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MMMTV – Loki 4

[00:00:00] Kenric: All right. We’re back. We are Casey less. We don’t have our resident Thor. So that

John: episode, then

Kenric: the six, the 6, 4, 1 KCT Allen. So for three move

Andrew Sumner: those,

Kenric: I got them all a Southern fills out. You know what I mean? It was not here. I love it. Pick Thor today. Spoiler country presents make my Marvel TV. It is low-key episode. For

Andrew Sumner: the low key show. Last time around that I was watching it back as go fuck. We didn’t use the Casey’s name. We didn’t use hipsters name, the low-key show.

Kenric: This was a good episode. This was kind of a lot of fun. There’s some shocking stuff at the end. Good shit. Good shit. At the end. I think I’m going to sit. I’m going to put this out here at the [00:01:00] beginning. I think they fucked it up with the   extra scene, like I know I complained about the cliffhangers.

Yeah. Within

Andrew Sumner: the first, like two minutes, it’s like great show, but they fucked up the ending. Down’s at Marvel. Kevin

Kenric: Fagan. What are you thinking? Kenrick. Regan. You’re Kevin Fagin. Mike drop. You’re an idiot. Why aren’t you listening to me? No, but seriously, I, I just, I know I had this whole. Like, I think there’s a couple of episodes ago, cliffhangers and how they do it all the time and they, and they do do it all the time.

But this instant, which was the one you should have had a cliffhanger on, because we’d only be talking about that ending if they did not have that extra. You don’t need everybody to be talking about, is he or isn’t he and no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. And that’s all gone out the window because they did this extra thing and that was like, oh yeah, they kind of

Andrew Sumner: as a council point.

So what you’re saying, I would say. [00:02:00] It’s fucking obvious that they’re not going to kill Loki.

Kenric: He’s a variant so they could

John: bring in another variant.

Andrew Sumner: Yeah. What I mean is low key. Tom Hiddleston is going to be a present. So therefore I think the thinking,

Kenric: well, you know,

Andrew Sumner: okay, is he dead? Oh, are we going to bring in a different version and play by the same?

No, one’s going to care about that shit. We might as well run this little fucking  grant, you know, kind of thing. I think that’s where they were probably coming from. But I do take your point, man. I get where you’re coming from.

Kenric: I just think didn’t have to do that, right? Yeah. You that senior at the beginning of the next episode, I’m just saying.

If they would have left that in as a cliffhanger, that’s all anybody would be talking about because I legit like when, where they killed Ms.

John: Moebius, I was like,

Kenric: holy shit, they just killed Mobius.

Andrew Sumner: That was the emotional highlights of the episode for me, because I sat there thinking actually, you know, I really like [00:03:00] homelessness performances.

This guy I’m really digging it. I wonder what they’re going to go to. Oh,

Kenric: okay. Killed him there. Fuck.

Andrew Sumner: Then I was kind of like, I hope he comes back cause I really liked him, you know? And I don’t know if you will come back or not, but it’s the ultimate fucking fake out. If they set him up to be somebody in love, then they kill

Kenric: him all, every, every other fucker in the TV or

Andrew Sumner: I don’t care where they live or die.

I mean, It was so boring. The obvious from the, from the tease of it, that the timekeepers were not going to be real, that some of the shit was going on was going to be fake. That it’s going to be the wizard of Oz, which is what it was. Right.

Kenric: Wizard of Oz. Yeah. And that’s the reference for sure.

John: Yeah. As soon as they show at the time, he feels like they’re not real.

Those are that. They’re not real. They’re, they’re all they’re projection, they’re robots or something. Those aren’t real that’s. That’s

Andrew Sumner: fantastic. Sorry, carry on. Sorry, Johnny Carol.

John: Yeah, that’s just too. It’s just, it’s too outside of what Marvel has done in the past that I can’t see them having that be the reality of what they are [00:04:00] now, but I mean, it was obvious, but now the question is, you know, who’s behind him Kang, but we, you know, who’s going to, who are they going to ship?

Andrew Sumner: It’s so true. I’m going to do my first digression of the episode already, already. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, sometimes you’ve started with the digression. Let’s run for 20 minutes based on my first digression. Right. Okay. So I was watching the final season of Bosch. Right. Okay. And the final season of Bosch.

They’re not the final scene, but the second to last scene that uses some, because Bosch is a big fan of jazz, right? Harry Boston, Jasmine like myself. Yeah, exactly. And like, I’m like basically they that he’s got all his final. He listens to him and whatnot. And he’s listening to this tune that the minute comes on.

I know. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s an old two Sachs jazz tune called lot of boats. It’s a beautiful piece of music recorded by Frank Morgan. Frank Morgan is [00:05:00] a an African-American Alto sax player who was a contemporary of Charlie. Parker’s the difference between front Morgan and Charlie Parker. They’re both geniuses is that Frank Morgan didn’t die.

Massively prematurely. The similarity between the two of them is they’re both fucking chronic junkies. Right. And so basically. Frank Morgan lived on delivering beautiful music, but having a massive raging heroin problem. And, and his last arrest was in 1986. He died in 2007 and he spent the last 20 years of his life on methadone, like literally taken methadone every day.

That’s how, like how much of an addict this cat was, but still delivering beautiful music. But he lived till his early seventies. So, you know, from a massive H H junkie. That’s good. That’s good innings. Right? Anyway, they play this beautiful tune lullaby. I’m listening to be playing tomorrow. Oh man.

[00:06:00] That’s Frank Morgan, solar by that such a great piece of music. I haven’t listened to any Frank Morgan for a long time. And his music is so relaxing, so beautifully. So I’m like, fuck, I’m gonna, I’m going to put them on Spotify. And it’s the end of a long work in damn, we’re going to get a bath and Minnesota drilled this bath with one, a nice oils in it and whatnot.

You know what I mean? So I have I’m installing.

Kenric: Yeah, exactly

Andrew Sumner: American beauty, but instead of a E it’s actually me inside the bath, you know, to me, it’s, I’m sure it was an image you want. So, so, so sometimes I’m in the valley and I’m listening to front me, Morgan, plannables peaceable, jazz, and the Spotify algorithm, then cues up the next song.

Yeah. I mean, it is like, It’s Hey, how, how great to be in the land of Oz from the wisdom of us with a couple of , that’s how we left that day, your weight in the [00:07:00] Mario Landa. So I’m sitting there relaxing and this upbeat 19 foot, 1930s. Fuck. Yeah. Jam musical tune sung by a bunch of you know, saying by a bunch of what are they called munchkins again by the Muskegon comes on.

I’m like, what the fuck is, is absolutely soured. My mood beta. Why did that come on?

Kenric: Because,

Andrew Sumner: because of Frank Morgan, he played. The wizard of Oz. And there was, there was that, that said, there’s an app call Frank Morgan who plays like the he plays like the traveling salesman guy and that was divorced.

And he also plays us the great and powerful the guys hanging out behind the scenes. And he’s a really well-known character actor from the golden age of MGM movie musicals. And he’s the primary singer. That song from him was the divorce. So what, what Spotify has done is it’s mixed together, all these Frank Morgan chains, but in the middle of it drop the one drop the one fucking song done by Frank Morgan, the actor, [00:08:00] which is from the wisdom of us.

And it was completely, you know, absolutely took me out of the moment. It’s like, what the fuck is going on? Right. And my point is, Hey, we’ve got a bit of a wizard of Oz analogy going wrong. Right. And B every time they did that piece of business, the minute I saw, like the three timekeepers, I was like, right, these guys are fake.

I just want to get the reveal over and done with let’s get to the side of it, because this is absolutely wasting my time as a viewer. When you saw her in the previous episode, walk in and it was all dry ice and whatnot, and you see the glowing eyes, I’m like this isn’t real. This is the wisdom. Yeah. Yeah.

Every bit. Anybody with any brain knew that straight away? Yeah.

Kenric: So the culture, that was all on purpose too.

Andrew Sumner: Oh, cool. Yeah, of course. But you kind of thing. Are these guys just jerking is off just a bit too much, you know, because if you see it coming, it’s not a reveal, right? Yeah. The brilliance of the [00:09:00] twists and the sting, when that first came out in 1973, it’s nobody sees it coming.

And the brilliance of it is if nobody’s spotted the film for you, you kind of don’t really see what’s going on. That bait and switch, but it’s come very, very difficult to do that these days because people are so familiar with the idiom of Phil that have seen so many films, they begin to subconsciously, even though you don’t know at the forefront of their mind to now hang on.

I’m being tricked here, something’s going on. And that’s why when you get a film, like say, get out from a couple of years ago, which is genuinely fresh and new, you don’t want folks going to happen or mid summer another, another example of that, you know, you’re just like, where’s this going to go? I’ve got no fucking idea.

I would argue that once upon a time in Hollywood is the same thing. It’s like, I do not know where Quentin’s go with this. Right. But I think one of the problems that I’m feeling going through the local experience. I spent the first, as, you know, the first two episodes, really thinking this is massively [00:10:00] underwhelming and then being massively impressed by episode three and then get into our server thought, oh fuck.

Yeah. Okay. I have to watch it in. I have to say, I have to watch it in. I have to watch it in two Hobbs. You know, what’s the first I started to nod off, so I stopped and I came back to the second off, like 12 hours later. And that to me is not the watch word for something that’s gripping television. It’s.

And entertaining, but it’s not really grabbing me in the way Falcon, the one soldier really grabbed me from beginning

Kenric: to end. I can tell you this, man. I know exactly what you’re saying. And like we said, when we talked about the first two episodes, I said, I’m falling asleep. You know what I mean? I couldn’t keep up with it.

But I went back before episode four and I watched the three episodes again. And I got to say it’s a, it was a lot more entertaining the second time. Like, I, I, I w I completely washed them through straight through with no issues and I washed them back to back to back. So it, you know, [00:11:00] there’s something there that I was definitely not getting that first time that I got the second time.

And so that, that was kind of nice. There’s just some little nuances that they do really, really well with the actors, with each other that I, I think what Marvel and Kevin faggy and the crew do really, really well. Yeah. Not always finding the best person for the role of the superhero they’re playing, but finding the best person that fits into the group of people.

You know what I mean? Because it’s like, like at work, right. I can go through all the people that I want that are technically sound right. But if they’re not flexible, they’re not, they don’t have the social skills. Skills to, to navigate political waters and have some technical ability. I need somebody that has all three, right.

And if they just have the look, that’s not good enough, you know, they have to have the, the, there has to be that comradery that is there. There has to be some [00:12:00] kind of. Even when people hate each other, but they’re on screen. There’s that chemistry for some reason, is there, you know what I mean? That you can’t really explain.

They can hate each other in real life, but they get together on a screen and you feel like there’s, there’s a connection there. That is, that is underlying. And I think Marvel has done a really good job of finding that with their movies. I think that’s why they do so well. And Loki. I don’t know, man, there’s, there’s, there’s scenes where I love it.

And then there’s times that I’m just like on board and it’s predictable. And, and I think it has more to do with the, because it’s time, you know what I mean? And I don’t mean it’s timing it’s time. I mean, it’s dealing with a timing, you know, the time continuum, whatever you want to call it, it’s kind of played out right now.

H G Wells did time back in the 1930s and the time machine is a classic and it’s amazing. And then star Trek did it to death, especially next generation. It just, I couldn’t, I ended up not [00:13:00] watching that show after a while because it was, I mean, he was even in the fricking movies for God’s sake, you know, overtook everything.

And it just got to a point where I’m just like, I’m just done. And I think that’s how I’m feeling. I don’t, if there was just a straight show of low-key being low-key and doing something, or they had a multi-verse. You know, but this whole thing with time just kind of drives me nuts after a while. And I think that might be what my issue is.

What’d she think Joni? I

John: don’t disagree. I mean, I liked the show. I’m having fun watching it. I think three was episode three was probably the best one. So by far so far, I don’t know, episode four, I enjoyed it. But it didn’t like, I mean, I’m still excited for next week and see where it’s going to go, where it’s going to end.

But I honestly can’t tell you if that excitement is simply because of the show itself or because of the MC as a whole. Honestly, I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I love Owen Wilson as, as Moebius. Yep. I’m right there. The girl playing Sylvie is great. I can’t remember her name is.

Kenric: But

Andrew Sumner: I [00:14:00] think so Sophie do Martino.


John: Yeah. Yeah. I think, I think her and Thomas Nelson have have great chemistry together. I agree with Kendrick and this there’s thing that I, I wish the African that scene wasn’t there, even though we know Luke is going to be back having that mystery, I would not tell him right away that he’s he’s.

You know, it, it would have opened up next episode, if that was the first scene in the next episode, it would’ve opened up the next episode for everyone to immediately think. Okay. What about everybody else that they have yep.

Kenric: Want to gave them that week of, of mystery that they just totally, I would have killed.

I would have had that whole episode without Loki and killed him at the beginning. And then have that whole thing. Just build up the fifth one. You get that first opening scene of him waking up of wherever he’s at right now. Right, right.

John: But I mean, we only have, we only have two episodes left right. At five and six left that did to wrap all this up.

I am curious where it’s going to go. It’s this, the show’s not pulling me in as much as I thought it would. I do enjoy it, but yeah. I the [00:15:00] time travel stuff. And if think might there’s still really doesn’t have a lot to do with time travel. I mean, it does it’s appointment, but really the time trial is not important.

What’s what’s important is, is what they did to Sylvia when they took her as a, as a young kid which they’ve now got they’ve now obviously confirmed that she’s a Loki, right? She, she ran his guard. I do think they are. Combining Chandra’s with her. I do think she will become Enchantress, just starting as a low key.

Andrew Sumner: That’s w that’s what I think too, Johnny, you have just unlocked my

Kenric: emotional relationship with this

Andrew Sumner: show and I realized after hearing you speak that, that what my relationship with the show is. QRIS

Kenric: MCU. Yeah. Plays with them, the MCU, but not this particular.

Andrew Sumner: I, I really couldn’t care less about where it’s going.

I’m like not, not wrapped into it, not gripped by it at all. One division. I was totally gripped by it for two. And  four there. I know people don’t like fog in them, mid soldier for me. Lifelong captain America fan it’s fucking amazing. Yeah. The Lakey show is pleasant to [00:16:00] watch. And I don’t actually care.

What’s going to happen. That that’s my, that’s the way I feel about it, which is until it proves to me, otherwise, it’s kind of how I feel about externals, because as I said, numerous times in some of these chats is like it terminals it’s first movie that’s been based on a deficient piece of Marvel work, not a Marvel archetype, not a brilliant piece of Marvel work, but some it was created by Jack Kirby.

As he was getting off the boil and was deficient and a bunch of money artistically, just not really there, like a lot of his previous stuff. And then even when they double down and tried to make it better, I think it’s probably one of the least successful things that no games ever do. Personally, you know, it’s two big Marvel projects.

I thought 1602 was much, much better than it’s terminals was

Kenric: recent. Wasn’t it?

Andrew Sumner: Fuck. It’s fucking ages. Go, mate. I mean, [00:17:00] this, this is a watch word for life.

Kenric: They went back in 1602, a couple of years ago. Yeah.

Andrew Sumner: So it’s, it, it, it was a brilliant twist to it, which is great. Try and get into it because it’s not really the point, but the eternal isn’t really very good. And I stayed up.

As I’ve said to you before, and I think this is why as I’ve also said to you before, why the innings, because people don’t want to watch hyper privilege. Royal families of superheroes have lived for millennia standings. Very interesting. Do you know what I mean? Because when you’ve already got that anyway, which is the gods of ASCO.

And that’s done in a particular kind of way with lots of humor. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be using my words that I would love to be using my words like six months from now when we’ve all watched externals. And it’s amazing and Revelator, but right. But I think one of the big problems that the MCU faces is, you know, they’ve done so much amazing work turning.

So how’s his into silk purses doing this stuff, which is [00:18:00] almost kind of second rate and making this brilliant stuff out of it. Now that they’ve got to start working with third or fourth rate material and making it like a box of straw, I think that’s tough. And I think. The problem with the low-key show is probably that there is just fucking, so many, so much mobile stuff out there.

So we’re all kind of getting used to it. And there’s no sense of it being like, kind of exceptional. And I’m just for the first time ever with yeah. MCU vaguely related. I’m sort of like just biding my time journal low-key game. Okay. You know, what’s thrown

Kenric: up funny is I brought this up. I asked you guys this question.

I don’t know which episode it was. It was a while ago about Jupiter’s legacy. And did they come out too late in that there’s too much. There’s a, there’s a drunkenness around superhero genre on the TV shows and it was quickly canceled. They’re not doing a second season. Correct. You know, and I think that I, I think it’s real and I think what you’re describing right [00:19:00] there is what a lot of people are feeling like there’s so much content that has come out and it’s been, you know, since really it’s been over 20 years now that we’ve had a superhero movie, almost every.

Andrew Sumner: Well to, to talk about your points. So it was very interesting. I was for my day job, I was talking to an author called Ben Aaronovitch is very successful in creates a series of books called rivers of life. Right, which is about, it’s basically a police procedural about a division within the metropolitan police in London.

That’s based upon a magic. Unlike the key like characters called Peter Grant to detective who’s kind of investigate magic based crimes and phenomenally written. So it’s extremely good series. It’s very well written. And David, Rhonda, which is sorry, that’s his brother banner on of it. They’ve been raised famous journalists.

his brother writes, right? Susie is [00:20:00] incredibly smart and clever. And I was talking to him about this entire subject. He was like, I don’t really buy that because, because the reality. That we’re living in a superhero era where there’s a handful of superhero movies every year, the TV shows. But I grew up in an era where there was like 600 fucking westerns a year and 600 crime movies yet.

And one, not at that point of saturation, but the economics of filmmaking it’s changed. So that now everything that comes out as a CPO thing is a big event, you know? And if you put in all that, like budget mocked, him and a behind mine. So it was. It’s always got to succeed that I think, I think he’s got, he’s got a good point.

I think, I think what’s happening is that people are completely happy to stay on board with the superhero medium, the superhero genre. If what they’re watching is really fucking good. And, and, and I, you know, I think there are reasons why legacy wasn’t renewed, [00:21:00] but another really recent show. That was amazing and has been renewed is invincible, which is incredible.

Right. Another great, another recent show, which is amazing. It has been written as the boys, which is incredible. Yeah. The point we’ll get to that point. Now that the medium itself, the genre itself isn’t enough. You have to do stuff. That’s really fucking good. It’s

Kenric: gotta be, it’s gotta be good. I

Andrew Sumner: want Jupiter’s legacy.

It’s not just gotta be good. It’s gotta be great.

Kenric: Fuck. The main character and troopers, like they literally put them in a muscle. Yeah, you can see that you can’t have that nowadays. You know, it looks bad and people can, and people are, I think moviegoers are more sophisticated now because of all the tips and tricks and hints and everything, they read online about how things are done and you can point it out and you can see it.

And the fact that special effects are so good nowadays, when it’s not done right. It can.

[00:22:00] Andrew Sumner: I think that’s a really good point. And what, one of my issues with the film that I thought was mediocre for, I basically liked Shizam is one of my issues, which is is that he’s clearly in a muscle suit. And one of the things I quite like about the neck.

When you look it’s that he’s not in a muscle suit anymore. He’s clearly turned his body into that. Now, now that he’s had the two years to just get in the gym and do it. When you, when you look at him, he looks like Billy Zane dead in the Phantom, which is the first example I can think of. And this is in the mid nineties of somebody literally turning themselves into the comic book character, which they’d never done in the Batman movies.

But one of things I love about Billy Zane Phantom movie is he is. Unbelievable shape in that a lot of the muscles in that suit, that’s fucking him. And you see him with his shirt off when he’s inside the skull cave. And you’re like, okay, well, good. He totally delivered. The reality of that movie is it’s

Kenric: really good.

A hundred

John: percent agree

Kenric: with you on that. And I love that. [00:23:00] It’s

Andrew Sumner: like hard degree, John, whenever you really agree with me, you got to

Kenric: go. I had to agree, mate,

Andrew Sumner: get the branded, you know, by the way, check out. Hardegree on all good, all good podcasts platforms right now produced by the spoiler of us and me, Andrew Sunday.

Don’t miss it. That’s

Kenric: a hard degree. That’s one of the things that Marvel did really well that the MCU guys, the actors did really well. Like, you know, Chris Hemsworth and Even Chris Pratt, Chris sevens, even Chris brass transform their body. Like it was transformed. You went to a secret, Robert Downey Jr.

All of them. They all did incredible things to come up to become this new person. You’re like, holy shit. It’s a next level compared to what you used to

Andrew Sumner: see. So yeah, but I want to know Johnny secret, whatever

MMMTV – Loki 4 – COMBINED: it

Kenric: is.

John: So. I read this somewhere. I can’t, I can’t, I I’m trying to look at it and confirm it, but in one of the scenes for Thor where his like, has his arms out and like [00:24:00] they’re really ripped it’s CG.

Kenric: Like which store, which store Chris Hemsworth. It’s one of the original

John: thought. That’s one of the, it’s one of the later ones where he shows up. I thought I saw it online. One time. I was like, what the hell is his arms are CGI den? Not all of them, but like there’s one scene. And when I met him

Kenric: to make it a little bit more definition,

John: when I, when I met him down in San Diego, like he’s not a big dude.

Kenric: He’s quick,

Andrew Sumner: Krista Hemsworth. Isn’t a big day. You telling me? No, I met him. He’s like six foot four. You mean is he, hasn’t got a big

Kenric: arms. It looks

John: really skinny. Like he looks, he was wearing and he looks really scrawny. And like, I mean, it’s probably because it was between films. So he wasn’t like working all the time

Kenric: when I met him.

Andrew Sumner: Did she, did you shout at him point your finger straight in his face and show pussy?

Kenric: Is that what you did? Is that what happened?

[00:25:00] Andrew Sumner: Fucking Chris, hands us not rep to the, for John Horsley. The third. Fuck you, man. Look, look, take the J three re you got to look like me. I’m a big dude. And I’m re wait a minute.

John: I mean, he probably would. I mean, obviously it wasn’t shirtless.

I expected him to like, be the same. I mean, you know, perception. Right. I expected them to just be this omnipresent, like strong looking dude. Cause we always, I always see him, but it kinda made sense. Cause he had just come off of the last one he did was, was men and black.

Kenric: Yeah. Well he’s skinny and he’s

John: skinny moving in all muscles aren’t there.

So I mean, it makes sense, but it’s like, it would just, wasn’t what I was expecting when I saw him in real life, I was

Kenric: like, I expected that he was getting his laundry ready cause he wanted to wash his stuff off his head. Yeah,

Andrew Sumner: I think, I think the thing with both hands with an Evans’s hand was there’s a very tool food and Evans is a tool, but I’ve, I’ve [00:26:00] seen Evans talk about this and like, and it’s basically, they’d got lean athletic bodies.

They’re not meant to carry a lot of weight. And once they carry a lot of muscle weight, that causes problems for them. Right. I’ve seen Evans talk about this a lot. You know, when it gets to the reveal scene, when it comes out of the fighter, ha bring in captain America took your months again, it’s that shape, you know?

And the, and the, and the canvas, a lot of opinion. It’s like, what do I need? And it’s like, your arms need to be big. If you cut them, wrap your arms, it needs to be big. And apparently getting his arms big was one of the big fucking things for him. And it’s the same for him as with this getting in his arms and that ridiculous story.

Yeah, really fucking difficult. They can, they can do it, but the minute they fucking stopped working out every fucking day for three hours, I’m pumping up before they did the scene. Those muscles are gone. They’re not supposed to have them

Kenric: come on out of that chamber and captain America the first time.

It’s brilliant. It was like, oh yeah, holy

Andrew Sumner: shit. But that, that’s when I, [00:27:00] that that moment. And that was in the trailer. That’s way out a bit of that minute. I saw that, that sort of thought he’s fucking, totally got this right. Because he’s dedicated himself to turn in case lean, very athletic body into this fucking muscular body, those whole scenes where he’s running around, what is actually my hometown Liverpool, you know, when he’s got the white t-shirt or he looks fucking amazing, it looks absolutely unbelievable.

Probably in the best shape he’s ever been in a captain America film, right. He looks incredible. The other time would be the helicopter catching scene and civil war soldier. When he grabs a fucking helicopter, his biceps are in amazing fucking shape when he does that. But apparently it took him fucking months to get it to that point.

Three weeks. It was all gone. So I understand because it has to be eating fucking 8,000 calories a day and panning the pain in that

Kenric: shape. No,

Andrew Sumner: that was one of the things with Chad Bozeman there. When [00:28:00] his, when his illness began to rear its head, it’s when people are like, oh fuck it. Doesn’t it doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to get back into, to challenge, shape for the next, for the next movie.

It’s like what you would do to film it, but you’d not looking, you know, looking very, very skinny. You know what I mean?

Kenric: Yeah, that

Andrew Sumner: was very, very sad. It’s very sad.

Kenric: It’s just weird. I wanted him to be the next James Bond. Yeah,

he was great.

Andrew Sumner: He’s amazing in that. He’s so good in that.

Kenric: Loki for Loki fell off a huge tangent except Casey

John: looking for without, without any Thor’s.

Kenric: Yeah. Or no Thor.

John: In the after credit scene, there was a, there was a Loki

Kenric: Thor.

Andrew Sumner: No, I all said there was three. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. You’re up here on low-key though. [00:29:00] I think he’s he’s builders like, fuck it. What is I like? Brackets or something, you know, there’s a particular way that he’s booked. Cause there’s classical.

John: Richard E. Grant, the guy we talked about last episode is playing.

Andrew Sumner: Yeah. And once again, we’ve been proven, horribly wrong in our predictions because last week he was like, he’s definitely a manifesto. And it’s like, oh no, he’s comedy classic Thor in the classic costume.

Kenric: Genetically, he looks great.

Andrew Sumner: He just look great.

And he’s a great actor. He’s he’s really, really good. He is an amazing actor. So yeah, I’m feeling so

Kenric: Thor, where is low-key at? He’s in the. He’s

Andrew Sumner: definitely in New York. Cause you can see the ruins of the event, just tower behind

John: the neurosurgeon. Sergeant was off in the corner. He’s in, he’s in, he’s in a New York.

That the assumption is like that low-key or are thousands plan

Kenric: succeeded. But before it

Andrew Sumner: is, is it in New York where the, the alien invasions seeded by

John: assumption? Yeah. Yeah. That’s one [00:30:00] kind of thing. But before we get to that, I want to say that there, you know, there’s out there’s, there’s there’s classic door, there’s Thor, classic Loki, Thor, Loki there’s kid, Loki, which is from the comics.

And then there’s alligator low game, which I’m wondering if the alligator low-key is going to bring us, frankly.

Kenric: Oh, God,

Andrew Sumner: this is absolutely classic. J H three to me, you know what I mean? Speculation about a

Kenric: bunch of things like that, but I’d never liked it. The whole thing

John: just for you. I want to point out the fact that kid Loki has a lot to do with the.

Andrew Sumner: There we go. I’m feeling the ghost of case Allen right here to me. I thought we’d escaped it. I thought . We might as well do a whole fucking podcast on the younger benches make money young Avengers, because I talk about every fucking week we should do a whole hourly.

John: I’ve never actually read younger vendors. I just [00:31:00] kept, I’m just catching all the references to it.

Kenric: I went right over my head. This is the ghost of Casey Allen. So.

Andrew Sumner: Younger vendors in the corny that he was that short bearded man. Who’s that little six foot one bed in my waving his Panorama, but the best

Kenric: thing over this whole course of make my Marvel TV specifically the local one.

The low-key one, the local, the low-key show, the local show. That’s all we’re going to do

Andrew Sumner: next the local. So we would just talk about things. You should go and sit in Seattle or Westland, and

Kenric: well-kept the local show, but for the low-key show, it’s my favorite pub on making points and Sumner keeps giving them to Casey.

You’ve done it like almost every episode. You’ve said, we’ll get back to Casey. Dah, dah, dah, dah. That was all Johnny. Absolutely. Johnny

Andrew Sumner: that’s because your voice Johnny exists on this baritone level. It’s going [00:32:00] into my fucking subconscious, but then I, once I think I’ve heard that here, I was obviously Casey

Kenric: cracks me up.

Cause then Natalie, Johnny. Sumner said this, but that was my idea. You said that to me

Andrew Sumner: last week. That was actually my idea, not our resident genius, Casey

Kenric: Allen. It wasn’t his idea

Andrew Sumner: to me. I’m so sorry. It hurts.

Kenric: I love it. You know, it’s funny is as you know, in the corporate world, you know, you have to talk, you have to speak for yourself.

A lot of times you got to tell people, Hey, that was my idea because. They won’t realize they’ll take it from you. The

Andrew Sumner: wrestler

Kenric: they’ll take it from me. And a lot of times people think they’re doing a purpose. It’s not on purpose. It’s, we’re moving forward. This is the guy that’s doing this. Now, all of a sudden people just assume it’s this person.

And then they just go with it, you know? Yep. Yep. You got to chop yourself. So it just cracked me up that John was a key. That was my idea, because that’s what right in my head. I was like, oh my God, [00:33:00] it’s

Andrew Sumner: hilarious.

Kenric: Fuck off every, but just fuck off. Oh. Not that I said, fuck off like a million times.

Andrew Sumner: And you’ll demand who actually emailed us all recently, we should try and claim it.

The language

Kenric: is going to say, do you really need to clean it up? Because it affects things on the YouTube app and the algorithm gets fucked up. Yeah.

Andrew Sumner: We should really change the

Kenric: language because the algorithm gets fucked. Anyway. Fuck you. Sorry.

Welcome to this. Week’s

Andrew Sumner: a week’s this week’s episode of get fucked. It’s Marvel, Kevin Regan with John Austin, the first with the ghost of Casey Allen. Hello everybody. I’m with me, Andrew. So the funny thing is tasting in the million nurse and anything like that. Six foot one, Casey Allen doesn’t sound like that at all.

Little tasty. Yeah.

[00:34:00] Kenric: A little bit, Casey Allen

John: for a long time, we were interested in as Casey tickle monster Allen. Cause it’s Casey spratlan

Kenric: so let’s let’s let’s wrap this up. Yeah. We’re I think we’ve come to an end, but as misery says, what is happening next week? Give me a big reveal, John.

John: Well, I don’t, I think they kind of stole the big reveal with that with after credit scene.

Obviously we’re going to be in a destructed New York. I, the only thing they can really throw out as, so I can think of right now is does everybody who’s been deleted go to the same place or do they go somewhere specific? Are, is low. Is this located with the other locals that are going to run into, to Moebius and all the other people who’ve been deleted?

Yeah. And all the, all the other Loki’s that show they show I’m going to be there. Yeah. I think we’re going to find out more about what deletion means or whatever. I don’t know if that’s the term they use and I can remember, but we’ll find out more about about that. I [00:35:00] think, I don’t think we’re going to find out who’s actually running the timekeepers until the last episode.

I still think it’s going to be king. If it’s not king, that’ll be, it that’ll be a big twist. But I think it’s gonna be king.

Kenric: I think

John: eventually we’re gonna get a to, but I don’t think we can actually get

Kenric: a seam, a physical freestyle because some of the writers didn’t know whom a Festo was doing Wanda, and they did all these things.

And I, and I’m sure it’s somebody like Kevin faggy said, Hey, I need something like this, just because he’s thinking is that I want to. I want to do this later, but if we get Mephisto anytime within the next two years, it’s because of podcasts like this and fans like us that have been screaming and saying Mephisto Mephisto Mephisto well, what I’m saying is I don’t

John: think he’s going to show up until Dr.

Strange while there’s a madness, I think he’s going to show up in that movie. I think, I think they’re playing a long game and I think Kevin Faye had it had an idea. I think they’ve been playing the seeds for it for a long time, and there’s going to keep planting the seeds cause everybody’s speculating manifesto for everything, but he’s not going to show up until the.

Right. He’s like the, he’s like the, the slow, the slow burn under Archie and villain. That’s not really there, but there’s hints of things. People want it want to see him come up [00:36:00] and he’s gonna show up in the movie.

Kenric: I don’t mean to extend this outfit. You just made it. You made an interesting point with Dr.

Strange. Do you think they, they messed up? I almost did it. Do you think they messed up on making Dormamuu the big, bad, and the first one? When he, because he’s the classic. I think the answer is, I think the

Andrew Sumner: answer is no. And I’ll tell you why. I don’t think it was a mistake because Dormamuu has never been drawn as a counter with any depth whatsoever.

So, so the reality is he’s, he’s like you roll him out and you shoot your load immediately. Nobody knows who Domo is, what his backstory is that it exists. But what I’m saying is most he’s just literally like, whoa, the devil. It’s like, he’s not an in-depth character at all. He’s a brilliantly designed bad guy of the week.

So I think it’s fine to roll them out. Like to roll. It turns out no one curves, you know? Cause they’re not interesting. Actually. They’re just one note

Kenric: character. I got one more for you. If it’s [00:37:00] not Mephisto could it be billable? And if you don’t know who Velazco is he is, he was the ruler of limbo taught by Mephisto.

And is a dark source or a wizard also gave powers to Eliana, Rasputin, AKA magic, who ends up killing him well, killing him and taking over limbo. He would be somebody and because of his abilities with limbo, he can go to all those different multi multiverses. He could be somebody that sets up Mephisto.

Andrew Sumner: I’m hoping that it’s not because, but Lascaux right now is like an incredibly boring character. I would almost rather the, the revelation was that the bad guy was actually

Kenric: Tabasco, you know? And it

Andrew Sumner: was like this fucking hot sauce that you all eat on earth is the reason

Kenric: this is all happening. The kind of artists.

So we’re [00:38:00] guardians of the galaxy. That was a boring.

Andrew Sumner: Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah. But I think that’s a very different thing because when you’re, when you’re waiting for a revelation, you do not want it to be somebody that just hasn’t registered a tool because while the guardians are guts, you’re upstate. Right.

We’re kind of boring. Everybody knows the name. Nobody actually knows the name of Glasgow. Right. Yeah. And it’s so minor for them. Zero expectation to know to me, it’s like, it would be such a damp squib. If that was the reality of it, it’d be like, ah, fuck. Okay. Because this series is already got a massive problem with being fucking boring, right.

And like, maybe it’ll be born right till the end the night. If I, my answer the question, what you expect from next, what you’re hoping for from next week’s episode, isn’t anything to do with the narrative. It’s nothing to do with the revelations. I just hope that it’s going to be. A bit more engaging. It has been already, and I’m afraid I’ve lapsed back into my episode [00:39:00] one and two position, which I didn’t think was going to happen.

I’m just not very engaged or interested to know to me. And I don’t want to my Marvel cinematic universe experience to be that away. Yeah,

Kenric: I do. I do want to say this. I correctly predicted how they were going to escape litmus one, just so yeah. Oh, yes. At the end Morbius is going to open time door and pull them in.


John: Look at these guys. I thought you, I thought you had said that Loki was didn’t have the

Kenric: did you say that? Did

Andrew Sumner: he say that?

Kenric: I said that would be a possibility, but I think at the end it’s going to be this. Yeah, Johnny doesn’t even believe you. Just look at it. He’s

Andrew Sumner: looking at the wall really shitty again. Let me

Kenric: God listen to this [00:40:00] guy.

Andrew Sumner: So 1000%, this is what I think about this episode. I think talking about it with you guys has been approximately. 50 times more entertaining the episode was for me, you know? And and you know, I was I thought what I’m canceling my early morning masturbation for this, you know, I mean, you know, that’s not really it for me.

Do you know what I mean? Yeah, exactly. You know, I mean, I could’ve watched, I could have, I was putting off watching the last episode of bot, like the final season. Just to watch this. That’s a big fucking mistake.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s a wrap guys. One. I want to appreciate Sumner for taking time, Johnny. Thanks for taking the time today. KCT, Alan, we really appreciate you taking the time today.

Andrew Sumner: Yeah, that’s my case. My wildly inaccurate. Casey Allen impression to them. Oh, wait a minute. Check this out. Do you want my latest prop?

Here we go.

[00:41:00] KCU. Okay. Excellent. Very good.

Southern Thora. You’re right. Yeah. He’s okay. He’s good. 

Kenric: all right. You guys join us next week for Loki. Number five on make my Myrtle TV presented by spoiler country. See you soon.


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