Jet City Comic Con 2019 – Costume Contest and more!

You all know JCCC is one of my favorite shows each year. We talked about it in 2017 where I had a table, again in 2018 as media attendees and now the 2019 show is coming upon us! It’s October 26-27 at the Tacoma Convention center in Tacoma Washington! Click here to buy some tickets!

Let’s talk about the Costume Contest

Convention costumes contests are one of the last things available at a show that I have not spent a lot of time at. I’ve always wanted to go to them, I’ve talked about them, I love cosplay, but sadly I’ve never gone to one. I have very much enjoyed costumes I see at shows, had my kids post for pictures with more cosplayers than I can count. Hell, the wife and I even planned to go to the Masquerade in San Diego this year…but we didn’t.

So why am I writing about a costume contest if I’ve never gone to one?

Easy, I WANT to go to one and if I manage to make it to Jet City this year (good chance) I’m going to make sure I go to it!

More Details on the Costume Contest

Both the kids and adults costume contest will be held on Saturday, October 26th in the Lobby of the Tacoma Convention Center.

1:00pm – Kids 12 and Under / 5:00pm – Adults 13 and Over

Adult Contest Prizes:
1st Prize: $500 / 2nd Prize: $200 / 3rd Prize: $100

Kids Contest Prizes:
1st Prize: $50 / 2nd Prize: $35 / 3rd Prize: $20

Click Here for All the Details!

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