Marvel Relaunching Star Wars Comic Setting it After Empire Strikes Back

Some exciting news out of New York Comic Con! Announced Friday, Marvel will relaunch the Star Wars comic series with a NEW #1. The most exciting part is that it will be taking place after The Empire Strikes back following Luke Skywalker as he becomes the Jedi we see in Episode VI.

Prior to this announcement Marvel’s Star Wars series, which debuted in 2015, was confirmed to be ending this December with an issue called Star Wars: Empire Ascendant #1. This was a bit surprising with how well the series was selling and led many to speculate the cancelation would lead to a new series set after Return of the Jedi or even The Rise of Skywalker.

Well, It appears those speculations were wrong and we will be seeing the adventures of Luke Skywalker between episodes 5 and 6.

(Sorta hope they incorporate Shadows of the Empire in some way… it’s unlikely but a man can dream…right?)

#1 will be written by Charles Soule with art by Jesus Saiz on will be on sale January 1, 2020.

Star Wars #1 Releasing January 1, 2020

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