Join the Undead Legions in RocketBrush Studio’s The Unliving

RocketBrush Studio has dropped a reveal trailer for their upcoming RPG The Unliving. The dark fantasy game is set to release on PC in 2021! The Unliving draws inspiration from the Xbox title Overlord and the PC and console classic Diablo II.

“In The Unliving, players wield the dark art of necromancy to command a growing army of the undead through a mystical world, wreaking havoc across humanity’s domains and turning fallen enemies into servants. While the Necromancer may control the undead even he cannot escape death; with each reincarnation, players must learn from their mistakes, forge new strategies, and overcome the living, all while trying to unravel the secrets buried deep in forgotten corners of the world of The Unliving.”

The Unliving is set to release on PC in 2021!

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