Rumors have begun to circulate that Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, is looking to sign Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to the biggest contract in Marvel history to continue in the role of Deadpool. This information is coming from website direct.com. It goes on to clarify that biggest doesn’t necessarily mean money but rather the amount of films the actor will be signed on for.

Since acquiring 20th Century Fox in 2019, Disney has been unresponsive in regards to their plans with the successful franchise surrounding the Merc with the Mouth. On the flip side Ryan Reynolds has been assuring fans that things have been moving towards a third installment. All we know to this point is that no production date or even release date has been set.

If Feige and Marvel Studios locks down Reynolds, this would be a big move showing that the MCU is going to be moving to expand from their more family-esque centric films and potentially moving into expanding the universe to explore more adult related content.


Rob Liefeld, co-creator of Deadpool and Cable, has jumped in the conversation and is throwing his support behind continuing Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds.

More on this as it develops.

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