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And we are back with another episode of Make Mine Marvel TV! talking about the new Loki show! In this episode we talk about the first two episodes!

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Loki 1 and 2 Video


[00:00:00] Kenric: And start talking though. So it’s like, you know, but Hey, welcome back. It’s been a while since, since we all seen you guys, I mean, it’s been quite a while actually in between Falcon and the winter soldier, and now Loki has begun.

We did not get together for a low-key number one. So we’re going to combine the two episodes today, and this is our reaction. I just knocked my headphones out. So I can’t hear you. But here we go. Look at this boom back, baby bad guys. I finished I’m going, gonna, I’m going to give you my whole little synopsis on this.

There’s there’s two things that are happening with the show for me. One I’ve come to realize I’m sick of fucking time travel. I’m done. Yeah, dude, every single fricking thing has it’s it’s the, it’s the number one reason I stopped watching star Trek because [00:01:00] every time that those guys wrote themselves into an, into an issue, they did some kind of time travel time thing to get themselves out of it.

So I’m kinda, I’m a little over it. You know, she’s

Andrew Sumner: a Kenrick truth bomb that I agree with by the way, 100% more than that lights up

Kenric: too. I fell asleep. Multiple times through both episodes and have to wake back up and rewind it and to keep watching it and then fell asleep and then woke back up, rewind it, it took me two hours to get through episode two.

Now that being said, I like both of them. I don’t like it as much as I loved Wanda and Falcon, but I do like it. And I still can love it near the end because who knows it might get better and better and better. Cause Tom Hiddleston is amazing, but that’s where I’m at today. Casey, where you at?

Casey: So I really enjoyed both of them so far.

I love time travel stuff, so like that doesn’t bother me. So yeah. Yeah, this is my jam, [00:02:00] but

Andrew Sumner: If different means not as good. I agree.

Casey: One thing that I really appreciate it is that the dialogue on the show, we were talking about the snappy banter on a, in the thick of it. But and it kind of the, the banter between Loki and the other guys on the low-key show is really, really, really well done. Especially

Andrew Sumner: Casey mate. Sorry, real quick.

I wish they called it the low-key show such a much low-key it shouldn’t be fucking called the low-key show show is for local studio. That’s it? It’s Friday. It’s 9:00 PM. It’s time for the low-key show. That’s what we’re going to call this from fucking now on the low-key sorry, mate, please carry on. But no,

Casey: no, I really like how they write him.

Especially given everybody else has [00:03:00] contemporary dialogue for the most part. Loki’s on the other hand is very Shakespearian and very emotive. It’s it impresses me anytime, something. Written cool like that. So anyway, that’s all I got so

Andrew Sumner: far. I’m now I’m waiting. I want to hear the John or your third.

John: I’ll start by saying, I agree with Kenrick about time travel. I love Tom stories. I don’t like when time Charles used to get out of the situation. I think that’s cheap writing. I don’t think Loki’s doing that low cause you’re still about time travel. So it’s okay with me. I, what pissed me off most about this show is in season two, when low-key like, actually gets to go do stuff at one in episode one to two and actually get to go like in the time he doesn’t use his magic, like, why wouldn’t he use his magic besides drawing his clothes?

And this is an episode two and grabbing a Roomba in episode two. Why is it the only magic he does? And at all, that doesn’t make any sense of why the, you know, the God of mischief and going out and [00:04:00] just trying to trick them. Wouldn’t do something else, like make it nuclear of himself. That’s outside to make them actually think that they’re the Lokeys out.

I, it seemed that they just miss a step on, like on, on that. And I, I feel like the first episodes, I spent too much time in the timekeepers area, which was not at all that much interesting. I thought they should have been more time doing stuff or are learning stuff about what’s going on, but I did, I did enjoy them.

I just had some hold backs of like, okay, I wish this was maybe a little faster. I wish we’d have more, more things that are going on besides just, you know, oh and Wilson and low-key talking, you know,

Kenric: even though I fell asleep, I felt like they’re, they’re, they’re too short. There needs to be like another 15 minutes.

Yeah. And the one thing that marble is

Andrew Sumner: that because you can get 15 more minutes, quality sleep, right. That’s right.

Kenric: But, and Marvel needs to understand, you don’t have to end. And they did this on, I think every episode of, [00:05:00] of winter soldier and Wanda, you do not have to end every episode on a cliffhanger. It is not needed at times.

It just bugs the shit out of you. It’s like, dude, can you like him going through the time at the end of episode two, whatever the door, right. As they’re running towards him, he leaves you could have shown the next scene of what, where he went and it would have been fine. It’s not like anybody’s going to not show up for episode three, you know, but it’s just like, oh Jesus Christ.

Now I got to wait just to know where he’s. It’s starting to get that kind of cliffhanger. Storytelling is getting really old and it’s it’s because it’s all the time, you know, it’s, it’s one thing when you do it, like in the eighties, storytelling on TV was masterful because you didn’t, you would have like Magnum PI, you would have complete stories through each episode with a king story over the whole season.

Right. And you might get a [00:06:00] cliffhanger at the end of the season when they know they’re going to start up again. The next season that was masterful. When you get a cliffhanger on every episode, it starts to become, what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s just starts to become annoying, you know? And it starts to become like, why can’t you give me a, like that episode, like episode one wa was, was better than episode two, because episode one felt like a complete.

Episode two left me halfway through the chapter and that drives me. It’s half a story.

John: Yeah.

Casey: I agree. What you described earlier, Kendrick. Like if it would have showed where he was going after he went through that door that makes me so much think of like quantum leap. Yeah.

Andrew Sumner: Which is a great show. It’s actually a much better show than low-key the Lakey show by the way, constantly.

It was fucking awesome. Last season. Maybe not so much, but you know, little constantly. It’s a great show.

[00:07:00] Kenric: I’m gonna leave. It was a great show. Scott back, he left and what’s his name? The guy. Got it.

Andrew Sumner: Yeah, fucking Dean.

Kenric: He’s a child

Andrew Sumner: actor. He’s amazing. He’s amazing. In from, from load, from, from fully valid shit.

What’s his name? Yeah, Kent

Kenric: Ziggy.

Andrew Sumner: He’s a child actor and he’s an anchors away with Frank Sinatra and gene Kelly, Dean Stockwell, Dean Stockwell. Is he still thinking he’s still alive? Only thing. Fuck. I hope he is cursed to not be long dead.

Kenric: Cause a lot of those child actors didn’t make it

Andrew Sumner: out of that. No, exactly.

And the thing is he, he’s got quite a ravaged appearance in later life. So if you look at him in an anchors away, he’s angelic. Yeah. And he was in a really famous fancy movie, which I’d recommend everybody watched called the boy with the green hair. Yeah. Okay. He’s he’s fucking amazing. Yeah. And he’s, he’s that kid, he’s the boy with the green hair, but, [00:08:00] but in later life he looked very dissolute and ravaged and he’s still alive.

He’s 85 now. And and, but he lent into that and he’s he’s, he always plays these fucking sleazy characters later on. He’s in a, he’s in a lot of he’s in a lot of David Lynch films and he has this very fucking sleazy and pleasant energy to so completely different than the angelic kid that he was.

Let’s say he’s a big part. Why constantly works Bakalar and him together. Amazing. That show was fucking way ahead of its time. It’s really, really good. Oh yeah, it was good.

Kenric: So what are your thoughts, Mr. Sumner on the the old, the low-key show? The

Andrew Sumner: light constraint. So my my, my take on the lake shout, I’ll try and be as concise as possible is that I want to take a step back to talking about the Falcon, the wind soldier, which we all loved.

Right. And was very, very popular. And a lot of people are, but I did notice in the hinterland between when we last recorded and now there are some people. Who didn’t write that show. [00:09:00] Not the majority of people, but I would say like, let’s say it has an 85% approval rating. The 15% of people that didn’t like, it really don’t like it.

Yeah. It’s not like one division where it’s basically a universal approval and people either love it or they think it’s good to Falcon the wind. So just like 85% of people love it. 15% of people really don’t like it. One of those people you don’t like, it’s like it. Who is a very close friend of mine.

He’ll never watch his show. He’s called Patti Horton. And he used to be the managing director of empire magazine many years. Yeah. Say that again. Like

Kenric: somebody’s hitting their microphone. It’s Casey.

Andrew Sumner: But it’s me. I bet it’s me. Sorry, but I it’s me. I apologize

Kenric: if you’re moving your desk or something,

Andrew Sumner: maybe that’s.

Yeah, I think I’m scared. So I just stated that my leg is banging on the side of my desk. That’s what you’re hearing. So I’m going to stop my leg, bang. It could be master basic camera, but his is his one hand. Here’s the other, why am I not showing you both hands? It could be a bit of business.

[00:10:00] John: This is what you’re writing about.

You got some issues, man, but

Kenric: do you,

Andrew Sumner: so, so this you’ll see what, you’ll see what you’ll see shortly. What’s going on. I guarantee you, it will, will be explained shortly. So. So this friend of mine, Patty Horton, managing director, and I’ve now got a much more senior publishing job. I was talking to him about look fucking them in soldier.

And he loved one division. I, he was like, Aw man, fucking the wind soldier. It wasn’t for me. So fucking worthy. Worthy is not a word I’d applied to it. And it’s so Poe faced. What the fuck are you talking about? You know, that’s nonsense, you know? Aye. Aye, aye. Fuck them. When Sylvia thus far as being my favorite, like Disney plus Marvel show, I mean, I’ll love one division, but I love fucking them.

And so that really got me here. Right? So my experience with said, there are people who really don’t like fuck him and the soldiers. And after deliberating for six weeks, I’ve come to the opinion that all [00:11:00] those people who don’t like Falcon, the wind soldier, fucking wrong, you’re fucking wrong party Horton.

And every other fucking time, he thinks the way that you do fucking dead wrong. And I’m using continent English way, not in a pejorative American super version of the word bitch way. Never do that. I never use any term that demeans females. I hate that stuff, but fucking people. Don’t like people who don’t like fucking the weed soldier, you’ve got it wrong.

You’re just not seeing the truth of it. However it’s. So when, when it comes to the low-key show, right? Filmed in front of a live studio audience. I have thus far, despite the fact that I love Tom Huddleston’s performance as low-key love it. And I love him as a performer and think he’s hugely talented and I’ve seen maybe 95% of the things he’s ever been in right from when he was in in the TV series.

Wallander right. As, as a supporting actor, I’ve seen him on stage in Coriolanus. [00:12:00] He’s fucking awesome. I love that guy. And his performance is located still incredibly proficient. Thus far. I’ve actually found the show really rather boring and underwhelmed. Yeah. And for me, I had weekly excitement about one division and focus on the one soldier, but I too have had the Kendrick Regan experience of trying to stay awake during the low-key show.

And the low-key shoom. They’re the episodes of both 40 minutes long. It’s probably take me three hours to watch them both because I too, I’ve been falling asleep while it was on now. Admittedly, I’m watching it fairly early in the mornings. It goes live to me when I’m normally, you know, obviously watching porn channels or whatever, you know, cause I’m easing myself into my day, but I, I, I I found it to be supremely underwhelming.

And then the other interesting thing about that is. It’s had an amazingly positive response from everyone. And so it’s [00:13:00] had incredible numbers. It’s the most successful app. The three shows so far, which is to be expected because I think people are tuning in and going, holy fuck. These shows are really good.

And to come back and watch them again. So that’s good. And everybody loves Tom Hiddleston, his performance, which is highly proficient and, and but, but people love it both from a numbers perspective, but from a critical perspective, if you look at everybody’s written about the show and you look at its numbers and rotten tomatoes, all that kind of stuff, it’s like, people fucking love it.

I mean, they absolutely love it. And this is one of those moments where I’m thinking people, the generic people across the globe, they might be wrong. I might be the Patrick. I might be the Patrick Horton. Now I’m swimming upstream. Cause I’m like, well, you know, it’s not bad. But it’s underwhelming for me now, maybe I’ve just got used to the tricks of the Marvel universe, or I’m really hoping not because if that’s the case, then I think I’ll start enjoying things a lot less.

You know what I mean? [00:14:00] But here’s the business I was going to go on about and see if I can make this work. This is why I kept on banging into my microphone. My mic drop moment is my microphone. I might, yeah, there we go. Mic drop moment. There we go. Can I have a round of applause for that? Cause I was rehearsing that before we start Jeremy.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Drop moments is that I interviewed Emilia Clarke two days ago, right? And for those of you don’t know, I know you guys know, and probably everybody knows probably more than I do, but it started game of Thrones and all that kind of stuff. Hugely engaging extremely personal expense.

She’s great. Cause she’s just created her own comic book mom, right? Mother of madness, which is amazing. And it’s coming out from image. This month, first issue. And I can’t recommend it highly enough. And I interviewed her for forbidden planet TV on YouTube. That interview goes live this week. If anybody wants to check it out.

But the point of this is really that one of the things we chatted about was [00:15:00] she’s going to be in secret invasion. Right? She’s so she’s been cast in secret invasion with Sam Jackson, although she couldn’t talk about it and she didn’t name the show, but, you know, I knew what it was she was talking about, but she was saying about, oh my God, have you seen low-key she fucking loved low-key she loved it.

Yeah. And of course I didn’t. I was completely dishonest. I didn’t go, no, actually I find it hugely underwhelming. Brilliant, Tom Hiddleston is the man. You know what I mean? I think the lie per se, I just omitted the things that I thought that, you know, were negative. You know what I mean? And his performance is brilliant, but she fucking loved it, but she is emblematic and she’s very clever person, you know?

Yeah. She’s a beautiful, you know, charismatic actor, but she’s actually super brainy, you know, very, very good to talk to intelligent person. Right. That’s self-deprecating, as you know, if you’ve ever seen any of her interviews, she was just crying, but she fucking loved the low-key show. So that’s left me thinking, am I wrong about this?

[00:16:00] Is it I’ve just got Marvel fatigue.

John: I mean, I think all four of us kind of said the same thing here.

Kenric: Yeah, no, Casey loved it.

Casey: Yeah. Yeah. The loan, you know, the loan standout three that matter

Kenric: here. I think I could still love the show eventually, as it goes, as it

John: progressed, I hate it. I mean, I enjoyed it.

I just, I just wanted, I expected more out of it with a bit of low-key. I expected more mischief, more. It feels kind of, even though it’s a time-travel show, it feels very linear. It feels very static. There’s no, like, like of course at the lady low-key at the end of season, episode two. Right? Of course though, located by the way as lady low-key like, of course that’s what I mean.

And there’s no surprises yet. And nothing’s there’s no, the magic is still underwhelming. I expect with Logan, there’d be way more magic, way more things happening. And it just there’s been no there’s even th th their twists haven’t been twists they’re there. It hasn’t been enough in it to be like, oh yeah, this is a great location.

We can, Tom Middleton is fantastic. Oh, it wasn’t as wonderful playing [00:17:00] Owen Wilson. And you know, I just wish there was more leaning into the fact that they they’re using the God of mischief. So let’s make him the God of mischief, not, you know, Tom Hilton in a

Kenric: suit. Yeah.

Andrew Sumner: Could, could, could I mention the one thing that I think is extremely well done which is deep comics law right there that I was really, really impressed with.

And that’s that, and this is what, this is what I truly do love about the show. Hey, I do love Tom Hiddleston performance. I’ve got the, you know, an inexhaustible ability to watch him playing Loki. Cause I don’t get bored of it. Don’t get bored of it. And you know, his turbo, what Christmas, and by the way, a lot of female comic book fans of my, of my acquaintance of varying engages from, shall we say, 16 to 50.

Fucking loved that scene, where he finds himself like topless without his clothes on. And I saw so many of them go, man, I really loved the script on this new Lakey show and then posting a picture of Tom [00:18:00] Middleston naked, the waste undergo. Yeah. That script is so interesting. I’m definitely going to watch every episode, blah, blah, blah.

And it was all female fans. And so by the way, if you’re watching this Mercedes Escobedo, Cassie Massey, so I’m looking at you specifically take your shirt off. They had the head buyer for box lunch, the box stores, and a lady was ahead by default, typically works for Matt engine. Now they were having an extensive dialogue about how well-written the same was with topless, like, low-key so, but what I genuinely do love about this show is a they’ve cast.

Oh, and Wilson playing Mobius B own Wilson’s remit and playing Mobius was play Owen Wilson. See, I love the idea of those conversations where they’ve gone round in circles at Marvel HQ game. What we really need is somebody to do oh, and Wilson. Don’t you think? Alan Wilson, we fantastic. Who could we get to play [00:19:00] her and Wilson and somebody gone.

Why don’t we just call her and Wilson, call them up in his gun. I can’t do his voice, but it’s very unique. Most game. Yeah, sure. I’ll do it. You know, with his pursed lips and his way of notes, you know, but D the fi I’m sorry. Kenrick go. Just going to

Kenric: say, you know what I love about the agent? I had to look them up because I didn’t, I wasn’t.

Oh, wait a minute, mate.

Andrew Sumner: I’m going to say this just in case

Kenric: I’ve been waiting on

Andrew Sumner: you. You’re going to say what my foot, you you’ve you’ve jumped into the overarching cliche of what I thought was brilliant without looking it up. Just based on my own personal knowledge. I knew the moments I saw what you’re about to say.

So I just want to say, I’m going to let carrot go with this. But what Kendrick’s about to say is this is exactly my point. This is what’s brilliant about it.

Kenric: Maybe not though. It might be something different because the way you just described that too much pressure, too much

Andrew Sumner: pressure.

[00:20:00] What

Kenric: I loved is when I looked him up. The cool thing about agent mobi Mobius is that he is. They draw him to look like mark and Tom DeFalco, and now they change them up all the time to look like Marvel. Right. Yeah, no, he has looked and his look has changed to be Marvel writers his whole time in the Marvel universe, which is hilarious.

And I don’t know of any other character that they

Andrew Sumner: do. This one. Here’s the thing Mobius really. Mark Grunewald. Cause it’s the, the eighties mustache. Yeah. But, but, but, but, so, so it’s brilliant because my grandma died young. Right. And was the, the, the writer of captain America for a decade. Yeah. And I have to say, and he’s much love within the business.

If you ever speak to any Marvel, if you speak to Fabian to Caz, you speaks carpets, speak to Tom DeFalco. They [00:21:00] fucking all love Margaret. Not good. More must have been a beautiful human being. Cause everybody loves him. Right. You know what I mean? He’s the comic book equivalent of any, one of the four of us, just somebody who’s universally loved, who walks through the world, you know, getting by approbation and round of applause.

You know, everybody loves Grunewald. Right. But what they’ve done, that’s brilliant is they they’ve jammed together. The first two iterations of Mobius, they’ve kind of made him look like mark Grunewald and Tom DeFalco at the same time. So the mustache is Grunewald and the hair is Tom. Yeah. And it’s it’s it’s absolutely.

That was the thing. The minute I saw it, I was like that. That is brilliant. That is an absolute deep Marvel cut. I would still prefer mark Grunewald, who contributed so much to the Falcon of the winter soldier for his estate to be getting paid by Marvel productions and to have Mobius look like, you know, any one of us, right.

But in a world where they’re not going to fucking pay these guys what they’re worth [00:22:00] or what they’re owed, actually didn’t tributes them like this because you bet life. It’s not down to the people, making the shows that these guys aren’t being enumerated, Stan to the face, the suit, AKA corporate bastards at Disney.

Right. So the fact that they’re doing everything they can to recognize this and to put these Easter eggs in, I think is brilliant and Kenrick, the fact that you went to and look that up and thought, why, why is he got this look, you know, anybody who goes down that rabbit hole, that’s going to find out this piece of information.

And I think that’s a beautiful thing. It’s

Kenric: interesting. It’s super interesting. And I got to say though, oh, and be an Owen is awesome. Yeah. Him and Tom played great block of each other that I don’t Owen Wilson is so good at his craft and B you know, you could say, well, he just plays own Wilson. Yeah. But he’s that guy that you want to be friends with.

You know what I mean? You want to be friends with Owen Wilson and, and that’s what was so [00:23:00] sad when you heard about him a couple years ago, and you had the, the deep depression and you went through quite a few things and seeing them bounce back and being in this and seeing them out and about is. It’s good.

It’s good.

Casey: One, one actor that I was also impressed with on the show was one me Masako and I’m terrible at names I may have just destroyed it. She was also in Lovecraft country. She played Ruby bad teased. She is the like one of the agents. Yeah. Yeah,

Kenric: yeah,

Casey: yeah. She was the, one of the agents for the TVA, which every time I see that on the show, I think Tennessee valley authority, because that was one of the the big new deal programs that was set up.

And it basically controlled all the water, hydroelectric, dams and power all throughout the Southeast. And there’s all kinds of TBA signs and shit. Even though it’s not really active where I’m at anymore. Cause I split it up [00:24:00] anyway. I see. I think Tennessee valley authority, every time I see. Yeah. Yeah.


Kenric: hilarious. You know what the other thing is in the first episode, which was classic was low-key of course being low-key and was able to get the shock collar thing and put it on her and then something. And then she goes good slapstick. That was great. Slapstick her attitude towards him. You think she’d be more cautious about him than she is.

She still plays like, I’m the authority. I’m going to kick the shit out of you no matter. And I’m going to downgrade you anytime. I want, at some point, I get that. You want to try to re-establish yourself, but he already proven to be able to better her in an extreme situation. And she still has this weird attitude.

I, I, I, I want to see character growth, not, not the same thing, right? Talking about like the writing, the writing. I

Casey: think it’s because [00:25:00] they exist outside of time and space. They, they have like a very godlike. Kind of complex. Even when dealing with, with gods themselves, they they’re like, fuck you, you don’t even know what exists outside of your own sphere.

Andrew Sumner: Yeah. And when you deal with Trudy powerful people in the real world, Like say that Rupert Murdoch’s that Jeff Bezos’s those kinds of people. And they have a setback and they get embarrassed. The thing that unites them all is they don’t give a fuck. It doesn’t stop them. They don’t get becoming incredibly.

Self-reflective going, oh shit. I got my ass handed to me. I look like an idiot. They don’t stop for a second. They just keep on moving forward, such as the lack of empathy and their belief in their own power. And once you translate that to these people who work for the TVA, it’s the same fucking thing. You know, it’s like they’ve had a millennia, you know, an infinite amount of non time believing in their ability to do.

And I mean, just because I have a setback, it’s not going to empower them. I think that’s where [00:26:00] it comes from because they’re not human beings, you know, in any real sense.

Kenric: Nailed it Sumner without even, I think you just nailed it. I think at the end of this, this season, it’s going to be, low-key kind of bringing them back to.

To earth, so to speak on their ego and their power trip and understanding the thing, because what they’re doing, he kind of talks about that. So there’s no free will, everything’s predetermined, you know, and Owen and agent Moebius. You could tell he was very uncomfortable with that line of thinking in that line of conversation, because that’s the thing that goes through when I’m watching the show.

That’s the thing that goes through my head is okay. Cause one of things I don’t believe in any of that kind of you’re destined for this bullshit, you know what I mean? Sometimes that bugs the shit on me when I’m watching a show and it has this you’re destined for this, you’re predetermined for this because you know, and that’s, what’s probably anything at that

Andrew Sumner: point.

Yeah. Yeah. I, I agree with you. I’m not a believer in destiny. I believe [00:27:00] many things. Dan is one of the concepts of preordained. Destiny is fucking bollix the words like that.

Kenric: Cause this is what I tell people I’m not religious. Right. And I, but I believe that it helps a lot of people on having faith and having something to believe in that makes them feel better.

I’m fine with that, you know, you know, but I always tell people that, like that, that, that want to argue with people that have faith. You know what I mean? They just want to argue, well, if God’s real, why does he let all this murder? And all this may have happened? And my response to that is always is, look, if you believe in God, then the one gift he gave to, to the, the human beings is free.

Will it’s he’s he can’t, they cannot intervene because then they take that free gift that will free gift, that gift of free will away. So that’s why you get these, these tragedies. That’s why things happen the way they happen. And if you’re writing or if you’re believe in this stuff, that’s predestiny and all this [00:28:00] bullshit.

What’s the point of it. Because your life doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t even try. I just stay in bed all day. Cause fuck. What’s

John: the point? Well that the line, the shell about when low-key mentions the Avengers going back in time and he says to stop him, but really they were trying to stop Venos and oh, that was meant to be, and it’s like, well, hold on, like you talk all this time stuff.

So if it was meant to have to go back in time, then why the timing mean timeline? Even let, let it happen in the first place, if it was meant to be rewritten and your whole thing about the forks off, like how are they going to explain Kimora or captain America going back in time, over and over again, like there’s a lot of holes from end game that need to be answered about the whole.

Andrew Sumner: I think w I think the thing is the reason I’m personally, so bored of time travel within that fiction is it’s an endlessly movable, movable feast of like the rules and the logic behind it can constantly be rewritten and challenged. So that means that basically, it just leads to a lot of the lazy [00:29:00] writing in mizing, even from great rights as you write about it, because everybody.

The concept of time travel is so malleable. Cause not a real thing. That’s rooted in the real physical universe, like faster than light travel, by the way, which is another pet hate of mine. And it’s just like, well, I don’t mind to start check if it’s just assumed that we, yeah. Okay. What speed is faster?

Once they spend time in the writer’s room trying to explain it, it’s like, fuck off, you know, that’s nonsense, you know, it doesn’t actually hold it. You know, it’s like, this is what I’ve got a problem with interstellar, you know? So in many ways it’s a great film, but it falls apart with a central MacGuffin about, in a discovering how to make fast and live travel work, which, Hey Presto, they don’t in fact bothering explaining how that works.

Why is that? Because it doesn’t work cause it’s actually not fucking possible. Like time travel. It’ll never happen. Like zombies. They will never happen. You know? And, and the thing is people in modern society are so sick. Contemporary and entertainment spend hours jerking themselves off about [00:30:00] the rules of time travel, the rules of faster than light travel.

The rooms of the rules of zombie existence, the rules of superpowers. I’m telling you right now, these four things are never going to fucking happen. So there’s no point in ever trying to explain them. You know, if people start to be mutated by things that happened in contemporary society, what will happen is they’ll wake up one day with two decks or fucking boils on their neck that you won’t be able to fly or C3 fucking buildings, or, you know, have adamantium claws, a pair, you know, that’s never going to happen to anyone ever, you know, so, so we need to orient it and it kind of leads to, I think, a lot of lazy storytelling just prior to the.

So prior to science fiction, fantasy and superhero culture really embedding itself, everybody tried to explain their narrative within the context of the modern current world. Right. And actually led writers to be in. But to my mind, far more interesting and inventive [00:31:00] because once you start a book, yeah.

Well, here are the basic ones, the timetable. The one thing about time travel within the Marvel universe that has really rung true for me is when Scott Lang goes, you know, in Avengers end game, hang on. So back to the future, it’s just a bunch of bullshit. Yes, exactly. It’s all fucking bollix and they what’s great about an game is they recognize the fact that all they’re doing is giving the one version of how time travel works and the kind of.

Winking at the audience that this works for this Phil, we’re not saying, get you in the next song. Someone else is going to change it. And the precarious thing, I think about wrapping a whole series around time travel, and the TVA is setting up these kinds of consistent rules of right from now on time, travel works like this in the Marvel universe.

It’s not going to, because a future creates a team we’re going to turn around and go it’s in our interest to deconstruct that, which is what they’ve been doing in comics for two years. So we’re going to do it. So, and that’s why actually getting bound up about. [00:32:00] Continuity, which I love to a degree, an overarching narrative within both the Marvel comics universe and the Marvel cinematic universe is a fucking waste of everybody’s time.

I don’t mean it’s going to change constantly. I don’t even

Kenric: care about continuity

Andrew Sumner: anymore. I know exactly. You’ve got to care Kenrick. You’re right. You’ve got to care about good stories. That’s it? That’s

Kenric: it. And honestly, the the gender bending that they’ve been doing a lot lately, I don’t even care about that anymore.

At first I went through different stages once I was like, oh, that’s kinda cool. You know, they’re doing something that things. And then it was a it’s kind of annoying. Cause there was no need to really change it. Now it’s like, oh my God, another one. I don’t know

Casey: when we interviewed Tom payor. He brought up the F

Andrew Sumner: I brought up Casey, you interviewed Tom pear.

Yeah, he’s super cool. I love for a split of the country. So yeah, people watching this go and check out cases, interview Tom pear. Right now, pause this. I’m watching some parents who don’t come back.

[00:33:00] All right. So I’ll do my bit for the spoiler country. Massive. Come on. I appreciate you appreciate it. So,

Casey: so interview, I brought up the how they’re gender-bending characters in comics and stuff like that. And he said, people bitch about this stuff all the time. Yeah. He’s like, but would they buy a new character?

Like if we didn’t do stuff with that, you know, make a different character make a character, a different gender or race or whatever. Would people.

Stick their necks out and invest their time in reading you know, this new character that let people come up with and he had some really good points. I don’t agree with that.

Kenric: You don’t agree? No, because you wouldn’t have Sandman. You wouldn’t have so many characters. If that was the attitude, anything that came out in the nineties,

Andrew Sumner: almost 30.

Oh, you’ve got to remember. Some man is in fact, but just an [00:34:00] adaptation of some that already exists. It’s not something new. It’s. Hold on,

John: hold on, hold on,

Kenric: hold on. What I’m saying? Is this okay? Okay. Don’t take it 30 years ago. Take it from 2010 on if you didn’t have that. If that was the attitude of every writer that went in or DC or Marvel or image, then how are you going to get any new character?

Oh, well, no, one’s going to buy a new character. I don’t want to invest in a new character. Fuck it. I’ll just, I’ll just take this character, make them black and Chinese and, and, and Cherokee. And then, oh, we’ll make him a transgender and then we’ll do this. And Hey, boom, we got a new character with the same power set, the same name and the same background that just happened to be a little bit different.

Who fucking cares. You can do that. All you want. You can have what if comics, you can, you can gender bend all you want. You can race, change all you want. I don’t really care because it’s a fucking comic book at the end of the day, but God, for God fucking sakes, don’t make it. The reason that you don’t make new characters.

I want new fucking stories, new fucking characters. That’s why I read comic books from time to time [00:35:00] not to, because I want to read the 10,000 fucking Wolverine comic that I’ve already read. I want something new. And then to not take a chance. Then what’s the point of any new artist or any new writer getting into it to try to do, do something different.

So you missing

John: a couple of things here. Can I agree with you a hundred percent? However you got to remember, if you create something for Marvel and DC, you don’t fucking own it, right? So why do you want to

Kenric: praise him for a company? It was back in the seventies.

John: You didn’t own shit back then either just not people want to own it because they know they can get money out because all of, all of their retirement

Casey: they were seeing.

John: So all the new indie stuff, not in the Marvel and DC, right? It’s any publisher that can make deals saying, I own this character. Like, let me shit, Marvel and DC. They know if they make a new Superman or they make, or Dean Martin makes a new Wolverine or they make a new Spiderman, it’s black, Latino, they’re going to sell it.

People will buy it just because it’s Spider-Man character to that. So that, that is a guaranteed sale. They made [00:36:00] Marvel made a character called silk. So cause a new Asian female spider character, it took a while for her to catch on. They made a spider Gwen. So they make variations of this placards, which Marvel’s been doing for years and new characters.

Keep your

Casey: eyes peeled for my interview with Maureen GU writer of silk. And she has a new mini coming out. It’s like a five issue mini-series and it’s getting really, really good reviews.

Kenric: I understand that they’re going to do that with characters. And that makes perfect sense. I mean, if I’m Marvel, I’m doing that too.

Why would you not do that? You know? Right. But my point is, is not them doing that. It’s the fact that if they’re only doing it because they don’t want to take a chance on a new

John: character, it’s not though

Kenric: that’s exactly what it is. Well,

John: w w I mean, regardless what he said,

Kenric: if that’s his argument for it, I don’t think that holds water.


Casey: all, he had a lot more cogent arguments around that [00:37:00] as well. That was one thing that I took away.

Kenric: Yeah. You’re a hundred percent right, John, I don’t don’t, I’m not this isn’t an argument. This is, this is what he said. This is what Casey said. He said. And I think that if that’s his reason to not create a new character, that doesn’t hold water, you still do what you’re doing, because it, it makes you, like you said, why would they not?

They make money off of it.

John: Yeah. And a lot of, a lot of writers and creators who were working with Marvin to see, they don’t want to create new characters because they don’t own them. So why would they want to put money in creating something they’re going to own? They’re going to get nothing out of, and they make the movie and the movie makes a billion dollars.

They’re going to get nothing, no cuts out of it. I mean, look at something. Cause there’s, it’s in the contract now, but like, it’s like, you know, it’s so, so minute it’s like, what’s the point.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, it depends on who you are though, too. Right? Cause like I got a feeling Scott Snyder gets a lot more than a normal.

You have a why? Why,

John: why, why does it carry the same thing? Why isn’t it? If you create a character for a company you [00:38:00] perpetually own the third of it, like if DC or Marvel takes it on and makes $10 billion off a movie franchise, you, as the creator are actually getting something out of it. Like that’s the part that, that, that right there is the dirty stepchild of the comic world

Kenric: that I fucking hate.

Yeah. Due to the amount of money Marvel’s made off their movies. And if they gave their writers 0.05%, they’d be set for life. Oh yeah. Yeah. You know what I mean? They don’t even have to do a third. They, it could be like a minute amount then off the, off the back end and they’d be.

Casey: And they’re pulling so many stories from, from writers who are getting into retirement age.

Now that would probably actually

Kenric: very much.

John: So I got something fun for your Canary to try and change the tone of this real quick. Yeah. Now we’re all talking about how this in case is going to love this. Oh, sometimes I wish somebody has headphones back in,

Kenric: dude. You’re

John: waiting for someone or wait

Kenric: and wait and waiting

Casey: there. He [00:39:00] is just that rack behind you. Is that a comic rack that you haven’t filled yet? That’s what I here. Yeah.

John: It’s a congregate. I’m gonna put, I’m gonna put it on the wall right here and put stuff in, but somewhere, I wonder if you’d come back for this. So you’ll love this. So the three of us decides Casey, think that Loki is not necessarily a bad show, but it’s not as good as it could be.

It’s lacking, right. In case he thinks it’s good. Correct. Casey, do you know who agrees with you? Who, who would, who would that be? Robert Shapiro, Robert Sullivan, Steven bridging the gate. Dems loves them.

Casey: We’re going to say Ben Shapiro

Andrew Sumner: says it all. And also I think a lot of people who aren’t day-to-day MCU fans and oh, Comic book fans like the show as well.

So I think it’s brought in a lot of people. I mean, I remember years ago when I went to see a Batman forever, which is of the two Schumacher films is easily my favorite cause Batman and Robin’s fucking watchable. And there were things in Batman forever that I liked. I particularly like [00:40:00] Val Kilmer’s whole performance.

Right. But one of the things I absolutely hated from the moment that I saw it until today, Jim Carey’s performance, which I think is it was at the peak of his stardom and overbalance is the whole film. Right. And it’s edited to just gently fucking one came off throughout the whole thing. And he’s obviously given too much stuff, but it was a massive success.

But at the time, people who weren’t comic book fans, once you Batman forever, which was quite well reviewed by the way, it came up and going and amazing performance by Jim. You know, and I used to run into non comic book people. Some are so Batman forever. I mean, fucking Jim Carrey was so good enough, Phil and I used to be in the middle of conversation.

Jim Carrey was fucking terrible in that film, you know, and I’ve thought that, and I, by the way, Jim Carrey is somebody I think can be amazing. The problem with him is he has such incendiary talent that if people just let him over balance, he’s, he’s not any good watching. The Truman show is [00:41:00] brilliant. You know, he’s getting, he’s really good with drama too.

He’s great, John. I think he’s better with drama than he is a comedy, because while he’s amazingly gifted comedian, you know, it’s like when I, then he’s got that kind of talent, that few other people have had Robin Williams had it as well. But you know, when you just let them riff and go off and off and off and you don’t edit them, you know, you, what you’re watching is incredible ability, but Sean have any kind of connection to dramatic construction or, you know, the project itself suffers in the service of the virtuosity.

Does that make sense? Yeah, but this is exactly that. I think what we’ve got, we’d like. Tom Hiddleston, his performance is like he is so good is so accomplished. And he has such incredible charisma. I mean, he’s one of the most charismatic people in the entire MCU, 12 years, 12, 13 years, the MTU. And you know, of course Downey is turbo charismatic.

And as we’ve all talked about at great length, I fucking love Chris [00:42:00] Evans performance. I love Chris EMSS performance, but Tommy Hilton’s thing was like, he came out of nowhere and own that part in defined it to the point that. He is low key to the entire world into every comic book funnel ever live. Now, you know, th there, there are still people go, well, I love Chris Evans performances, Steve Rogers, but I particularly liked Steve Rogers the way he was written in these issues.

Right, right. But what I think what I think had Austin did, was he came out of nowhere, basically being a British character actor. And he defined Lakey to the point that nobody can think of Loki in any other way than the way he plays it. And to me, that’s how much he owns it. And so people want to watch him play in that part.

So regular people aren’t into, you know, 40, 50 years of Mar 60 years of mobile history, they see that Shanda, like it’s more of what they really love. So everybody’s just like, I think it bet if you look at the demographics, it’s not just everybody who’s ever watched an MCU movie. It’s fucking anyone. I know people who’ve [00:43:00] gotten their interest in movies, but they’ve watched low-key and enjoyed it.

Do you know what I mean?

Kenric: You’re right. I mean, I mean, Tom Hilson performance, so good people were generally okay. When he dies in India. Oh yeah. They were like generally pissed off. Like how can you kill him off?

John: Yeah,

Kenric: this is crazy. This whole thing has been nuts. I don’t, I, I don’t want to say I, I don’t know, man.

I, I liked the uh, the, I, I like the low-key show and that’s, what’s going to be from now on is the

Andrew Sumner: location. Okay. I think it’s definitely it’s time to meet, eat low key. It’s time to address it. It’s time to raise the curtain on the low key show tonight. BOM, BOM, BOM, BOM. It’s time to put on.

Kenric: Oh

Andrew Sumner: yeah. Orcs in space. Yeah, exactly. As guardians in space. Oh

Kenric: God. Casey, knowing that how much you did enjoy it, what can they [00:44:00] do better for episode three? Or what are you hoping to see that is done in episode three? Let’s put it.

Casey: So w so far I’ve been fairly satisfied with it.  Is in opposition to you guys.

I’m really happy with the time travel aspect. I like that they are kind of showing the different aspects of Loki and getting more into like, letting him really just kind of roll around in that character and feel it out all the way. A good portion of this show is almost devoted to rehabilitating that character.

So they can use him elsewhere. And I wouldn’t be shocked if some of this kind of spins off into the rumor young Avengers series or that

Andrew Sumner: mate, you fucking love the younger Avengers. I’ve noticed that it’s a great color motif in you. You just keep on like dragging it into the conversation from swear.

Oh, what’s that over there? It’s [00:45:00] your

Casey: phone. And there was like a kid low-key in the young Avengers comic. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they go about making that happen in a roundabout way

Kenric: in their own, in the same nursery. Yeah in America, not the baby.

Andrew Sumner: Oh yeah. Like the Scotty young comics, you know what I mean?

You’d look like that. You know? I mean the whole thing, that’s the point where I stopped, stopped buying like fucking Marvel comics. I’m just scared I’m done with it at that point. If there’s actually going to be a baby Avengers show, I really don’t want that to happen, please. Don’t I know Kevin fade is a big fan of this podcast.

Please don’t listen to us about this. Don’t do it.

Kenric: He’s our number one fan. He you know, if you guys go back, what was tweeting? I don’t know anybody. I can’t remember which episode, but one of the episodes, Kevin Figgy actually calls in.

[00:46:00] Andrew Sumner: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You should watch all of them. Cause I can’t remember either, but you’ll definitely, it’s an interest.

Kenric: It does happen. It happens. It’s either on or it’s on winter soldier.

Andrew Sumner: No, I can’t remember the failure episodes. Great though. Anyway, check them all out. You’ll find it. If you’re listening to small. Sorry, Casey, we didn’t know. You got fucking interrupted again. The lightsaber pan, even though you were doing the Casey Allen Nunez, kind of like he doesn’t, he’s like Casey’s even got himself a pen that close now to make it that much more.

Yeah, I think it’s that?

Casey: I think it’s, it’s my, my ring light kind of reflecting off of it because it’s a very

Andrew Sumner: oh yeah. Okay. Because from when you take it back, I’ll tell you what it looks like. It looks like a prop from Krypton in inside

[00:47:00] Casey: but no, I see, I see them kind of going towards a young of interesting, but also I’m this is going to 

Andrew Sumner: again,

Casey: but Opening up the multi-verse and allowing for other characters to come in. And I think this is also going to have a bit to do with the multi-verse of madness film for sure. Oh, for sure.

Yeah. So, it seems like they’re all kind of similar.

Andrew Sumner: Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, it has

Kenric: to Casey where we’re, where to go. The end episode to low-key walks through the door. Agent Mobius is running towards him, calling out for him, Dick in hand. Don’t go, don’t go. I’m in a run. And then Andy and low-key just walks through the door to the door closes.

Where, what is the first scene? We’re seeing an episode three.

Casey: Loki is in a a Momo, like a pregnancy gown and he looks up at the camera and says, okay, Oh,

Kenric: I thought

Andrew Sumner: he did to quantum leap.

[00:48:00] Casey: Oh boy. I have no idea. And that’s what that’s what makes me happy about the show?

Kenric: So, Johnny, what do you think?

John: All right, so first I want to talk about some theories. I heard what you guys think before I get my final thoughts. Yeah. So they talk, they mentioned a couple of times how time moves differently

Kenric: in the TVA, in that younger mentors show up.

John: And they’re going to just show up and save the day. Yeah.

Casey: No sea valley authority.

So of course, what was different way,

John: deep stuff. One of the theories is that the TV is actually in the quantum realm and that’s why time moves differently there because it’s in the quantum realm, which is going to play a big, big key into next day, which is contained.

Kenric: Real

Casey: quick. Did you guys like, did your jaws not drop when it showed the, like the outside, like the in episode one?

Oh my God. That was fantastic. Anyway, I love that. And it made me think of like Kirby and

Andrew Sumner: Julie did not drop. And that moment I liked his truck. You know what I mean? I, you know, [00:49:00] I don’t, yeah, it wasn’t a jaw-dropping moment. It’s very good.

Kenric: Say that again, mate? I said someone has got a jar of steel, so don’t take

Andrew Sumner: offense.

Oh mate. Now I’m wait. I’m trying to think. When was the last year job? That’s up? There’s a whole, whole episode to spoil the verse to two. What? Jaw-dropping moments? I think

Kenric: Hiddleston shirt off

Andrew Sumner: moment. You’re right. That was the trouser dropping moment.

John: Ready to go? Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. Sorry to interrupt you, John.

John: So that it’s, you know, it’s, it’s in the quantum realm possibly or that’s, you know, it’s going to play into ant man too. And there’s also a theory that one of the timekeepers is king because he’s suspected to be the bad guy in  going to get there. And then there’s also a huge theory about her, that lady, Loki’s not lady low-key, it’s actually Enchantress.

Kenric: So that could make sense. All that being

John: said. I think the next scene is going to [00:50:00] the next, the beginning of the next episode, when we see where Loki goes, Why is that? No, she hasn’t been in now. Holy shit. That could, that, that would make sense. Yeah. So it’s and I think we have a lot of Sans, so th th if it’s actually lady low-key, I think they’re going to, they’re going to show up and ask yard right before, before Ragnar rock.

If it’s not lady located, it’s, isn’t cancerous. They’re going to show up somewhere else. I don’t know where, but I think, I think that’s going to be a tell, right? Is it wherever they show up is going to tell it is going to try and lead us in the path of who we think she actually is, because I actually, I don’t think she’s like, I don’t think it’s actually a lady locally.

I think it isn’t chanters. Cause that would be what you would expect from Marvel is to twist that like that.

Kenric: Can I say one thing. The one aspect I really did love was low-key figuring out where the variant is hiding and against apocalypse times when everything’s dying. So there’s no chance of the timeline thing.

I thought that was

John: brilliant. That was brilliant. That was good. And then one, a Pompei that I love the pump pacing

[00:51:00] Kenric: 18 was great. It’s like nothing matters.

Casey: You said in, in chanterelles and that, that actually has some some relevance in the comics during the Thor disassembled story. After after heroes reborn there there’s like the lady Thor and an Enchantress kind of tie in.

So yeah, I think you’re onto something. Okay.

Kenric: Was that was such a great series.

John: We’re going to see in the next door movie. So it all ties together with a man three thoughtful, more Thor’s and. Wait, what was the madness

Kenric: thing? I love rock Johnny is like what? He gets a title in his head or anything like Fran forced Derek or it’s like,

Andrew Sumner: it’s like a dog, honestly. I think I will. For four more thoughts might be the greatest thing to ever come out of and

Casey: Ragnar rock Thor. What’s his name with scuttlebutt. [00:52:00] That guy.

What guy? The horse guy. The horse dude. And then you get frog four. Yeah. Four Thor. Yeah. That’s what, that’s, what the people want.

Kenric: Marvel. We need we got to start all the time.

John: Psych we did the title three came out. I was like,

Andrew Sumner: it’s absolute genius. It’s absolute genius. Here’s where I think they’re going.

When they go through that. I think they’re going through to earn 6, 9, 6, which is the wedding Crashers universe on the, get a ride in the middle of the funeral scene, you know, with Owen Wilson with will Ferrell. Yeah. And they’re going to basically end up having an interaction with will Ferrell and Owen Wilson from the wedding crashes, telling welfare not to be such a debt, but they ain’t going to come back into the Marvel universe will Ferrell is going to come with them and it’s going to turn out that he’s going to be the new Dr.

Doom. That’s where I think this is all good. And [00:53:00] if that doesn’t happen, I’ll settle for wherever it goes. Being more interesting than the two episodes I’ve seen so far, so far so far. I think the issue with this show is that, you know, those moments join one division and with Falcon, when soldiers have gone, holy fuck.

I don’t believe they’ve done that. That’s amazing. Yeah. We haven’t got to that point yet. And there’s certainly the lady Loki, everybody’s going bananas. Like you reveal. I was just like, okay, you know, I’m going to parlay her into being some, somebody else. That’s cool, but I’m waiting for the jaw-dropping moment, you know?

And the Joffrey moment for me, wasn’t actually the, the TVA planet, which looked very cool. But the things that make my GA, when I think about it, I like narrative twists that I do not see coming. And so far I’ve seen every beat of the show coming at and not, not in an omniscient, kind of I’m Kevin  Dunaway, but I just, haven’t had a moment where I’ve gone.

Okay. [00:54:00] Now it’s time to drop my trousers. Get my right hand and start masturbating fiercely, because that was amazing. I haven’t hit the masturbation appointment. Anything can this show you? I hit masturbation point much earlier on one division and on Falcon, the winds, obviously one of them, I mean, by this point, you know, I was 12 cum shots in, on both of those shows, you know, I’m two episodes into low-key and I’m still limp.

Maybe it’s cause I’m getting old, but I

John: think it’s.

Andrew Sumner: From the way. Oh, well, oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. That was a semi for me, but a major, major masturbation trigger for most of my female friends.

John: Right. Well, so to go back to the lady, Thor, mentor lady low-key thing, it’s like, if they’re probably mean they might not follow the comics at all, but if they are following the comics at all, it’s also a huge topic in the comics lady.

Loki is just a mind controlled lady there, right? Yeah. And it’s not that movie at all. It’s someone totally different. There might be a huge talent. This is actually a chance for [00:55:00] us. Oh no, I

Andrew Sumner: think Casey’s on summit. Yeah. I love that. I love that. That’s given me renewed hope. This is like a new hope for me for locate.

It’s kind of like show me a pathway through to me. Maybe enjoy it. And I’m going, wait a minute, Casey. Yeah.

Casey: Also one thing that kind of irritates me is in episode one, they showed the, the stained glass window. And that’s supposed to be the person that, that kind of tore up the monastery or whatever. They’re talking to the little kid, I think they were in Italy.

Did that not look like  it did.

Andrew Sumner: Yeah. That’s exactly what I thought. That’s exactly what I thought. Yeah. How are they going to surely that’s got to have some relevance. Surely. I mean, just like

Casey: fucking with us.

Kenric: Well, one of the writers came out on one division and they didn’t even know whom Vista was what they were talking about.

I’ll find the article. Yeah. Because they were talking about the fact that they thought it was awesome that people were giving all these. [00:56:00] You know, all these opinions and wondering what was going on. And then that this whole Mephisto thing happened. And they’re like, I, you know, she was like, I was writing things.

I didn’t even know who my pistol was.

Andrew Sumner: All right. I mean that, that’s rather depressing actually, isn’t it Kendra, because what I’m really waiting for is to see in this iteration of Mephisto on screen within the MC that’s genuinely scurry. I don’t want them to do him until they figure out how to make him genuinely unnerving.


Kenric: as a, as an old guy, I in the suit, the angel heart the devil’s advocate that all, you know,

Andrew Sumner: a monster he needs, he needs to look a lot. He needs to look a lot more like Tim Korean and legend than like a human being. Now, Tim Curran legend. Sadly, if Tim Curry hadn’t had his stroke and was still like fucking, you know, at the peak of his powers, Tim Curry playing the FIS, those perfect gusting, right?


John: yeah. That would be amazing. That’d be amazing. The amazing casting. [00:57:00] What’s your

Kenric: thought? Where are they going? You know, I don’t know. And I, and now hearing your, your, your, what you found out about you know, the, the fan theories of Enchantress, or if it’s lady Thor going to Ragnarok, all that kind of stuff.

I, I thought is brilliant. So now. I’m actually excited to see episode three to see only because of that. Yeah. You know, but I honestly, I’m going to say, I’m going to, I’m going to stay steadfast to my beginning of this conversation that I’m getting sick of the cliffhangers on every fricking episode, you know, you’ll be able to do that.

I need some really good character development and some good, I don’t need draw dropping moments in every episode. Cause yeah. I just don’t think that’s possible. You know, I

John: hope, but if it, if, if lady Thor is actually Enchantress, I hope that they don’t draw that out. Oh, sorry. Yeah, lady. Loki’s intention. I hope they don’t draw it out.

I’ll say I hope it’s something like, Hey, it’s a quick, like we find out next episode, she’s actually Enchantress because there’s only six episodes. [00:58:00] So next episode is the halfway point, right? So we should find out now not, not episode six and the final was with, oh, this is, I’m not, I’m not really lady low-key I’m in Chandra and she’ll be like, tell us now.

So it can be, we have a longer, a longer time to get used to this character and not have a big

Kenric: switch. Yeah. Especially for people who don’t know who Enchantress is. No, the comics, they only watch the shows. They only watch the movies. It’s important to establish those characters so that they can get behind them.

Yeah, no, cause in chapters is a very intriguing character in a lot of ways, because sometimes she’s evil, sometimes she’s good. Some, you know, sometimes she she’s in love with Loki and other times she’s not. So she’s a very intriguing character. I like her. Jack Shaffer, J a C I think it must be short for Jacqueline, maybe Jacqueline one division Schaffer didn’t even know about Mephisto until she started doing press and people started asking her questions about the Festo and then she had to go back and look it up.

Andrew Sumner: Who’s John Shaffer means

Kenric: she’s a writer. She’s one of the writers on, [00:59:00] on one division.

Andrew Sumner: Wow. Yeah. Well, I, you know, I mean, you can’t expect, you know, kind of writers who haven’t read fourth years, who’s your

Kenric: buddy go through the day. Yeah. I love Marvel and understand and, and really, I don’t know how many times Wanda and Mephisto was in the same book,

John: what, and even, even then, if it’s not relevant to their storyline and it’s not going to be relevant, what the writer’s research.


Kenric: What I would, I would imagine that Kevin Fagan goes, I have things in my mind, I’m bringing these writers. I want you guys to read the storylines. Yup. And if he’s not, if he was not mentioned, you can’t blame her for that. No, I don’t. I don’t, but it’s, it’s it’s it is, it’s just sad for us. Cause you feel like, oh, you would hope that they would have more comic fans in the writing room.

I’m sure they had a tough time, but yeah. Yeah. It’s just a little disheartening when you read it. But at the same time, like we just said, you can’t expect somebody to know everything. I mean, [01:00:00] dude, there’s like, I didn’t know who agent Morbius Mobius was until I started watching this. Low-key had no idea who he was.

It’s such

Casey: a deep cut. It’s not

Andrew Sumner: like the deep cuff.

John: There’s a lot of deep cuts. If you, if you want him to be good to the episode’s a little fried, just Easter eggs. There’s a ton of Easter eggs there of like they throw on a ton of like the issues that characters first appeared in, like the what’s her name movies, his boss, like her helmet says 8 23 when she first appeared in the vendor’s 23 shot.

Like that.

Andrew Sumner: That’s true. That’s true. Yeah. That’s very good. I like that.

John: So there’s a lot of Easter eggs and Moby’s is a deep kind of, I like it. So it’s good. It’s good stuff.

Casey: He’s from fantastic four, correct? From assignments in front of the fantastic four,

Andrew Sumner: correct? Yeah, that’s right.

Kenric: The fantastic four.

Casey: Yeah.

Andrew Sumner: Am Mobius Mobius. That’s his name? Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. So it does report number 3 53 in 1991 as Mr. Tessa rack and fantastic four annual number 27 as the Mr. Aura [01:01:00] Boreus and she hopped number three as Mr. Paradox. And she, and she off number three. Why so many? AKA’s that’s interesting for funsies. I dunno for funsies.

All right, guys. I think we’ve come to that sad conclusion when we have nothing left to say on the low-key show today, but rejoice in the fact that we will be back next Saturday or next week. I should just say that because it could be Saturday. It could be Sunday, depending on when it goes out, but rejoice in the fact that we will be back and forth.

Casey will reappear and Johnny will reappear. And Mr. Sumner will reappear and mark make my Marvel TV. The low-key show. Yep.

Andrew Sumner: I might take care of everybody.


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