character and IEP driven.

Like everybody cares who [00:03:00] plays Superman or Batman, but people are going to go see those movies anyways, no matter who plays Superman or Batman, right. Standing with iron man or captain America, or Spider-Man when people are still going to see the movie, regardless of who’s in that role. But I think it’s a different type of meat.

Those are genre films, right? Like a fan of Frankenstein is going to go see a Frankenstein movie, no matter who’s playing Frankenstein. Right. And you can’t be, but on the, on the reverse side, you can’t discredit like people who like Robert Downey Jr. Going to see Ironman because they’re like Robert Downey Jr.

Right. It does that, that the opposite is also true, but I think you could probably. Anybody with Whitten that role and they would be successful, but it wouldn’t be the same. I think someone like our DJ and Chris Evans, specifically, those two brought something unique to those roles that is, they captured the embodiment of those characters.

Very, very well, but I mean, would captain America have been successful without Chris? It could have been a, because again, those movies aren’t about the actors, Liddy, man, those movies are about the characters and the [00:04:00] overarching story behind them. And the IP is so it’s, it’s different than Eleni man movie, like a Jason Bourne movie or James Bond or James Bond or any, any movie where it’s about the, you know, going to see a new, the new Arnold Schwarzenegger, something like that.

You know,

Kenric: but even when he’s saying they’re like the Bourne identity and James Bond, they’re, they’re the

John: same thing. They’re an IP franchise,

Kenric: right? Set. And it’s like James Bond, James Bond has had how many different, like five different actors, six different

John: actors, seven Jeremy Renner played Jason Bourne in a movie too.

So, I mean, Matt Damon is not the only decent borne out there. So, no, I don’t

Kenric: think he played Jason Bourne. He played a different, I mean a

John: boring movie, whatever. Yeah.

Kenric: Same thing. It’s still a boring title.

John: Yeah. I mean, I get what he’s saying, but I also think it’s kind of a moot point because who cares?

Kenric: Who cares.

Right? I

John: don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I’ve never gone to see movies for the leading man. I go to see movies to be entertained. I don’t give a shit who plays a character. I mean, I want it to be good [00:05:00] and I care and I care in a, such a way that I want the actor to be true to the character and do their best job.

But I want to saw who was in it.

Kenric: I think he’s pining for the days of Clint Eastwood and you know, James Cagney. You know, Jimmy Stewart. And, but even then,

John: I mean, Clint Eastwood was playing. I was playing a franchise character in a lot of his movies. I mean the dirty Harry franchise,

Kenric: like yeah. But I don’t think anybody else could have played that like that.

Maybe we don’t know. I guess maybe, maybe Charles

John: Bronson. Yeah. Maybe, you know. Yeah. But again, it’s, every actor is going to bring their own unique take. You don’t know, you just don’t know like, like writer, Chris Evans. Chris Evans is phenomenal. Captain America. He’s not the only person in the world who could play captain America.

I think he’s a very unique interpretation and I loved what he did, but if we never saw him as captain America and they would have had somebody like, you know, somebody else to do it, you know, and they were good. Yeah. If Sebastian stainless guys in [00:06:00] America and we, we, and he did a good job, we would always see the same thing about him.

Yep. So it’s all about, it’s all about the performance and how it comes out. So in one regard, yes. Anybody, quote, unquote, anybody could play this character is that has the right charisma. The right. Acting chops and stuff for that. But on the opposite side, again, those actors who did play them, brought their own uniqueness to them, which makes them special.

Like you cannot discredit  iron man. He did a fantastic job. Yeah. And he made it a great job. He made an iconic character, a role. It’s

Kenric: hard to think of anybody else doing it.

John: Right. . Right. Same with Chris Evans and even Chris hunter. Like you can’t think, I can’t think of somebody else playing Thor and the way that Chris Hendrick plays Thor and captain America, you know, Chris Evans did a great job with making his own, as well as respecting everything about that character in the past.

But we don’t know if somebody else could have played it, because

Kenric: let me ask you this way is when you, when you think about those characters and this goes across the. I mean, I had a hard time seeing anybody else, but Christopher Reeve as Superman. Yeah. No, but they [00:07:00] did it. And Henry Cavill did a great job.

He did. He may not like the actual storyboard what they did, but Henry Cavill as Superman is good. Yeah. I just, you know, I’m just curious who would be able to play iron man that you would be like, oh yeah, I could see them doing it.

John: I honestly, I don’t know. Cause I don’t, I don’t care. I didn’t care for it.

You know? Oh really? You didn’t like any of those movies? Not like the movie. I didn’t care for the comics. I didn’t care about iron man until I know. I know. I know, but I’m saying I didn’t care about the character until I saw Robert Dunn engineer’s interpretation of it. Right, right. And it was his version of it that made me like the character.

So I don’t know any of the act out there because nobody else is Robert Downey Jr. Can’t do it. But I don’t. Yeah. I don’t know. Yeah. I

Kenric: don’t, it just seems like it’s an odd statement for him to make. It’s like saying that the leading man thing is going away and then you choose the guy that made, you know, it was making like $50 million a movie as a man.

One of the most iconic characters that come out in the last 20 years, [00:08:00] if not the last 50 years. And it’s part of this giant franchise all the way. It’s almost, and he’s in the franchise, you know, Damon is in technical. Yeah. Yeah. And so it’s just, it’s an odd statement to make, and it almost feels like. I don’t know, like if you’re a Kevin faggy, faggy by G FYGI and you heard an actor that you’re hiring for

John: a role.

Cause I think he’s up for a role or

Kenric: as a role that he’s going to play in the new you played, like lucky

John: he plays.

Kenric: Is that why he’s going to remain

John: that role? I think, yeah. He’s, he’s replacing the role as fake low-key from

Kenric: the, would you want somebody, would you want something to make making those types of

John: statements playing in your movies?

No, I don’t think so, but I don’t think it’s gonna, it’s not going to hurt him being in the movie because it’s Matt fucking

Kenric: Damon. Yeah. But at the same time, I mean, that shouldn’t matter. No,

John: it shouldn’t matter. But even if it wasn’t Matt Damon, it’s not gonna matter because [00:09:00] the comment itself isn’t harmful to them.

Well, I don’t think he’s necessarily wrong. He’s not wrong. He’s not, he’s not wrong. He’s not right. It’s just, it’s a, it’s an opinion, right? If it’s not harmful. Cause all, all it’s going to do is get people talking about the Ironman movies again and about Robert Downey Jr. And all this stuff. It just going to make out like this is going to be what we’re right now, main conversation, which is literally just giving the MCU more fucking promotion.


Kenric: well, no, but it’s fun to talk about. It is

John: what I’m talking about. I’m not arguing that, but I was Kevin Fe gave like, yeah, go make contrast or comments, make all these people talk and people talk. I mean, now people are going to go look at Robert engineers performance again, and like can try to compare it.

There’s going to be tons of videos come out about this specific thing, which is going to push more promotion. I mean, maybe it’s all a marketing thing, right? I mean, it’s. And who knows, who knows what the full context of what he was, what he was trying to mean behind that was, you know what I mean? He wasn’t trying to, I mean, he didn’t mean it as establishment, as a statement, you know, whatever

Kenric: stab.

I didn’t take it that way. When you read the article, it doesn’t come across like that. I think he was just saying, look, [00:10:00] I think it’s more of him pining we’re old Hollywood. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. It is anything else, but it’s like, good move on sucker. You got to get what the time. Right.

John: It’s a different time, man.

You want, you want to make money now? Hollywood Em’s be a superhero. Right? Do once this bubble going to pop, it’s not going to pop for a while. I mean, people talk about this all, I mean, people aren’t saying bubbles in a pop for 10 years on superhero movies, it’s not gonna pop. Yeah. What’s going to happen is it’s going to keep making them and people still, it’s not going to pop because it opens up that fantasy of childhood.

Right. And yeah, they may, everybody has the

Kenric: same fantasy on childhood. And I’m just curious because it’s, I feel like it’s the inundation of all the TV shows the streaming shows, movies. Yeah. I mean, we have a whole sub series called make mine Marvel TV. There’s so much out there.

John: Right? Th th the thing is, is like, kids are indoctrined into the world of superheroes at an early age.

Like they [00:11:00] they’re seeing it at, at, you know, three, four or five years old, and they’re growing up with it and various platforms or cartoons, and then counting books and everything else. I don’t think it’s going to pop a time soon. They might slow down, but they’re still gonna, I mean, they’re here to superhero movies or comic book movies are here to stay because comic books is a wealth of,

Kenric: of stories.

So I don’t want it to

John: pop. I’m just wondering about, I mean, we, we, we make it to a point we’re not having like, you know, five new TV shows and six new movies a year from Marvel. Yeah. Probably, but it’s not going to stop everything else. There’s so much more than just Marvel out there. Right, right. Where did you guys go just a quick, you know,

Kenric: quick little thing to kind of put something out there,

John: split country for their country

Kenric: quirky.

Yeah. Spoiler country quickie. I just want people. That’s paint.

John: And

Kenric: I just think I just, the whole conversation is interesting to me. I read the [00:12:00] article. I was like, oh, that’s kind of interesting. Yeah. I was wondering to get your 2 cents on it. I was just wondering, because at first, when I first read it, I was like, don’t be casting dispersions on R D R D J or R J D. Robert Downey Jr.

Our DJ Jesus preeminent can’t even get out of here. Yeah. But then I was like, well, that’s not really what he’s doing. He’s just talking about, you know, and then it’s like, then you start kind of looking behind it a little bit. And you’re like, oh, he’s pining for old Hollywood, which has gone, dude. It is, it’s gone.

It’s gone. Yeah. You know, and there’s probably for good reasons and bad reasons on why it’s gone. And it was mostly good reasons. Yeah, exactly. So

John: it’s whatever.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s whatever. It’s time to move on. Move on, have some fun. That’s the thing though. You know what? I’ve come to realize it. That the Hollywood as a whole Texas say self way too seriously, too much

John: money involved.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s like, it’s [00:13:00] crazy. It’s like, dude, none of you guys are saving anybody’s life. Nope. You don’t have a hand on anybody’s heart or drilling into somebody’s brain to relieve a tumor or. Anything like that you’re literally sneezing into society’s face. No, I’m trying not to

John: sneeze

Kenric: being important. And it is just, isn’t it just really, isn’t, it’s funny that we have conversations about things that don’t really matter about nothing.

Right, right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But at the same time, you should have fun with it. Cause it is. Right, right. You know, this is why I dude, I honestly this right here, this argument right here, not an argument, but this statement right here is why I didn’t have the reaction that you had with the DCEU. I was just happy to see those characters on the big screen like that, and happy to see a super friends.

I [00:14:00] know we were missing the wonder twins, you know, but I’m just saying, you know, I was happy to see that stuff and because it was fun and you know, and Zack Snyder does make a beautiful movie. I just, but I do agree that the writing

John: they’re very pretty, so yeah. All right, man, that was fun, man.

Kenric: You guys have a good time and give you the little horns,

John: not this way, this way, this way.

Kenric: Not this way, this way. It’s not what you think it is. Yeah.

John: And we found this office for our English friends, sunrise, not to do this, but to do this. Yeah.

Kenric: Because you can do this in England and you’ll do this in America. Right.

John: And with that we bid, you would do.


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