Jason Todd Repeating History on DC Universe Titans!

Back in 1988 DC Comics did something interesting. They held a vote via a 900 number to determine the fate of the new Robin character Jason Todd. DC had only introduced him 5 years earlier in Batman #366 after original Robin (Dick Grayson) left being a sidekick, put on a high collar shirt with a plunging neck line, and changed his name to Nightwing. It was a bold choice but from what I’ve learned in my many years talking comic book lore with everyone is that fans were not happy with the new Robin because his origin, his personality, and really everything was just too much like the OG Robin, Dick Grayson.

Had the fans voted to save Jason, this would have been the alternate page by Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Mike DeCarlo

I’m not entirely sure how true this is cause I was 6 when all this went down. My dad, who was not 6 when this went down, always told me the vote was rigged because someone made a robo-caller that called every 90 seconds to vote for his death. (I mean, he stood by it and this one guy on Reddit said it, it has to be true)

I always found it interesting to handle the death of a major character via a vote. Especially one that could be rigged. And not like a no-body character, the current ROBIN of all things. Still, some big balls on DC for doing it. I mean it’s 100% a publicity stunt. Hell, it made it into the New York Times of all things.

So On the DC Universe streaming service they have this show Titans, you might have heard of it. On it Dick Grayson recently promoted himself from Robin to Nightwing which mean that Batman needed a new boy wonder, enter Jason Todd. Now is Season two what do they do? They end an episode with a possible death for Jason Todd and put it up to a vote online to see if he lives or dies!

History repeats itself!

Go vote for yourself here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/news/poll-should-titans-jason-todd-live-or-die/

At the time of posting this the results sit at 50/50. I for one am hoping he dies, although it wont be in the same way as the comics (beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker) but still, if they don’t kill them they can’t bring in Tim drake, the greatest Robin of them all.

Can you tell what I voted for?

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