Marcos Martin Celebrates Chris Claremont with Variant Covers

In 1982, legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont changed the comic landscape forever. Claremont’s iconic GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS story in MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #5, told a heartbreaking yet illuminating story. His story explored the mutant metaphor in a way readers had never seen before. As a result, Marvel continues to honor Chris Claremont’s 50 years of brilliant contributions to Marvel Comics. In order to honor, Marcos Martin brings variant covers to his stories.

In GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS, the X-Men join forces with their archenemy Magneto for the first time, pitting all of mutantkind against the worst humanity has to offer. Featuring the art of industry legend Brent Anderson, the story depicted a world that was all too familiar to readers and continues to inspire X-Men stories today. Look for these covers on issues of your favorite X-Men titles this March!

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