Kenobi: Revelations

Kenobi: Revelations is fan fic written by the two biggest Star Wars nerds in the #spoilerverse. Robert Slavinsky and Colton Bird. Over the next few months we will be pushing out chapters as we explore what an Obi-Wan Kenobi series between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope could look like.

While the writing is a bit raw and not formatted like a script, this is simply us getting our ideas on paper and seeing if others enjoy it as much as we do.

Make sure to throw some comments down below whether you like it or not.


Eight years have passed since the Jedi purge. Former Clone Wars General and Jedi Master OBI-WAN KENOBI has secluded himself on the distant planet of Tattooine watching over the child of his former Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. In the years following his seclusion Obi-Wan, now going as Ben, has been haunted by what transpired with his student. Shutting himself off from the Force Ben’s final mission is to protect who he believes is the true Chosen One. LUKE SKYWALKER…

Hello There

Ben is living a simple life on Tattooine. As he is tending to a moisture evaporator near his hut. A funny looking alien rides by and a friendly exchange is had between the two.  

Ben now riding a Duback through the desert. In the distance we see a familiar setting. (Lars’ Homestead). Ben sits there pondering about life and how he came to where he is today. Ben hears a voice.  

Owen Lars – “Ben, I thought we talked about you not coming by here anymore? Luke is getting to the age where he may begin asking questions on who you are. 

Ben – “I like to check up from time to time Owen.”  

Owen – “Look, to best protect him you need to stay away. He is our boy now, and we will protect and raise him as we see fit.”  

Ben discouraged calms himself and begins to ride off 

Ben – “Regardless of my presence, he will start to question his place in this life.”  

Owen, annoyed, waves Ben off and heads back to his homestead.  

Ben makes his way back to his hut and makes himself a meal. He walks over to a chest sitting on the floor opens it to place his cloak inside and he catches a glimpse of two lightsabers sitting inside. (His own and Anakin’s) He slowly falls back into a couch closing his eyes.   


We are on Mustafar, the lava pit is raging. We are looking through the eyes of Obi-Wan Kenobi he looks down and there lay Anakin Skywalker. It pans out to see we are at the emotional scene from Revenge of the Sith where Anakin Skywalker dies.  


Anakin – “I HATE YOU!!!”  

Obi-Wan – “You were my brother Anakin. I Loved You 

As Anakin begins to burn Obi-Wan flinches and begins to walk to Padme’s ship.

A Loud Rumbling is heard and Ben’s hut shakes. Ben is shaken awake and he rushes out into the darkness and sees an Imperial ship chasing another. 

The Next Day Ben heads into Mos Eisly spaceport for some supplies. While there he begins hearing rumblings about Imperial soldiers looking for a young man who is a fugitive of the Empire. Rumor has it that he has made his way to Anchorhead.  

Ben ponders what is happening… 

Ben – (under his breath) “Luke?” 

Concerned about Luke’s safety he decides to investigate and heads to Anchorhead. After arriving he notices an imperial ship and a platoon of Stormtroopers.  

This is our first glimpse of an Inquisitor. One of his arms is robotic in nature, his face is hidden with a mask and on his belt we see his lightsaber. Intimidating a merchant on the street the Inquisitor begins asking questions.  

Inquisitor (voice muffled and distorted from the mask) – “We have heard rumors of a boy using unnatural abilities nearby. Tell us where he is and we will go in peace. Otherwise…”  

The Inquisitor ignites his lightsaber. Points it at the merchant when a blast is heard and a stormtrooper falls to the ground. The Inquisitor turns Force pushing the merchant back into the wall.  

Inquisitor – “Brave, but foolish boy”  

The Inquisitor looks at the surrounding troopers and points in the direction of the blast insinuating for them to investigate. The troopers hesitantly walk towards the area. As a trooper walks forward a few steps we begin to hear beeping, slow but getting faster and faster.  

*BLAST* A detonator goes off blowing a number of the troopers and debris around the street. A hooded figure begins running towards a docking bay.  

Ben tries to focus his sight on the figure running but can’t quite make out who it could be.  

The Inquisitor speaks into his commlink and heads towards the commotion.   

Inquisitor – (into commlink) “He is here we have him pinned down in docking bay 7”  

Ben, sneaks around and makes his way to the docking bay and sees the Stormtroopers surrounding a ship. The Inquisitor tries to negotiate and have the boy come out of the ship. But after multiple failed attempts he motions to the troopers to storm the ship. As they get closer the engines start up and a small gun drops down and begins firing on the Imperials. A firefight ensues and the Inquisitor begins dodging the blasts. The Ship begins to take off, the Inquisitor leaps towards the ship but is hit by the ships thrusters throwing him back.

 The ship makes its way towards space.  
As the remaining troopers begin scrambling The Inquisitor once again talks into his commlink 

Inquisitor – (into the commlink) “Do NOT lose that ship!”  

He storms out of the bay and begins to make his way towards his ship. The troopers follow and two tie fighters are seen overhead heading towards the boy’s ship.  

Ben, stroking his beard and concentrating sees movement in the distance and decides to investigate further.  

The Inquisitors ship takes off and joins the tie fighters that flew overhead.  

Ben, following the cloaked by walking through the town. He begins moving faster and swiftly makes his way through the crowd returning to the street.  

Ben has trouble keeping up and at the last moment sees the boy duck into an alley.  

Keeping his distance Ben makes his way into the alley. The boy is gone. He lost him. Ben looks around, defeated yet still curious. Ben hears the shuffling of feet in an instant Kenobi taps into the Force ever so briefly grabbing his saber from his belt and blocking a lightsaber coming down on him from the cloaked boy. 

The Cloaked man goes for another blow but Ben using one bit more of the Force pushes him back knocking the saber from his hand.  

Ben then turns his saber off. Again shutting himself off from the Force.  

The Hood falls off the man and we see a young redhead and a small BD unit on his back. A bit of anger on his face but when he looks up at Ben his look changes to being surprised.  

Redhead – “Ma….Master Kenobi?”   

Ben looks down at the man perplexed.  

Ben – “Who are you?”  

Redhead – “It is you! I thought….we thought you died during the purge. How did you survive?”  

The Redheaded man gets to his feet using the force to pull his lightsaber to him and attaching it to his belt. He slowly walks over to Ben, smiling ear to ear. Ben perplexed. 

Redhead – ” I’m Cal, Cal Kestis.” 

END Chapter 1  

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