Kurt Busiek’s Lineup for Fantastic Four: Marvels Snapshot

Last week, Marvel announced MARVELS SNAPSHOT, a new series from MARVELS co-creator Kurt Busiek. The series brings together incredible creative teams to tell new tales showcasing Marvel’s greatest heroes! The series debuts in March with a Golden Age romp by Alan Brennert and Jerry Ordway. The second installment will take readers into the silver age, turning the spotlight on the Fantastic Four’s own Human Torch.

FANTASTIC FOUR: MARVELS SNAPSHOT reunites Dorkin and Dyer with artist Benjamin Dewey. Dewey brings this tale to life with the acclaimed art he’s known for. All curated by industry legend Kurt Busiek, this extraordinary series is sure to be a modern classic! Here’s what Busiek had to say about the passion project:

“I was thrilled to get the chance to do MARVELS SNAPSHOTS, to get a look at the Marvel Universe through a variety of eyes.”

“In MARVELS SNAPSHOT, we range through time, getting a look at the Marvel Universe from the very early days. Through the dawning of the Marvel Age, through events of the 1970s, 80s, all the way up to today. And I went out looking for a wide variety of creators to do a wide variety of perspectives. I wanted lots of different approaches, and I was delighted that so many creators I admire were willing to join in, from longtime pros to relative newcomers, and from Marvel mainstays to those who’ve done very little with Marvel before.”

This eight-part series will be released twice per month over the course of four months and will feature new painted covers by the legendary Alex Ross. Be on the lookout for news about upcoming titles in this landmark series. Which of Marvel’s many great moments will readers get to dive into next?

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