“Kingsman: The Secret Service” – Way better than expectations.

Let’s start this out with the trailer, shall we?

Let’s be honest, this movie is James Bond on speed. This is everything the modern people want their James Bond to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Daniel Craig is a wonderful bond, and they look really good. I went and saw Skyfall in theaters and fell asleep from boredom. I know I’ll get hate from James Bond fans (like Joe from The Dynamic Duel Podcast), but whatever. Stop making boring films.

Now THIS film is anything buy boring. It’s action packed and humorous from start to finish.  I had been trying to get my wife to watch this movie with me for a couple of days and then finally got her to sit down and watching with me and our 15 year old son. To cut to the chase, I can’t say my wife liked it, but we almost left the house at 10pm to go to the theater to see The Golden Circle. We almost went and saw it last night, and would have if we would have not been so damned tired. Enough of that, we loved it, let me get to the actual review.

Spoilers will be below this bold text. 

I was honestly leary of this movie when I first saw the trailer. Not because it looked bad, but it was coming out at a time where I was honestly a little burnt out of action movies and wanted a break. I didn’t really see a lot of movies in the theater at the time due to burn out, moving, life and more. Looking back on it now, after I’ve seen this movie, I’m pretty sad I didn’t force myself to go see it. It’s a real gem of an R rater comic book movie.

Now as of this writing I have not read the comics from Mark Millar, but I did add them to my stack of books I will be reading over the next few months. If the books are half as good as the movie (and let’s be honest, they are probably better) then I will love them. Ok, back to the review.

Colin Firth, man that guy is great. I liked him in Bridgette Jones, He was great in The King’s Speech and he makes the british spy a gentleman and a bad ass as Galahad. Taron Egerton is awesome as Eggsy and Samuel L. Jackson (the L stands for mother fucker, look it up) turns in a really good performance as the villain Valentine with a very convincing lisp.

Honestly, I could gush about this movie a lot. It hit all the things I love. Great action sequences, a good story that developed as you watched it. It was almost as if it was two movies playing at once. You have Eggsy and his trials of loosing his dad to becoming an agent, then you had Galahad’s missions and his story evolve throughout as well. The two stories weaved together wonderfully.

I do have to say, my favorite scene in the whole movie was when Galahad was in the church or racists and bigots and, well, he killed them all. As a person who doesn’t understand how you could possibly be a racist in 2017, and after the things they had the preacher saying, this scene was very satisfying for me. I may have watched it more than once. Not to say I wish violence on anyone, but still.

The final fight was great, Eggsy and Merlin were the last two in a battle of unsurmountable odds. I really don’t want to give it away, I’ll just say it was mind blowing.


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