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MMMTV Loki Episode 5

John:  [00:00:00] All right. Hey Kenrick.

Kenric: Oh, this is a reverse what’s up.

John: I was just going to say, we’ll come back to the low-key show.

Kenric: Welcome back to the low-key show. This is make my Marvel TV presented by spoiler country. Today you’ll see that it’s just me and this guy or this guy.

John: I think so I going to be some direction,

Kenric: I think you’re going to be, and that way it shows the box is one way, but then when we w w when it renders down and you watch it, it’s a different, like, during different orders sometimes.

Yeah. Yeah. And that drives me nuts.

John: I think you’re right

Kenric: there. You’re you’re there. This is you right here.

John: Nope. I think on the other direction for you,

Kenric: which is the opposite.

John: Why I think it’s going to record based upon my screen here and on my screen. You’re right

Kenric: here. Anyways. What are we, what are we now are our normal cohorts for me?

Marvel TV is Mr. Sumner. If [00:01:00] you are a fan of Titan and you go to Spencer’s or hot topic and you get Dr. Who stuff and basically, almost anything else that’s cool in there. Chances are he’s had his hands on it or at least sold it to that store. Everything they sell that’s right. Everything. He’s a little toucher.

And on top of that, no, he’s not on top of that. KCT Allen, our man on the street, Casey is not able to join us tonight because well, he’s on the east coast while he’s no he’s in Alabama. Close enough. Right,

John: right. And we’re a little late getting to this one,

Kenric: but here we are, here we are. So low-key show the low-key show episode five.

It was a very fun episode and I, I think it was actually my favorite episode so far. Oh really? Yeah. I think it was, cause it just a lot happened. A lot of action happened. A lot of special effects were used. Yep. You know, you know, it’s funny as [00:02:00] earlier this week, we, we kept trying to get everybody in to do this show and I was like, fuck it.

Or you got to really stop swearing. I was like, forget it. I’m going to go ahead and just do it and call it, make mine Kenner TV. I had set up, I had gotten ready. I had gotten the I actually made it to where I could stream parts of the show. Right. And I was going to do like little snippets and talk about it.

But then when it got all set up, I spent like an hour trying to figure out the stream things where I can impose myself. Cause I’ve never done it right. To get all set up. I’m ready to go. I’m just like, I don’t know what to say

John: and stuff happened. We’re done.

Kenric: See ya. Yeah, exactly. I’m always scared that really copywriting.

Yeah. Right, right. Me too, even though we don’t nothing’s monetized. So it really doesn’t matter if we get copyright at this point. Right. What was your thoughts on the show, man? What was your thoughts? I liked

John: it. I thought it was, that was fun. I wasn’t surprised that the one low key [00:03:00] with the hammer was a trader.

I mean, if any of those four we met were going to be trainers is going to be the one that nobody knew about. I liked I liked classic, low key and kid low-key and the alligator. I thought that they were a good pairing. I hope we see more of them. But I, I mean, it was cool to see that president low-key as well in there, which is from the comic vote.

Low-key if you’ve read that one. But yeah, I thought it was good. It was action packed and good stuff in it. They kept, I keep I’m hoping, but it feels like they’re like hinting at a relationship between Sophie and low-key.

Kenric: And he does have one with Enchantress, but it’s always been the first enchanting.

Yeah. When, when he creates

John: the does that he creates Sylvia and then the comics, but with her being the low key and with him being low key, if they’re leaning towards relationship, it’s kind of weird, man. It’s like, like a, it’s like a brother or sister type relationship, not at a romantic one, you know? So cause that’d be, but if anybody in the, in the MC who’s going to bang themselves, it’s going to be low key.


[00:04:00] Kenric: Is it a reverse form of masturbation? It really is, but

John: I mean, it’s the best for masturbation.

Kenric: You already know what you will and won’t do. I know your likes. It’s so bad. It is what it is, man. What was your favorite scene in this, in this episode?

John: Oh God. Wouldn’t Quantic Loki only his powers made that giant.

Kenric: Oh, yeah, it was really cool. It was cool. Yeah. Did you see that? There’s a couple of things. One, I think they’ve confirmed. Chris Hemsworth is going to be the voice of frog Loki in the last episode.

John: Yeah. At the pusher rock store. I mean

Loki 5 COMBINED: the

Kenric: Thor frog or whatever you call him, frog, throb. And then if you look.

On IFDB Jeremy Renner is labeled as a cat. Oh, really? Yeah.

John: So it’ll probably

Kenric: show her the last episode. Probably I’m [00:05:00] thinking, I’m thinking it’s a variant of loci that is behind everything. Oh yeah, me too. Nah. You think he’s working with Kang? I think

John: King’s the ultimate bad guy, but I think

Kenric: that for this show, the big, bad is another low-key.

John: Yeah. I think King’s a bad guy behind it. And King’s gonna be in another

Kenric: movie. Yeah.  .


I have stopped using my big headphones.

John: Yeah. I just, I just changed mine

Kenric: out. Yeah. I’ve been using these for months now. I think the videos,

John: huh? And for the videos have it’s better. Cause I’m not like covering your whole head. I that I had to go find a pair before the friends you were asking, sorry. I think Kane is the ultimate guy behind it.

I think we’re going to find more about king in an ant man and more stuff and probably the next Avengers film. But I think that it’s going to be a low some low-key variant of some kind behind this one. Probably someone we haven’t met yet. Or if it’s not that it’s mobile. Yes.

Kenric: Right. I said that in the last episode you did.

Well, [00:06:00] if it’s obvious,

John: why does Marvel have Moebius? And Morbius like, why are they are two Gators? So similar names come on.

Kenric: Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know because yeah. Mobius came after Morbius oh, way after. Yeah. So it’s not really an excuse, but Mobius strip. It makes sense. Yeah. Right. So that makes more sense than Morbius.

Yeah. Morbius live in vampire. Yeah. Well, should it be a fun

John: movie? So

Kenric: it should be, we’ll see, we’ll see. Sony is hit and miss.

John: Well, hopefully I’m hoping there’s some some MCU elements in it because supposedly there’s links up to different Spider-Man in that movie or to Spider-Man Tom Holland and that movie.

So we’ll see.

Kenric: That’d be cool because he’s one of, he he’s been a. There’s awning on and off again, friend, be fo for Spiderman. Yeah. Kind of like the lizard. [00:07:00] Right,

John: right. That’d be fun. Yeah. It’s gonna be weird.

Kenric: The thing th that scene where the Loki which what’s his name? The the older low-key classical monkey.

Yeah, the classic 1980s costume. Yeah. Richard Richard Grant. Richard E. Grant. Yeah. When he, when he manifest that city and freaks out the the entity, that the big monster, that, that was really cool. And then how it goes down and then back up and you’re just like, oh my God, I was really bummed that they just killed them off.


John: didn’t kill him. You could see them. I didn’t, I don’t remember him getting hit and killed.

Kenric: Oh man. Are you sure that Richard E. Grant low-key die?

John: Google it here’s thing from did Loki actually die?

Kenric: Yeah. Why classic low-key lasts when he dies classic low-key sacrificed self [00:08:00] and low-key he lasts magnetically and there may be a reason for it.

Low-key episode by rose at Tom Mendelson. Lucky was sent to a strange for it. At the end of time, when proceeded

John: in the same episode, he also says I cast the production of myself. So real, even the mad tightened.

Kenric: That’s a good point. He might be not dead.

John: Yeah. I mean, he, he, in that episode, he talks about how he can cast a projection that you can’t tell the difference of.

So they’re setting it up for him not to be actually data. Yeah. He’s not because I want to see more of kid looking possibly they should do more with those two factors. They

Kenric: could do a odd couple TV show with them. All

John: right. So she’s going to start, it starts them and, and the alligator thought I’ll get a low-key

Kenric: low-key can be their pet or those helmet on the alligator, like permanent, or is that like a helmet?

The horns? Are they horns permanent on the

John: alligator? Is that a helmet? I can see what’s a helmet. I mean, it’s gold, you

Kenric: know? Yeah. Yeah. What’s the special powers besides like. [00:09:00] Biting

John: he bit off classic look his hands. So there’s that? I don’t know.

Kenric: He did. That was the other Loki’s that were, yeah, like the, I don’t know, storm troopers.

I don’t even know how to call them the grunts. I love the fact that the Thor, the hammer Loki. Totally double is the Loki’s that he’s hanging out with. And then the other classic Lukey comes in and double crosses him. And it’s like, this is the loneliest low-key that I’ve ever looked.

John: You’re not wrong. I like

Kenric: it.

They do wrong in this episode. Do you think if there’s anything that you were like, oh, I didn’t like that part.

John: I don’t, I can’t think of the wrong way. I liked how they included Mobius into it and they brought it up and, you know, he picked up Sylvie. I liked the use of kid locating classic low-key. I don’t think that they’re wrong with us.

I think it’s a good, it’s a good penalty. It’s a good episode, you know, Pennelton episode for the final final one. So

Kenric: I did Mobius though. [00:10:00] This part I didn’t like, he just shows me. That’s what makes me think that he could be a bad guy too, because he just shows up when Sylvie shows up, he’s like, why didn’t you show up when low-key got there?

You know, why all of a sudden you show up because Sylvia and you’re driving a car and you know what I mean? It’s like, how is this possible? And where was he? Because

John: did they saw that ship coming in? And they get, it gets eaten right

Kenric: away. So. Yeah. So how is that possible? I mean, there’s a part of me know. I think that there’s no way they’re going to make Mobius a bad guy. No, it’s just seems weird. Owen Wilson, as a bad guy, just doesn’t make sense. If I watch a show, I don’t know that if I’d watch a movie with Owen, Wilson is a bad guy that I’d be believable because the way he delivers his lines, he’s just a lovable goof.

John: They, they need to make him a very, here’s the bad guy. Just to

Kenric: print it, just to make it up.

John: We’re not prove you wrong, but to

Kenric: make it a thing right. Make it a thing. So what would it

John: be? What’s your [00:11:00] prediction for the final episode? What are the things gonna happen?

Kenric: I think they’re going to find out that it’s a low-key variant.

Yeah. And I think you’re probably right. He’s probably working with king on some way, you know, if not directly. Right. And I, I think they’re going to. I don’t think they’re going to destroy the void. I think they’re going to escape the void. Right. And either that Loki’s going to escape or he’s going to die.

Yeah. And our low-key and Sylvie are going to end up on the Marvel MCU 6, 6, 9, 6, 6,

John: 9. I know whatever the movie one is,

Kenric: whatever the movie timeline is, that’s the time when they’re going to end up on. So, and it would be really cool if they showed up. In a scene like they end it with him. Like even if they use the stand-in, where he comes through the doorway and you see the back of Thor, right.

Or Thor turn around and you know what I mean? He’s with the guardians and he just [00:12:00] weeps because our Thor is very emotional. He is. And I love it. I do. I like it too. Cause I think people are like that.

John: They are. And I kind of think you’re right. Do you think they’re gonna show they’re gonna say that or tell us, or that the TVA is within the quantum room?

Kenric: I don’t know that it matters. Yeah. That’s more of a world-building aspect and people want to know. I think they’ll, I think they’ll explain it. I think it’ll be explained whether it’s in the quantum world realm or not, you know, I mean, they’re calling it the void at this point. So boy that’s, that’s the timeline.

Yeah. Where they, well, I don’t know if they died when they got it, but the TBA itself I think they’ll explain it in some thing. I don’t think it matters if it’s in the quantity realm or not. I think, I

John: don’t think they’re gonna explain it. I think what they’re gonna do is when they, when man three comes out in the wash Tanium, I think in that movie, they’re going to drop the [00:13:00] TVA as part of the plan.

As I got

Kenric: backfill. Yeah. Yeah. That’s

John: the question for you? The void they’re in is, is at the end of the timeline, right? Supposedly,

Kenric: is that what it is

John: that they don’t know what there is? What the, what they don’t know. What’s past the timeline. It’s still being written. If that’s true. How the hell is stark tower still around?

If it’s at the end of the timeline of time, how is New York still a thing? How is star and why are they on.

Kenric: Because we’re the center of everything apparently,

John: but yeah. And if we’re, if we’re thousands of years, tens of thousand millions, isn’t the future? How is stark?

Kenric: Well, we don’t know what iteration to stark towers.

It is.

John: How would start Carol still be a thing in the end of time? Like,

Kenric: let me put this way. Las Vegas. Yeah. Egypt, Egypt has a ton of. Yeah. And, and our zeal and our Gusto to market [00:14:00] to that effect, the Luxor was built. Now the lecturer is going to get torn down. I’m just saying it could be some rich dude. Did research love Tony stark so much.

He built a replica of, of, of stark tower.

John: I mean, I guess there’s a Parthenon in Nash happens.

Kenric: It ha it literally happens today. Dude,

John: somebody, you, you know, Yeah. The Greek Parthenon in that movie. Yeah. Is it Nashville, Tennessee? Yeah. Somebody got somebody wanted it named with an exact replica. I’ve been to it.

It’s pretty cool. But in downtown Nashville is a park that has the Parthenon

Kenric: in it. Yeah. They say that in that movie, they’re like, this is Nashville. Pretty cool. It is kinda cool. You know what? I kind of missed that. They didn’t do more of those per se. I actually liked those. I loved, I think that the two of them, at least.

They were good. I liked them. I thought there was fun. I watched a movie called be some in the darkness with the Adario. Yeah, the girl in that it’s, it’s, it’s a low budget, horror flick, but it was a lot of fun. She was [00:15:00] awesome in it. Let’s wrap

John: up our Loki talks so we can then do our atonic. Cause we’re going to do a tie.

Everybody needs to hear that later on

Kenric: too. Oh, there you go. Yeah. Look if five. I’m just gonna put it right out there. This was definitely my favorite episode. A lot happened. A lot of fun stuff happened. I laughed. I cried. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t know, but I did, I did laugh a lot and then I just enjoyed the action in it.

I thought they did a really good job and you know, I’m always a sucker for Kaiju. Oh yeah. And that beast was basically a giant Kaiju and, and it was, it was a cool effect. And the only thing I don’t like is this is the third. Superhero movie that has used a cloud kind of thing going on with China. Yeah.

Like with a fantastic forest rises, silver surfer, green lantern. Oh, green lantern, Dr. Strange. And this one, so four, right? Yep. Yeah. And so that’s kind of the old, and I think they do that because it’s [00:16:00] easier on the budget.

John: Oh yeah. It’s so it’s somebody who’s here. So yeah,

Kenric: I think that’s why, what about you?

What was your final.

John: I liked it. I thought it was a great episode. Exit, as I mentioned before, it’s a good penultimate episode. I’m enjoying the show. I’m not enjoying as much as Wanda vision. I thought that was a better show. But I am enjoying it. This is. This is more par for what I would expect for a Marvel show to be like, like just like five window soldier wise.

Whereas when we’re sort of like the buddy cop espionage show, this is like the Marvel magic type show, you know? So it’s, it’s good. I’m I really I’m curious for the next step. I mean, it’s 7:00 PM here. We can watch it in a couple. We can watch it in a couple of hours. So I’ll probably watch it when I get up tomorrow morning, I’m excited to see where it ends.

Kenric: This is what these shows have done. Every show is a parallel of what you get as a comic book reader, especially in Marvel and DC. There is a book for everybody and not every book is for everybody. So not everybody likes one division, not everybody like Falcon, winter, shoulder, not everybody’s going to like [00:17:00] low-key, but there are fans of each one that are strong and that’s what you get.

That’s what I love comics about so much is that they get, they, this is what they want. You know what I mean? There’s something there.

John: That’s the beauty of comics, man.

Kenric: Yeah. All right. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that and maybe you got a little enjoyment. Well, I just said that twice. I’ll just go with it.

Fuck it. I mean, forget it, what we just did and maybe you agreed. Maybe you disagree. If you disagree, let us know in the comments section below or on our website. And we’ve been cutting some of these up now and putting them on Tik TOK and trying to have a little bit more fun.

John: Right. All right guys.

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