With Zack Snyder’s Justice League releasing in less than one month, Watertower Music and Junkie XL have released the first complete piece of music for the highly anticipated movie. You can hear it below.

In late 2017, just a few months prior to Justice Leagues release, WB announced that Danny Elfman (Batman 89, Spider-Man, Beetlejuice) would be replacing Tom Holkenborg (Mad Max Fury Road, Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) as composer for the 2017 Justice League film. For many fans this move didn’t sit right and began the fear that the movie releasing would not be what fans were expecting. With that they moved forward and they kept hope alive believing the Justice League movie that was releasing in November 2017 was what they had all been waiting for.

Let’s be honest here, while Danny Elfman has been a fantastic composer within the film industry for the past 20+ years, his tone and delivery is not exactly inline with what Zack Snyder, Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL had been creating the past two films. It’s important to note also that Elfman was given a nearly impossible task with creating new memorable themes and an entire score with less than a few months prior to release. While there are interesting choices made with Elfman’s score, it is nice to see the hard work of Tom Holkenborg getting respect and heard.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League releases March 18, 2021 Exclusively on HBOMax

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