Is this the End of Redwood….. Probably Not – AHS 1984 Episode 5 Review

Well we’ve reached the halfway point of this season of American Horror Story. It has been nothing short of a roller coaster. Between the countless deaths and mis-directions, this season is full of horror stereotypes. With tons of twists and turns, this episode seems to lead to the conclusion of our time at Camp Redwood.


This episode begins in 1980, where we see a younger Donna follow a couple to a house. Donna, visible upset, follows the couple as they walk into the nearby house. Donna knocks on the door as loud music can be heard inside. She eventually goes inside the house, and this is where we find out that the Donna suspects her father of cheating on her mother. This is quite contrary to what she finds. She finds the woman that was with her father, disemboweled on her fathers bed. She also finds evidence of other victims while trying to help the girl get out of the bed. Donna’s father comes in and apologizes that she had to see all of the mess. She offers to help him but he says there’s no helping him and stabs himself in the neck.

Back in 1984, we see that Ramirez is telling Donna that he was reborn as evil incarnate. He also convinces her that everyone has darkness in them, including her father. A vision of her father then appears to convince her to follow in his footsteps.

Back with the bigger group of survivors, Xavier begins to freak out and decides to try to make smoke signals with the exploded car. Margaret then knocks him out and the group go to a nearby cabin. Margaret then says that she saw a group of people across the lake and says that someone needs to help her. Montana volunteers Chet, and the two set out across the lake. This leaves Brooke, Montana, and an knocked out Xavier in the cabin. As Brooke looks out of a window, she sees a clueless Ray wandering around the camp. He states that his mind is blurry and apparently doesn’t remember dying.

Two Lovers on the Lake

As Chet and Margaret go out of the lake, she begins to act weird. She confesses everything she has done. She confesses to the murders in 1974 and the murders of the night before attacking Chet with a boat oar. While he is startled, she tries cutting off his ear before he fights her off. She quickly adapts and wraps him up in a rope and attaches him to the anchor. She pushes Chet out of the boat, drowning him.

Back in the Camp

Ray and Brooke end up running into the cafeteria. The two have a heart to heart with Brooke moving to Las Angeles to be a no one. She also confesses that she thinks her fiance never loved her. Ray confesses that he wanted to be a doctor, which costed him everything. The two then kiss and then do the sex at each other, ending with Brooke losing her virginity. The moment is cut short when the two find out that Ray is dead, finding his head in a fridge in the Mess Hall.

Donna ends up inside the cabin with Xavier and Montana. This is when she confesses to releasing Mr. Jingles on the camp, an infuriated Xavier then chases her out of the cabin and through the woods. As Donna is hiding from Xavier, she is confronted by Mr. Jingles. She begs for him to kill her, saying he has the eyes for one more kill. While saying this he is tending to his wounds from is altercation with Margaret.

Mr. Jingles then runs into Margaret. He disarms her, then begins choking her and lifting her above his head. Just as she begins to lose consciousness, Xavier shoots Mr. Jingles with a bow and arrow. He states that he played Robin Hood once before and shoot several more arrows at Mr. Jingles killing him. As Xavier goes to check on Margaret, she stabs him killing him.

Jingles mysteriously appears back alive and is asked by Ramirez if he accepts Satan as his master.

Brooke, freaked out, runs into Montana. Montana continues to belittle her, before hitting Brooke in the head knocking her down. Montana then begins her monologue and explaining why she hates Brooke. As she begins to strangle Brooke, Brooke stabs her in the leg.

The End of the Night

As the sun begins to come up on the longest night of the characters lives, the bus full of kids arrive at the camp. No sooner do they pull up, Brooke finally stabs and murders Montana. As the police and paramedics arrive to the scene, they find a ton of evidence and bodies. Margaret, hiding behind a cabin, stabs herself in the leg and blames Brooke for all the murders of the night. Ray, wondering the crime scene, is stopped by a paramedic. She checks his vitals, and discovers that he has no pulse. As the ambulance he was put in drives past the Camp Redwood sign, he seemingly appears on the ground unable to escape the camp. The counselors from 1970, Montana, and Ray then begin to accept that they are gods around the camp. Ramirez and Mr. Jingles are seen driving away in a stolen police car.

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