Marvel Masterpieces 2018 Simone Bianchi Retrospective!

Little know fact, but I used to LOVE me some non-sports trading cards. When I was a kid I would BEG my parents to buy me the Fleer Ultra Marvel cards, or the DC Cards that where out. The Marvel Masterpieces were always one of my favorites. It’s how I discovered artists like Boris Valejo, Julie Bell, Bill Sienkiewicz (though I had seen his work in comics prior but didn’t realize it) and so many more. All I remember is the packs were so expensive.

Back then you didn’t have the internet so you couldn’t just go online and buy the card you wanted, or that chase card or whatever. You had to either buy a bunch of packs to get it, trade with your friends, or go to the local card shop and see if they had what you wanted. It was chaos, and I loved it. I feel like an old man saying this, but kids these days have it so easy. Back in my day we….well just re-read the first part of this paragraph.

Anyway, Upper Deck (one of my favorite card companies that I wish would let me do sketch cards for them) is release some sweet prints from artist Simone Bianchi. Technically it’s UD Gallery releasing the art for the cards from Skybox’s Marvel Masterpieces 2018. I’ve included what they sent over to me below for you to read and the links to go buy them. We get no sort of kick back for this, I’m just sharing it because I thought they were cool.

From the mouths of UD Gallery

UD Gallery’s newest print release shines the spotlight on 24 premier paintings created by Simone Bianchi for Skybox’s 2018 Marvel Masterpieces trading card set. This Marvel Masterpieces collector showpiece will look beautiful when framed. The What If? Variant edition pays homage to the Marvel Masterpieces What If? Variant and features superimposed Marvel comic book title treatments over Simone Bianchi’s artwork. Each piece is enlarged to a premium scale to allow collectors a closer view at Bianchi’s stunningly detailed illustration technique. As an added bonus, each hand-numbered fine art print comes autographed by Simone Bianchi!

Each collectible autographed limited edition is printed using the Giclée process on 300 GSM, 100% Cotton Archival White Paper and comes with a COA

Marvel Masterpieces 2018 Retrospective

AUTOGRAPHED BY: Simone Bianchi
Size: 18” x 24”
PRICE: $59.99
Buy this print

Marvel Masterpieces 2018 Retrospective, What If? Variant

AUTOGRAPHED BY: Simone Bianchi
Size: 18” x 24”
PRICE: $99.99
Buy this print

About the Artist

Simone Bianchi was born and raised in Lucca, Italy, where he still resides and works. In 2006 Simone Bianchi began working exclusively for Marvel on such titles as Wolverine, Astonishing X-Men, Thor: For Asgard, Uncanny X-Force, New Avengers, and more. Since then, his works have also been shown worldwide in galleries across Paris, Rome, Lucca, Perugia, San Diego, and New York City. In recent years, Bianchi gained worldwide notoriety for his work on 2018 Marvel Masterpieces – inspiring an international gallery tour, announced exciting collaborations on upcoming television series, and continues working as a cover artist for Marvel.

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