Kragen Lum- Heathen

It’s no secret at this point that I have a nostalgic fondness for music from the 80’s and 90s, and the metal scene that grew out of the Bay Area was perhaps the most influential on my guitar playing in my early days of learning. To this day, I still find myself drawn to those early sounds. Fortunately more me, many of those bands are still around. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to chat with Kragen Lum, who plays in pioneering Bay Area thrash band Heathen. Additionally, he spent considerable time touring live with one of the most legendary bands to come out of that era: the mighty Exodus. Kragen was kind of enough to fill me in on what’s going on in the Heathen camp with an upcoming re-release as well as the status of the almost-completed new album. We also talked about his time in Exodus, his former career in the video game industry, and his passion project of transcribing guitar books. This is a really in depth conversation that covers many facets of his career in the music industry. Check it out!


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