Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: All the New Stuff Coming to the Game!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has just released a huge new update for the game. Fantastic Four: Shadow of Doom, brings a ton of new content to the game! Listed below is the patch notes from Nintendo, listing everything that’s included!

Downloadable Content Notes

Now supports paid DLC, Fantastic Four: Shadow of Doom. Purchase to enjoy the following content:

  • New story mode, that depicts the events after the battles of the main game.
  • Added new Fantastic Four playable characters:
  • Mister Fantastic
  • Invisible Woman
  • Human Torch
  • The Thing
  • …And perhaps more!
  • Higher training levels added to DANGER ROOM.
  • New gauntlets added to GAUNTLET.

As part of the DLC, Nintendo has also announced the new free content coming to the game!

Free Update

  • Play part of the new STORY MODE for free.
  • Added new outfits to unlock.
  • Added new voice lines to unlock.
  • New ISO-8 effects added.
  • Level cap for heroes raised to 300.
  • Added new slots where you can equip ISO-8.
  • Added new nodes to unlock in Alliance Enhancement.
  • You can now play new limited-time events.
  • Fixed various other issues to improve game experience.

Keep reading to see all the DLC costumes that have been confirmed for the game!

Fantastic Four + Doom

“Future Foundation” Human Torch
“Future Foundation” Invisible Woman
“Future Foundation” Mister Fantastic
“Future Foundation” The Thing
“Doom 2099” Doctor Doom


“All-New X-Men” Iceman
“Classic” Cable
“Marvel Girl” Jean Grey
“Age of Apocalypse” Gambit

Guardians of the Galaxy

“Conquest” Star-Lord
“Conquest” Rocket & Groot
“Thanos Imperitive” Drax (seems like this one is meant to be “Thanos Imperative”)
“Conquest” Gamora
“Annihilation” Thanos


“Ronin” Hawkeye
“Yelena Belova” Black Widow
“Ultimate” Falcon
“Classic” Wasp
“Avengers” Crystal

Defenders + Deadpool

“Man Without Fear” Daredevil
“Modern” Iron Fist
“Power Man” Luke Cage
“Ultimate” Elektra
“Battle of the Atom” Deadpool

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