Kolchak: The Nightstalker with Christopher Golden!

Today we are joined once again with Christopher Golden only this time we are not talking about his books (ok, we do a little) but we are here to talk about Kolchak The Nightstalker and it’s squeals!

If you have not seen these before (Like John before this episode) do yourself a favor and check them out. They are streaming on Peacock and YouTube for free.

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Kolchak with Christopher Golden


[00:00:00] Kenric: all right, guys. Welcome back. And if, I don’t know if you listened to his last interview here, for some reason, he.

He found his way back to spoiler country. I don’t know why.

Christopher Kolchak: and

Kenric: if you want to, if you want to get into detail tales of the Marvel’s defenders, he’s got the podcast for you. And really, if you love culture check, this is the right episode for you, Christopher Golden. Thanks for coming back, man.

Christopher Kolchak: Thanks for having me, man.

You know, it’s like, it’s funny because, I feel like. I have these two brains, you know, I have the creative brain,

Kenric: the sort of

Christopher Kolchak: writer and creator brain with all of the things that I’ve sort

Kenric: of worked on

Christopher Kolchak: in my career. But then like so many of us, I have the other half of that brain, which is the total nerd bot.

Kenric: Right.

Christopher Kolchak: Totally passionate about. And I think I said, when the last time we talked, I said, you know,

Kenric: I was that kid when I was in school,

Christopher Kolchak: who. You know, like I just wanted to make [00:01:00] sure that whatever I loved, I wanted to make sure everybody else loved it too. And so I’m so glad that our conversation about culture the last time caused you guys both

Kenric: go and watch

Christopher Kolchak: the original TV movies spawned the whole thing.

Kenric: And they’re so they’re so fun. They’re cute. They’re dharmic habit in those, in that role is. Amazing. You know, I guess I just, I want them to redo that show, but with him from the 1970s. Yeah, it makes sense. Yeah. Oh, he’s, he’s so good.

Christopher Kolchak: I actually have, listen. I have, I have three signed pictures in my office, hanging on my office wall.

I have some pretty interesting stuff hanging on the wall in my office, put the three. Signed things,

Kenric: in my office are

Christopher Kolchak: assigned picture of Clint Eastwood.

Kenric: Oh wow.

Christopher Kolchak: A signed picture of Adrian Barbeau from the [00:02:00] fog and assigned picture of Darren McGavin as Cole check. Those are the three, the three

Kenric: signs.

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So, Let’s give people a little bit of a preview of what Kolchak is. It was a TV movie and when it aired, it was the biggest TV movie of all time. which is, is actually no small feat because TV had been at that point around for about 30, 40 years, written by, rice. And

Christopher Kolchak: well, it was, it was written.

So Jeff Rice, if I remember correctly and I could be wrong about this, I think he had actually been a reporter or something in Las Vegas. And he wrote, the culture papers, which was a novel that at the time did not get published, but it became, he actually optioned it for film or for television.

And Richard Matheson wrote the screenplay for. The TV adaptation of this unpublished novel, which was

Kenric: then became the [00:03:00] night stalker. Yeah. Could you imagine having Richard Matheson go over your stuff and, and create a screenplay out of your book?

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, well, you know, it’s weird to think about all of the people we think of as the sort of gods of genre literature who used it.

This is a, this is a total tangent, but just bear with me for a second. the other day I watched, I watched the film double indemnity scene. One of the great new art films of all time. based on a novel by a mystery writer noir, our writer, James M. Cain directed by Hollywood legend, Billy Wilder, but written by Wilder.

And Raymond fucking Chandler.

Kenric: So

Christopher Kolchak: the novels by James M. Cain, the script is by Raymond Chandler. So to me, that’s sort of like, you know, having Richard Matheson. Right, right. The thing for TV, it’s like. You know,

Kenric: but anyway,

Christopher Kolchak: so [00:04:00] yes, Richard

Kenric: Matheson can do no wrong. If you don’t know who Richard Matheson and you know, for people who are listening, you really should do yourself.

A Google.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. Pause the show. Now go Google Richard Matheson, read some of his books and then come back and listen to

Kenric: the rest of that because

Christopher Kolchak: I actually, yes, I had the. Incredible honor of, of meeting and having a long chat one night with Richard Matheson

Kenric: at a convention in

Christopher Kolchak: Connecticut. And it was me and my buddy Thompson and Gosky Mathison was just a sort of sitting in the lobby, in a chair kind of by himself.

really. And, Tom and I went and sat with him

Kenric: and talked to him for about an hour and.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh, what a gentleman. I mean, just to a true gentleman anyway, continue.

Kenric: I just parlay into your tangent. Double intimidate has come up on this show. Countless times. It is one of my favorite nor films of all time. When I ran a Hollywood video back in the nineties, I would play [00:05:00] that movie.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh, you did. Don’t get me started on Barbara. Stanwyck

Kenric: Oh gosh. She’s so hot.

Christopher Kolchak: But also, but also it’s just

Kenric: amazing.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, exactly. Th this was the, this is the thing, right? With the classic Hollywood actors. the ones that really rise to the surface. You cannot take your eyes off of them when they’re on screen.

They’re in complete command and Barbara Stanwyck and Katherine Hepburn are the two

Kenric: actresses that more than any others that

Christopher Kolchak: just, you know, ate up the

Kenric: air in the room when they were there.

Christopher Kolchak: if, if, if anybody’s ever not, if, if people have not seen baby face that the pre-code young Barbara Stanwyck movie.

Yup. Jesus, that, that one’s a killer, but anyway, continue.

Kenric: I love it. You’re going to fit right in.

Christopher Kolchak: So

Kenric: rice has this novel, he’s getting it. He wants to get it sold once to get it published. And of course, what’s his name? Somebody reads it. So Rick [00:06:00] Ray reads it and says this would be a good movie, but Johnny’s got some glue different information than what I read.

About the first book in that Jeff Rice actually sued ABC after the movie came out. Yeah, that was for the TV show. They didn’t, they didn’t get his permission to make the TV show, to get them to get credit on the TV show. Cause they didn’t, they didn’t ask him anything. I thought was really interesting.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, well, look, I mean, that’s possible, you know, Oden knows how often Hollywood screws people over to it happens all the time and they do it with impunity. on the other hand, my limited experience with Jeff Rice while he was still walking the earth was that, he was a very odd and difficult human.

Kenric: Yeah.

Christopher Kolchak: so it’s entirely possible that he signed a thing that gave them rights to do certain things. I’m not saying this is what happened, but that he didn’t realize that he was giving that up or that they, you know, they took advantage of gray areas in the contract, who knows?

Kenric: But [00:07:00] yes,

Christopher Kolchak: he was a litigious guy for sure.

Kenric: Oh, what is he now?

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, well, like, just to give you the w we should be talking about culture, but, once upon a time, while Jeff Rice was still alive, I tried to, the, the editor who was my first editor ever, was ginger Buchanan, who is retired now, but was the queen of Berkley books for a million years.

And, with ginger, I basically put together this package and the idea was that I was going to write. And original culture, the night stalker novel. Oh wow. And I was going to edit a culture that I’d stock her anthology. And I had lined up some great names for that book. A lot of people were really passionate about this show and, Berkeley had been an agreement with Jeff Rice.

Jeff Rice would only communicate, and I’m not, this is, I’m not making this up. He would only communicate via federal express.

Kenric: write a letter and. Send it to them. And you would write a letter back and send it to you all through federal express.

Christopher Kolchak: Wow. [00:08:00] And, and so, they had made a deal and, and, ginger Buchanan and Berkley sent Jeff Rice, the contract.

To sign and they received the federal express back with a letter from Jeff Rice saying he changed his mind and, they should fix the contract because instead of the rights they wanted, he wanted them to make a deal with him that he would write an original culture novel, and then they would then publish a second.

Non-color check original novel by him to be determined later. Okay.



Kenric: the times

Christopher Kolchak: on that, so that project never happened. so I’m not sure chicken or the egg, like did Jeff Rice become and, I don’t know anything. Did Jeff Rice become super paranoid about his business dealings? and weird like that because he felt like he’d gotten screwed over by ABC.

Or did [00:09:00] ABC just take advantage of the contract that he’d actually already signed? And he, you know, was already super paranoid and super litigious at that point. Right? So chicken or the egg? I don’t know the answer, but I just know the experience

Kenric: that I had. Right. Interesting. Interesting. When, w w when did you first fall in love with Caltech?

Christopher Kolchak: Oh, dude. what was the year? The series aired 76.

Kenric: I want to say 74, 75,

Christopher Kolchak: 74. Okay. So 74 75, the 20 episodes of the series aired. I would have been, eight

Kenric: in 75. Yeah.

Christopher Kolchak: so the following year when I was nine years old, ABC showed it. in reruns at 11:00 PM every night. Yeah. And I’d seen somehow flipping channels or maybe it was one of the like package movies or something like that.

I’d been flipping channels and I’d seen chopper, the episode for those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s an episode [00:10:00] involving, M A motorcycle gang who’s, one of whose members has come back from the dead and it’s basically the headless horseman. He’s a headless motorcycle rider. and it creeped me out like hugely creeped me out.

And, from that point on, I was like desperate to watch it. And I must’ve seen it in TV guide that it was on. Yeah. At 11 o’clock and I begged my father and, and, and my father was not a good father and he was very much not a good husband, but he was fun. So, yeah, those moments. Yeah. And I we’ll always be grateful to him.

He agreed. So from that point forward, I would go to bed at whatever my bedtime was when I was nine and he would wake me up. At like 10 minutes to 11 to watch culture the night stock.

Kenric: Oh, that’s awesome.

Christopher Kolchak: And I got to see the whole series, by, by having my dad wake me up to watch Cole Jack at 11 o’clock at night, and then go right back to bed.

That’s hilarious as you do at [00:11:00] night,

Kenric: I just watched a horror show that scared the shit out of it. But you know, that, that, that helped you out on scaring your neighbors with fake hands. So,

Christopher Kolchak: yeah, it’s all good.

Kenric: When did you first watch the movie though? the night stalkers.

Christopher Kolchak: you know, I think that I must have seen the movie probably a couple of years after that.

and saw the movie on, you know, like again, flipping through TV guide or flipping channels and, and it was on, again, out here we had channel 38 and channel 56 with the local UHF channels, that showed all of those kinds of things. And then it was years after that. I think that I saw that I strangler and funnily enough, I think that, when I was an adult and I’ve watched the night strangler for the first time, which probably would, it wouldn’t be the first time would have been the second time I’d seen it the first time I’d seen it since I was a kid.

I remembered only then did I remember that? I had seen it already because in my memory [00:12:00] of the, of having seen it, it wasn’t culture shock. You know what I’m saying? Like I remembered having watched it, it probably 13 and I didn’t have a memory of it having been

Kenric: right. You, you you’ve almost transposed it into a different character.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, it was just because of the focus for me. And my memory was it’s about the strangler in the underground city, under Seattle, which don’t tell me it doesn’t look like that because in my mind it always will. and, and yeah, so, so that was my, that was my history with it. And then I have to say, another sort of, Great little anecdote is I have a culture that I stocker t-shirt.

and I have actually a, a picture of myself at a convention a few years ago when people would go to conventions without dying. and there was a guy who looked perfectly the part cause playing as culture back. And I mean, you’re talking right down to the buttons on his suit. I mean, he, he looks, I have a picture of myself with him and I’m [00:13:00] wearing the t-shirt.

In which he’s wearing the same outfit as the guy cause playing.

Kenric: Oh wow.

Christopher Kolchak: So,

Kenric: so we have a picture of ourselves

Christopher Kolchak: together. It was great, but anyway, that’s hilarious. because for awhile culture was on Netflix and it really saddens me that as far as I know, it’s not available on any

Kenric: streaming service right now.

I know it is because I got, cause that’s how I watched the two movies. After, after I got off with you, I, I found it. I legally found it on YouTube

Christopher Kolchak: and watch

Kenric: them. I think it was on NBC. I think it was.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh peacock. Well, I don’t, I that’s the NBC one.

Kenric: I think it was that. Let me look it up right now while you’re talking.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. Well, so, so I was in the grocery store and, I had my culture t-shirt on, this is about three years ago, probably. And this young woman who, who worked there was like, Oh my God, cold track. And when I say young, I mean, she was like 17. She was like, Oh my God, cold check. She’s like, I love that shirt. And I looked at her and I was like, [00:14:00] I’m glad you love this shirt, but how the hell do you know, culture the night

Kenric: stalker?

Christopher Kolchak: And she said, Oh, from Netflix, you know, she, she had watched all of X-Files and when X-Files files was over, it kicked her right into culture check and it made me so happy.

Kenric: That’s awesome. That wouldn’t be, that’s kind of cool because you’re like, this is something that my child lived that, and now you’re looking at a kid and they’re like, I love this.

You’re like, Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah. I do the same thing with star blazers. When I meet kids that are like teenagers or even 10 and they, they want to watch star blazers. I’m just, I love it. Yeah. It’s nbc.com. It has all the night stocker stuff.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh, that’s great.

Kenric: Yeah, that’s fantastic. Yeah. So you can, you can go and watch to your heart’s content.

Christopher Kolchak: I’m going to have the DVDs, but streaming has made us all so lazy.

Kenric: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It’s like, I

Christopher Kolchak: don’t want to get over and get up and switch the DVD.

Kenric: Yeah. I don’t, I don’t even the only DVD player I have in my house is my Xbox.

Christopher Kolchak: And [00:15:00] even that

Kenric: I don’t even use the DVD portion of it. I download everything still.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. I mean, I hardly ever use the DVDs, but I’ve got them.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have a couple of DVDs, but I don’t ever use them even my own. I still go to a streaming service.

Christopher Kolchak: It’s free and I don’t want to pay if I’ve got the DVD,

Kenric: man. I pay for everything. I’m on. I got, I got them all you name it. I, the only one I don’t have is the peacock.

Christopher Kolchak: It comes free with, I have Comcast and

Kenric: that comes free. Correct? Yeah. See, I dumped everything Comcast except for internet. That’s it? Nope. I had to do it. Hey, when it comes to culture, what do you think? Like knowing when he came out and seeing how you go through, you can, you can see things like, you can see the influence in Constantine.

You can see the influence in the X-Files. You can see the influence, and almost in supernatural, you know, you could see the influence of culture. Kind of extending out through all this, you know, what does that mean when you, when you sit down to [00:16:00] write a book? Cause, for people who don’t know, Christopher is a very prolific writer.

You’ve got lots of stuff. You just announced a new partnership with Amber Benson, who you’ve been doing a lots of stuff. You did the ghost of Albion with and you guys got a new things coming out, but when you’re sitting down, what a D how much does culture influence you, knowing how much you loved it growing up?

Christopher Kolchak: You know, it’s interesting because I don’t think about it that much, but let’s just talk about the through-line you were just mentioning, like, you can go back, you can go backward in time from culture back and you can trace the, the roots of that series and where Jeff Rice, you know,

Kenric: picked up

Christopher Kolchak: the ideas.

It’s very much a, a new our story. It’s very much it,

Kenric: even though the

Christopher Kolchak: first one is set in, is it, he

Kenric: gets the first one Vegas.

Christopher Kolchak: So the first one is set in Vegas, but it feels very LA noir. You know what I mean? It does all of that. And, and you have, you know, the horror stories of the time and all of that.

You can, you could trace that DNA, but coming out [00:17:00] of coal check, a hundred percent you can look at, I mean, the X-Files is full of loving homages. To the series, including the presence of Darren McGavin in the X-Files. Chris Carter has made it clear that, that culture was a big inspiration for him.

and you know, you could go through all of these different shows. I don’t think you have, you don’t have the X-Files

Kenric: I don’t

Christopher Kolchak: think without culture check. and then you can trace all the things that came out of the X-Files and I think. It’s possible. You don’t have supernatural without the sort of, if, if Buffy the vampire Slayer is the mommy culture X, the daddy of that show, you know?

Kenric: Oh, that’s a good, that’s a good analogy. I never thought of that Buffy like that.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s sort of a combination of the two things is for me, interestingly enough, I think the two elements that come together for me are culture check and, The Marvel comic series tomb of Dracula, which we talked about before, written by Marv Wolfman, drawn by gene Colan.

And there’s a character in there named Hannibal [00:18:00] King. Yup. And Hannibal King is a private detective complete with a trench coat, who also happens to be a vampire. I think John Constantine is a sort of combo of the culture. Tone and Hannibal King. and I think that there there’s a lot that comes out of those two origins and they are in fact, like, I think the two most vital parts of my DNA as

Kenric: a storyteller.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. So if you look at my first novel of saints and shadows, very influenced by culture and by. Hannibal King, my main

Kenric: character I’ve said very often was inspired by Hannibal

Christopher Kolchak: King. and in fact, you know, a lot of people thought fans who had read my early novels and then saw the angel character when you did Butte and Buffy the vampire Slayer, but particularly with what happens to him, where he’s,

Kenric: you know, she stabs him and he ends up going through a portal

Christopher Kolchak: to hell.

And when he comes back, he’s, He is, different and,

Kenric: you know, he’s sort of a

[00:19:00] Christopher Kolchak: Savage, whatever, people would read my books and who saw that, asked me many times they still ask me if I thought that Josh Weeden had ripped me off. Yeah. And I definitely don’t think that, I have no reason to think Josh read those books.

Right. but I do know that he was a big tomb of Dracula fan and a big Hannibal King fan. So I just think that it’s shared DNA. so I don’t think you have angel without Hannibal King and it may be also without culture Jack, you know, so it’s, I think both of those two things are, are much more important to the DNA of everything than people understand.

And, you know, it’s, and I hate to, I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed even saying this, but Charlene Harris has said a bunch of times that a lot of the things that became. Familiar and par for the course in what would become the urban fantasy genre sort of make their debut in my first novel of saints and shadows.

Yeah. [00:20:00] And, and it’s really ironic to me because I think the rest of what urban fantasy becomes started with Buffy. so if I take, if, if it’s true that some of those elements, some of the important elements that are in a fantasy came from Sansom shadows. The rest came from Buffy and ironically, both, I would say some shadows and Buffy the vampire Slayer trace their DNA back to Kolchak the night stalker and much Dracula and Hannibal King.

Kenric: So,

Christopher Kolchak: Oh, so you could say the culture the night stockers, the reason the urban fantasy

Kenric: genre exists.

Christopher Kolchak: Fair,

Kenric: totally fair. That is fair. You know, it’s funny when you watch those two movies back to back. Yeah, his, his boss, Tony Vincenzo, and just seen, you know, played by Simon, Oakland. Yeah. It’s his editor down in Vegas, then he gets fired.

So he moves to Seattle when they start this, the, the next movie he’s got the same editor, but in Seattle

[00:21:00] Christopher Kolchak: for the TV series as well. And I. I fricking love Tony 

Kenric: Oh, he was great.

Christopher Kolchak: nothing makes me happier than when Vincenzo is going crazy. because culture is driving him nuts when he’s yelling, you know, yelling for culture, Jack.

it, it just makes me so happy. and then my other favorite thing in the show, is probably miss Emily. who’s the advice columnist. Yep. The sweet old lady. And, there’s the, probably the best episode, I would say, even including the movies. for me, the high point of the whole series is an episode called horror in the Heights.

which was, I think I’m trying to say it was written by, hammer films, Jimmy Sangster or did he

Kenric: write it or direct it? My brain is fried at the moment.

Christopher Kolchak: Anyway, horror in the Heights is a, it’s a

Kenric: ruck

Christopher Kolchak: Shosta story. and, and miss Emily plays a key role in that. [00:22:00] and, yeah, it’s just, it’s really good.

It’s really good. Yeah. So it’s written by,

Kenric: Jimmy Sangster

Christopher Kolchak: who, who wrote a ton of classic hammer films

Kenric: in England. Oh, that’s cool. Have you, did you see the, so I guess after they canceled the show, they still had some unaired ones and they put them into movies. They’re like took four episodes and I bind them into a movie.

And then Darren did some crossover, or did some voiceover works with them?

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, I don’t, I don’t think, and I’d have to go back and reread. And there’s a, a journalist and writer named Mark Dewitt, Zack, who,


really has studied this stuff backwards and forwards and is the true

Kenric: expert on this

Christopher Kolchak: show.

and he, he would definitely know the answer to this, but I don’t know that they were unaired. I think that it just was, they wanted to make a couple of movie packages that they could show in their sort of. You know, when they were doing filler,

Kenric: you know, they would,

Christopher Kolchak: you know, ABC would want their Saturday

Kenric: afternoon movie or

[00:23:00] Christopher Kolchak: whatever it might be, Sunday evening movie.

And, so they took the four episodes and made them into two movies. They cut them into two, two movies. And so some things were edited out to make

Kenric: that happen.

Christopher Kolchak: fortunately when you watch the show, now you’re seeing the real episodes, not those sort of truncated versions. but I do have another, another weird anecdote

Kenric: related to this.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh yeah. so I hope hopefully, and maybe I said this to you guys last time, but, we, we recently lost one of the greatest, and most twisted minds in the history of, of har entertainment. And that was. The legendary cartoon is gay and Wilson and gain Wilson was a passing as nineties, I believe from complications to Alzheimer’s

Kenric: disease.

Christopher Kolchak: within the last year, I’m not sure exactly when that was, but gain, came to Neecom many times, which is a small convention in

Kenric: Rhode Island that I’ve been doing for

Christopher Kolchak: since 1989

Kenric: when I was 22, it was my first

Christopher Kolchak: time I went and gain. Is, was, it was an [00:24:00] extraordinary guy. Hysterically funny what a sick sense of humor the guy had.

but a true gentleman and, one night, and he also was a great writer by the way. Most people are not familiar with the

Kenric: fact that you also wrote fiction,

Christopher Kolchak: and had, two novels and one

Kenric: short story collection. That’s one of my favorite collects ever,

Christopher Kolchak: called the cleft and other tales. But. that’s my long way of getting around to saying one night at econ gain.

And I found out that we both loved culture the night stalker. And so even though we, there was a vast Gulf there probably about, almost 40 years difference

Kenric: in our ages or something like that.

Christopher Kolchak: We sat around for an hour. There were about eight of us sitting at this table. And getting in. And I had eyes only for each other because, because, because we had found this shared love of coal check the night stalker.

So we just went on in that enthusiastic fashion about the show until we got to this point where gain insisted on describing to me an episode, he’d only seen once. And he [00:25:00] was sure it was Caltech the night stalker. And I insisted to him that the episode he was describing did not exist. And to my knowledge, it doesn’t

Kenric: exist.

It’s a real Sinbad, the comedian situation. Yeah. You, what I’m talking about that

Christopher Kolchak: thing about it is that he had such a clear memory, like a detailed memory of this episode of culture, the soccer that.

Kenric: Doesn’t

Christopher Kolchak: exist. Right. And I feel like, you know, it’s, you know, maybe it’s a parallel universe where that

Kenric: episode did exist.

I don’t know.

Christopher Kolchak: But, that’s like one of my favorite memories from Nikon is that conversation with him and I, now I wish that that episode existed cause I want to watch it.

Kenric: Well, that’s weird. I wonder what, how, why he thought that was an actual episode, what happened? Cause there’s that whole thing where there’s like a massive amount of people who believe Sinbad was in some type of movie in the nineties and yeah.

And it’s not just one person who believes this it’s it’s like, yeah. It’s prevalent amongst a large group of people [00:26:00] and there’s no movement,

Christopher Kolchak: isn’t it? It’s it’s that movie. it’s the movie with, in the real movie, I think it was Shaquille O’Neal right. It’s that Shizam movie. right.

Kenric: Cause they cousin

Christopher Kolchak: cause they am, is that what it’s called?

Yeah. Yeah. So, so. But I think the movie was like Shaquille O’Neal or something.

Kenric: Yeah, I think so. It’s just weird. But at the same thing, I wonder if he saw something else that just was so close to culture and wanted to be cultured so bad that he just transpose it into it and said, Oh, that’s cool. Check.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. That’s again, entirely possible. I know, like when I was really young, I think I said this to you guys last time, my brother and I would, would take the little black and white TV from the porch and put it on top of the big console TV in the basement so we could watch. Two different monster movies that happened to be on at the same time on a Saturday afternoon.

And so for like 30 years, I didn’t know what parts were from the mole people. And what parts were from Dave? The Triffids,

Kenric: day of the Triffids that’s such a weird,

[00:27:00] Christopher Kolchak: Oh, don’t start, man. That’s one of my all time favorites that was in the novel. The novel is amazing.

Kenric: That’s out of the UK, right? The day of the Triffids.

And was it a TV movie for them or was it a full on.

Christopher Kolchak: No. So, so it was a novel by a British, science-fiction writer named John Wyndham. And then, it was made into a film. I think I want to say the original film in the fifties was made in the U S but I could be wrong about that. I should know, but, but then the BBC made it as a mini series in the eighties and the eighties mini series is terrific

Kenric: as well.

Christopher Kolchak: I,

Kenric: I know that the triplets from the Rocky horror picture show.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh, that’s what you’re thinking of.

Kenric: No, what, that’s how I F I, I, that’s how I learned about a lot of the old monster movies of the sixties was from the Rocky horror picture show, and then writing down all the titles they sing about and then going in and like, Oh, that’s a real movie.

And then going in and actually in hunting those, those movies down, which made it a lot easier when I, when I had the video store. Cause I could go and just order the [00:28:00] movies I wanted to see.

Christopher Kolchak: Yep. Yeah. That was I, I worked in video stores for years in high school and college, and that was. The best part was basically just, you know, going to the manager and saying, you must carry this film.


Kenric: yeah. Yeah. I had, we had a very eclectic collection for a Hollywood video in our catalog system because I was always just getting things, you know, like we had kids. The movie kids, which was like my most, that, and clerks were the two most stolen movies. After a while. I just stopped carrying them.

Cause like why I’m not making no money, but here’s the day of the Triffids he’s check this out. Hearsay tannic mechanic with Lee Lee van Cleef. You should check that out.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh my God.

Kenric: So what do you think was the actual, when I think of Jeff Rice’s cold check. And the fact that he, he did create this character. That is, he’s hard not to like when you watch him. And I know a [00:29:00] lot of that is when you watch him on screen. I know a lot of that is just Darren McGavin’s natural charisma because the guy who was just, I mean, When you watch Christmas story, you probably thought it’s called check, of course, but he has the best scenes in Christmas story.

When, when you talk to people, when they quote Christmas story, if it’s not stuck, every single, every single thing else is a Darren McGavin quote, you know? And he’s, he’s amazing. But when you think a culture check, what do you think key? Like, I can’t think of a movie or a book that I read

Christopher Kolchak: that would

Kenric: sum up who Kolchak is.

You know? I don’t know, like you can’t say he has Humphrey Bogarts PI in him cause he’s completely different. He’s he’s the anti he’s the anti over the top male guy. Right. He’s the mail guy that I like. I feel like people should inspire to be in a lot of ways.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. You know what I, what I think I love most [00:30:00] about culture is his frustration.

Yeah. I love, when he sighs and grumbles and, and all of that, because, and again, I think if you, if you’re going to compare him to anybody, And I don’t think it’s necessarily, a one-to-one comparison, but it would have to be molder because Boulder is clearly

Kenric: inspired by culture. Right?

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. so the thing about culture is a character is.

he’s smarter than everybody else in the room. and he’s more rational even though he seems irrational than everybody else in the room. He doesn’t like authority, you know, and he, and he wants to expose the truth, no matter what it costs, the people who are trying to hide it,

Kenric: just let me

Christopher Kolchak: do what I want to do.

Right. These are admirable qualities. You know, these are qualities and he pisses off the cops all the time because they’re trying to cover their own asses and he’s just trying to save people, you know? And so, so, you know, I think, I think we need more culture acts in [00:31:00] the world now.

Kenric: Yeah, we do. I think it’s, it’s kind of funny because when he’s putting, I mean, he’s pushing the, the, I, the vampire idea.

I like when you’re watching. Night, stocker, you get why he’s pushing what he’s pushing, but you also get the people’s reaction to it because it’s fantastical, you know, you can’t believe like, no, man, come on. Those don’t exist. How can you even, well, because of this, this and this, well, come on, man.

Christopher Kolchak: There are lots of times as the series goes on, where it’s clear that they know this, they know something really happened and they’re covering it up right.

Because maybe they don’t know exactly what happened, but they don’t want to know because those answers will not be accessible to their superiors or they’ll frighten the public or, or whatever it might be. In fact, you know, Brian keen and I, as you know, do a podcast called defenders dialogue. In which we, Brian and I are exactly the same age.

And [00:32:00] we, we go through

Kenric: many of the comics of our youth,

Christopher Kolchak: many of the Marvel

Kenric: Marvel comics of our youth,

Christopher Kolchak: it started with defenders and we’ve covered a bunch of other comics since then. It’s

Kenric: funny. I’ve, I’ve listened to a few of them. You guys. You guys are funny together. I like it a lot. Actually. I, I subscribed to it.

I get, I tell people, you should check out this, this thing, why don’t like defenders, you should still check this out. Yeah.

Christopher Kolchak: Well, and that’s the thing, like we’re on, you know, we’ve done a bunch of other Marvel series from that era. and now we’re doing man thing. Oh, cool. Which I had never read those comics when I was a kid.

I had read a couple of them and didn’t

Kenric: like them. Are you a big swamp thing fan?

Christopher Kolchak: No. I didn’t really read. I don’t well, until I was in college, I don’t think I re I mean, I read some DC comics randomly when I was a little

Kenric: kid.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. But when I got into the place where I was like buying my own comics, I, I didn’t read DC comics at all.

then I, stopped reading mixed when I got my first girlfriend, my first

Kenric: real serious girlfriends, we all did. I was probably,

Christopher Kolchak: I was probably like 14. And [00:33:00] then, I, I picked up comics again when I was a sophomore in college, at which point I started reading the question and other Watchmen and V for vendetta

Kenric: and that kind of stuff.

Christopher Kolchak: So that DC stuff, I became a big swamp thing fan when I started reading comics in college and, and, and then shortly after I graduated from college, I met Steve Bissette for the first time and we’ve been friends ever since, but that’s a very long way to answer your question, but the point is that man thing, and this was now the, the, the point

Kenric: is moot, but I was about to

Christopher Kolchak: explain that one of the things that Steve Gerber did really well in man thing was to have those characters who.

would behave the same way that the authorities and culture would behave. You know, the characters who would go that’s impossible. There’s no way that just happened. Like who’s, who’s going to believe that. And the other guy will say, nobody’s going to believe

Kenric: that.

Christopher Kolchak: So it definitely didn’t happen. Right.

And they both go rice. [00:34:00] And it’s that thing where it’s like, well, it’s less trouble for us to lie

Kenric: right.

Christopher Kolchak: Than it is to tell the truth. yeah.

Kenric: So that’s,

Christopher Kolchak: So I think you’ll find that in a lot of stuff. And that was a long plug for defenders dialogue, and everyone should live.

Kenric: That’s a good plug,

man. Did you watch the Stuart Townsend call track?

Christopher Kolchak: I watched the first, like, it didn’t last long, but I think I walked out.

Kenric: It’s like one, like half a season. Right. And they pulled it.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. Yeah, well, and it didn’t deserve even half a season

Kenric: at God. No. Which is poorly done. Did you think they tried to, to spruce it up too much and they should’ve kept

Christopher Kolchak: it

Kenric: because I think my favorite thing about when you watch Kolchak is that it’s, it’s dirty.

You know what I mean? It’s down low, it’s low budget, but it’s it’s, it has that my favorite version [00:35:00] of blade runner. Is the gumshoe version where he’s where Harrison Ford is doing the narrative and everything. Of course. And that’s what I love about culture is that it has that very much that gum shoe, supernatural gumshoe feel.

And so when they try to get too hip, then it’s just not going to work.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. I mean, honestly, my feeling, I feel really strongly about that

Kenric: Stuart Townsend version, because I think

Christopher Kolchak: that. I’ve said this a million times. I’ve been talking lately about the recent rise in

Kenric: popularity of horror films. And I have the same philosophy about what I think is going to happen.

Christopher Kolchak: the sewer Townsend version of Caltech the night stalker, even though Dan Curtis was somehow involved in it, it was clearly made by people who didn’t understand the appeal of culture the night stalker, You know, it, it just cause what you were saying, you know, I mean, we liked the dirty, gritty back alleys and the gum shoe feel and all that stuff.

I want Tony Vincenzo. I don’t [00:36:00] want culture to be attractive. You know, sexy culture is not culture.

Kenric: Right, right. He can be a good looking guy, but that Stuart towns is a different level of sexy. You know what I mean?

Christopher Kolchak: Right. Right. I mean, your cool culture can be a handsome man, but he does. He shouldn’t be like a hot guy, you know?

And, and he shouldn’t be,

Kenric: yeah, he shouldn’t be the guy that walks into the room and every girl wants to leave with them.

Christopher Kolchak: Right. He should be the guy who walks in the room and everybody in the room goes, Oh, fuck this guy again. Right. You know, this guy

Kenric: he’s annoying.

Christopher Kolchak: Right. He should be, he should be a headache for everybody, but charming to us.

You know, and, and that, and I just feel like they, that’s what I mean, like, so, and this is what I think. Horror movie wise is that I heard the other day from another writer that, that a lot of, film and TV people are looking for slasher movies, slashers TV series. And it just makes me want to smash my head against the wall because it’s like [00:37:00] the things that have been working in horror, both in novels and in movies and in TV in the last like five or six years that have gotten everybody excited about horror.

Again. Our unique and, and high concept and interesting and really creepy and, You know, the Hollywood word they like to use is elevated. Right. and if, when I hear that the call is out, that they’re looking for a slasher fare that just tells me that, Oh, it’s people who know that

Kenric: art is popular right

Christopher Kolchak: now, but don’t have any idea what makes horror work and what makes it good.

Right. And that was my feeling about the, you know, the people who made the,

Kenric: the steward towns and culture.

Christopher Kolchak: They didn’t. They clearly,

Kenric: that’s why culture check was good. Yeah. Do you think, is it time? Is it, do you think there’s a, there’s a place right now for a cold check remake, be it on film or TV?

Christopher Kolchak: I would do it as a, As a period piece.

Kenric: Oh, like a 1970s period piece.

Christopher Kolchak: Why not?

Kenric: Why not? [00:38:00] Yeah, that’d be dope. I like that. You know,

Christopher Kolchak: I would look if you’ve seen, Oh God, what was the show on HBO? The Maggie Gyllenhaal about the New York porn industry.

Kenric: Oh, I didn’t see that one. It’s terrific. James

Christopher Kolchak: Franco, Maggie, Jill and hall. it’s really good.

and I can’t think of the name of it. . Like, if you want to see gritty 1970s, like alleys and streets and stuff like that. So I would do a sh a period piece remake of culture check, with that feel that look and level of grit, you know, just making, there were no cell phones you don’t, you know?

Kenric: Yeah.

Anyway. Yeah, no payphones. You know that the hat is iconic, the pad and paper, pen, and paper. I mean, you got to have it all. Yeah. And then, but you can add in a little bit more realism, you know, people swore you could add that kind of stuff in it. Make it a little bit more. So you know, that one [00:39:00] thing

Christopher Kolchak: I was just talking cast a character actor as cold Jack.

You don’t cast a

Kenric: star. Yes. Yes.

Christopher Kolchak: You know,

Kenric: who would, who would be a great culture check? That’s a great question. Who would be the, the culture? I don’t even know. Yeah. I don’t even know the guy that was in, that played Perry. Mason, have you watched that yet?

Christopher Kolchak: I’ve watched three or four of them.


I’m I’m definitely gonna watch them all.

I love it. And I, and I think Matthew Reese is phenomenal.

Kenric: Oh my God. He’s so good. He’s so good. I loved, John Lithgow in it. All the little nuances that he did with his character and the, the way that, you know, the way that his, how he carries himself and the idiosyncrasies that he shows on his face and the way he delivers stuff, it was like, it wasn’t a masterclass.

I swear to God, those people were watching a masterclass when they were sitting there acting with him. And I was like,

Christopher Kolchak: Oh no, let’s go. That was amazing. And I think, he’s one of those guys that sort of people forget, not that you forget him, but he. He is both a [00:40:00] star and a character actor, you know, watching him as Winston Churchill on the crown.


you know, he’s just remarkable. So he’s, he’s great. And Perry, Mason,

Kenric: Oh man. Now I can’t stop thinking about who would be a great culture check.

Christopher Kolchak: Well, Matthew Reese would be a good culture.

Kenric: It wouldn’t be a great culture,

Christopher Kolchak: you know, but he’s, he’s the rare person who can, can, you know, carry a show. but also, you know,

Kenric: Yeah, he would be a great culture check.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, he’d be, he’d be great. But he’s parents are Mason. So we have to come up with,

Kenric: would you want a movie or TV show? I think a TV show, like on a streaming service would be the way to do it.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, me too.

Kenric: Cause you feel more

Christopher Kolchak: thing

Kenric: service that you don’t have

Christopher Kolchak: to worry about if you, if you want to go full on horror.

Oh, you need somebody who’s got scruffy charm,

Kenric: you know, do you know who would be an amazing culture check? Who’s that? Oh, you look up his name so I don’t get it wrong. where is his name? Yeah, you guys are Daniel brah

Christopher Kolchak: Daniel, bro.

Kenric: That guy would be [00:41:00] awesome. I’m

Christopher Kolchak: trying to think. Is he, I’ll have to look

Kenric: him up.

He just got done. I don’t know if they’re going to do season three or not, but he just got done doing the aliens list with Dakota fanning and Luke Evans. Yep. And he plays the psychologist. He plays the alienness. He is so good. And Oh my God, his delivery lines of lines. He would be. Awesome.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, no, he’s good.

I know, I know who you’re talking about. He’s good.

Kenric: Oh, that’s awesome. I can totally fanboy out right now. This,

Christopher Kolchak: you know, who I can, who I can also see. mainly because he’s,


he’s an actor who is really pretty when he, when they need him to be pretty, but he also. Is like, you know,


you know, like 10, 10 look gritty, right. Is, Dan Stevens. Oh, the guy who, he was on Downton Abbey, but he [00:42:00] was on Legion and, the guest, if you’ve seen that movie good stuff.

so yeah, he’d be good. I mean, I think that there are, there are actors who can pull it off, you know,

Kenric: he would be really good at Legion. It was so good. Yeah, I I’m kind of bummed that it’s done no, such a good mood. That was such a good show.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. And, and actually, you know what I gotta say too is, I wouldn’t even mind, particularly if it’s a, if it’s a period piece, I don’t even mind, like, you know, let’s gender swap culture.

You don’t have to stick with a guy. You could have a woman play culture 100. And I think, I think there are a ton of actresses who could pull it off. And I was just thinking of, Of Dan Stevens thinking of Legion and made me think of ABI closet.

Kenric: Oh, I’ll be positive. Would be interesting.

Christopher Kolchak: Right? I mean, so there’s like, there are a lot of ways you could go, but I think the key is to have the actor who can do both character work, but, but still play the lead

Kenric: Regina King too.

What’s that Regina King

Christopher Kolchak: Regina King would be great.

Kenric: She’d be amazing. Really good. [00:43:00] Yeah. I could do it all. She, she, she can carry a show. She just showed that in Watchman. Yep. But then she’s an amazing character. That is just right. That is just there. That’s just carrying the star as they go through. Yeah. Oh yeah.

See, there’s so many things they could do that. It’s such a great character. I don’t understand why they would even, I’m sure it’s in development somewhere. It’s gotta be.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. I mean, but the thing is, remember. It’s in, in many cases, except for the small period where it was on Netflix and people like the girl at market basket, had seen it, you know, it’s pretty obscure.

Kenric: Yeah.

Christopher Kolchak: You know, which, which saddens me because it is the root of so much pop culture. Yeah. and I feel like it’s something that, you know, people who love this kind of stuff should, should put on their must-see list. You know,

Kenric: I think a lot of people that are into being creative, like yourself, know who cold check is, you know, I don’t know anybody that we’ve talked [00:44:00] to that is in their forties, at least in their forties and are actively writing and actively, doing something in the creative market.

I don’t know who he is. Right. You know what I mean? But I think getting him introduced to the younger generation to understand, you know, all these shows that they watch all this literature that they read, all the comic books that they read, that culture is a shining point to all of that. And a lot of ways and it’s, it is kind of sad that more and more don’t know, and they should know.

And, and, and maybe, we do more things like this, where we get to just talk and, and fan boy out on culture for, for an hour. Helps people go, Oh, maybe I should go check this out.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. Well it, it should be on their must

Kenric: watch list for sure. Yeah. Yeah. It just will. And just understanding when you’re watching it the time and place that it’s at, what they’re doing and, and really it.

Besides the key, the camera work is the only thing that doesn’t hold up

Christopher Kolchak: very [00:45:00] well. There are moments that are silly, but I’m watching with my son, Dan who’s 24 and a, and he loves it.

Kenric: That’s awesome. Now,

Christopher Kolchak: you know, I mean, come on, man. There’s the episode with Antonio Fargas, who was a huggy

Kenric: bear and Starsky and Hutch.


Christopher Kolchak: about the zombie and, and culture check is put into the back of the hearse and the junkyard. And he realizes that he’s actually on top of the zombie and that any minute now, the zombie is going to wake up. And he’s, he’s, he’s been searching for the zombie. So he wants to try to, to put this soul to rest.

So he has the salt that he has to pour on the zombies mouth. And he has the, the, the thread that he needs to end the needle he needs to. So the zombies lips close the salt that his mouth, and he’s in the middle of doing that. When the zombies eyes opened, I practically pissed myself when I was a little kid.

I knew that. You know,

Kenric: it’s fantastic stuff.

Christopher Kolchak: I will say though, [00:46:00] that there’s an episode on, on a cruise ship with a werewolf, and one was a kid. my memory of that when I was about 14, my memory of seeing that at nine years old, it was a love boat episode.

Kenric: Oh, that’s funny.

Christopher Kolchak: It was like, so I remember saying to my brother one day, come on.

What about that

Kenric: legit? That was weird. Mixed up.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. He was like,

Kenric: there

Christopher Kolchak: was no werewolf episode on love boat. I’m like, sure. There was don’t you remember?

Kenric: Oh my God, this is funny how that happens. Oh God. I used to, I thought the, the Halloween episode of Knight rider was 18, so that’s okay. That should have been a crossover.

Anyway, that should have been that would’ve been amazing. Crossover. Be able to practice with Michael Knight. Come on,

Christopher Kolchak: come on. What a team up team up.

Kenric: It’s ready to go.

Christopher Kolchak: That’s you know what? I have the strangest feeling that there’s a comic book company out there who would do that in

Kenric: a heartbeat. [00:47:00] you know, it, you know, it,

Christopher Kolchak: you know it at night rider and the team.

Kenric: So Chris, before we wrap up, tell me about what’s going on. What do you got going on right now? You just announced a thing with Amber. Maybe you can tell us. As much as you can about it. W I allowed to

Christopher Kolchak: tell you anything about it. Here’s what I, here’s what I can tell you.

Kenric: Yeah.

Christopher Kolchak: cause we haven’t signed any contracts.


Kenric: but all the,

Christopher Kolchak: all the, the agreements have been made, but we’re developing a, an audio drama. Cool. that. a lot of fans are gonna really love, I can’t say

Kenric: anything more than that. Yeah. That’s enough,

Christopher Kolchak: but it’s but when, when the news breaks of what it is, I think a lot of fans are going to be really happy.

Cool. and then, I’m writing a bunch of comics, most of which I still can’t announce because they were delayed by, by coronavirus. But yeah, so they’ve all been pushed to next year. but they’re all with dark horse at the moment. And, yeah, I have a lot of new comics coming from dark horse

Kenric: tonight.

Did you [00:48:00] see the new game in Norse mythology coming out with dark horse?

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. And I’m, I am, I don’t know if we talked about this. I am such a huge fan of Norse mythology in general. I haven’t read Neil’s book yet, even though I have it. Yeah. because,


it’s like one of the things I tap into for my own work a lot, and you know, I just, It’s it’s the other, the other leg of the stool, I guess, from

Kenric: my childhood is,

Christopher Kolchak: you know, coal check.

Well, before legs, cold check the Twilight zone to move Dracula, and a book called thunder of the gods by

Kenric: Dorothy Hosford that I read

Christopher Kolchak: 15 times in the fifth grade. And, but yeah, so,

Kenric: to me it appears Anthony’s the in-kind incarnations of immortality. I’ve read those books like so many times back in junior high.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. Well, that’s it. I mean, I was like, I found this in the school library. I was the only one who read it and I just took it out over and over and over and just kept rereading it. yeah. And that’s, so that’s part of my, my story DNA in a big way too. but anyway, and then, [00:49:00] my next novel. it’s called red hands and that’ll be out December 8th and, I’m totally pumped for people to read it.

I think it’s, it’s pretty dark, but,

Kenric: it’s a

Christopher Kolchak: horror thriller that combines, basically, not a virus, but a sort of, a young woman with the plague touch. She can kill you with a touch and it, it’s a thriller,

Kenric: but it also

Christopher Kolchak: wraps in the mask of the red death.

Kenric: Oh, that’s awesome.

Christopher Kolchak: There you go.

Kenric: There you go, man. You gotta, I’m trying to look up these books I read and I hate it when I can’t remember their names. Cause you’re like the Norse mythology and this guy wrote everything around the Norse mythology and did this amazing. Maybe you’ve read it. He did this amazing, not like there’s three novels so far.

God, I hate it. When I can’t remember. I’m looking at my Kindle to try to find them. And basically it’s about this police officer. Who’s a kid, his son and his [00:50:00] wife is kidnapped by these two serial killers and he follows them out and they go through a portal and he ends up going through a portal, ends up in the middle of this like Lake.

And then he goes through and he meets this old man and the old man. Starts talking to them and they start and they kind of decide that they need to get his kid and his wife back and where he’s at ends up being. And this isn’t a spoiler, so it’s not a big deal. He ends up being the, it’s where all the Norse gods have come from.

And the old man. Is more near. And it’s funny because everybody called him Thor. He goes, my name’s not Thor. It’s more near. And he’s like, but everybody, he goes, I thought that was the name of the hammer. He goes, no, I put my name on my hammer because it’s my hammer. That’s why my, you know, it’s like, you put your name on your stuff that you own, you know what I mean?

And that’s what he does, but it goes through it’s, I’ll find it, Chris and I will send it to you [00:51:00] because, It really? I can’t believe, I don’t know. I don’t have it on my thing,

Christopher Kolchak: but it’s like, typically that sounds like something I would, I would read

Kenric: typically

Christopher Kolchak: I kind of stay away from, I have this novel that I’ve written.

I don’t know about 150 pages of that, that I’m going to finish someday. that is very much a Norse mythology intruding on the real world novel. and, so I tend to want to avoid,

Kenric: Oh, that makes

Christopher Kolchak: other variations on that theme. Yeah. but this sounds like it’s different enough from what I’m doing that it might be cool.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s, it’s actually, it’s really good. It’s really good. And then the other thing I would suggest since you, you know, because Richard, you know who Richard cadre is.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah, of course. Yeah.

Kenric: So Sam and slim, very much a cold check, type of character.

Christopher Kolchak: Oh yeah, for sure.

Kenric: Not a rip off, but a very much a hugely influenced and yeah.

So, [00:52:00] but obviously I don’t have to tell you, cause you already know who he is. Yeah,

Christopher Kolchak: no, I haven’t. You know, I actually, have only read a couple of those books. Richard’s great. And, I definitely need to read more of them, but yeah, I I’d be curious to know whether or not he was influenced by culture Jack, because it certainly has that feel or at least it’s in the same family.

Yeah. yeah, I think I might’ve found the novel. You’re talking about, what’s it called? Googling, is it called blood Eagle?

Kenric: Mm. No, it’s God, man. I don’t understand why I don’t. I look at my, maybe it’s an Oh, it’s in my audible. One second. I can tell you here in a second.

Christopher Kolchak: Okay. It’s funny. Cause I just found this thing where it’s like is a novel, Set in Germany.

it says it’s, in the character haunts a serial killer who uses an ancient Viking ritual of human sacrifice

Kenric: to kill his

Christopher Kolchak: victims. But clearly that’s not the same

Kenric: errant gods,

Christopher Kolchak: E R

Kenric: R a N T gods. That’s the first one. All right. And it’s by [00:53:00] Eric Henry Vick and this guy, he does a great job. And, when you go through and you read it, it’s, there’s lots of twists and turns.

It’s a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait for the fourth book. All right, cool.

Christopher Kolchak: Yeah. I’m I’m looking at it right now. I’m going to add it to my,

Kenric: there you go. You got to tell him what you think.

Christopher Kolchak: My wishlist. Oh, it’s

Kenric: it’s big too

Christopher Kolchak: long.

Kenric: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. The guy does a good job. You got to tell me what you think because you know, and then when you, when you are able to announce what’s going on with Amber Benson, maybe you can come back on and share with us what’s going on.

I I’d be happy to do that. as I think,

Christopher Kolchak: you know, when, after it’s been announced, I’d be happy to come back on and talk about it. We’ll grab Amber and we will come on. And,

Kenric: that would be amazing. and we’ll discuss the project,

Christopher Kolchak: but it’s going to be, it’s going to be great.

Kenric: Yeah. And then, so everybody listening, get out there, look up, do yourself a favor.

And I don’t know if this is the best place for you, Christopher, but go to Amazon typing Christopher Colton, look at all the stuff he’s written and just, you know, buy them all.

[00:54:00] Christopher Kolchak: You can go to here’s the good thing, go to Christopher golden.com who even better. And then every book you look at, you can choose where you want to order it from whether it be Amazon or

Kenric: independent bookstores or, you know, even better kinds of ways better.

There you go, Kristen. Thank you so much. I love that you love culture so much. You wanted to come on and talk with us about it. we got, you know, it, it definitely gave me the bug to go and watch the TV series again. Yeah, yeah.

Christopher Kolchak: And me too. Cause I’ve actually been rewatching it with my

Kenric: son. Yeah, yeah, no, I’m going to,


Kenric: think I’m going to tweet at you and I’m going to put you a list of actors I think would be perfect for a new show.

And then, and then you can tell me what all right. That sounds good. That sounds good.

Christopher Kolchak: All right. And we’ll, we’ll keep coming up with casting and then.

Kenric: Somebody who will make it someday. Somebody will make it someday and then we’ll be like those. That was our idea.

Christopher Kolchak: So

Kenric: we need some payback. No, I’m kidding. All right, man, we’ll talk to you soon.

[00:55:00] Awesome. Thank you. Thanks Chris. Bye

Christopher Kolchak: bye. Bye. Thank you,

Kenric: you too.


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