Is Space Jam A New Legacy any Good?

Joining John today is Robert from Bridging the Geekdoms to talk about the new Space Jam A New Legacy! Is it any good? Did John and Robert like it? Watch/listen and find out!

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Space Jam 2 – Review with Robert

John:  [00:00:00] Hey man, what’s up?

Robert: What’s going on, man. It’s been awhile. It’s

John: been a while. So you and I have sat down and chatted at least not through discord.

Robert: Yeah. Discord or I mean, we did that little interview for my show a couple of weeks back, but besides that we haven’t chatted for a while. So this is kind of nice.

John: It’s fun. But we are here is a split country and the crossover event again, and that is the quickie, but we decided to come on and talk about space. Two

Robert: two, yeah. A new legacy, a new piece of shit in my mind, but wait

John: a dive right into it. Right. Jump into the whole.

Robert: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, look, I mean, I already did a review on my, on my channel.

So if you are somebody that disliked the movie, go check out my review and maybe you’ll agree with me on that.

John: What would you like to make your check out interview and send some, Hey, cause Robert loves the hate comments lately.

Robert: I tell you what it’s been crazy lately. That’s another show.

John: So let’s get into that.

And what, what didn’t you like about the movie?

Robert: Well, [00:01:00] you can tell, like the biggest thing that I really didn’t like about it was the marketing. It was basically one big ass commercial for Warner brothers and not a good one because it, it, for instance, it highlighted Austin power. And the matrix now the matrix is okay because we have a fourth one coming.

It’s exactly like, why are you marketing these properties that are 20 years old or older? Like, it, it didn’t make much sense. Not only that, but they’re showing these and a kids movie, which my oldest son is 12. I’m not going to have him watch Austin Powers.

John: Yeah. And there’s also the guys from clockwork orange in the background, like, yeah.

Robert: Yeah. I mean, th the, the marketing idea, like I get that they probably want it to not only get kids, but also get adults into it, but here’s where they missed is the adults [00:02:00] were going to go see it regardless because it’s space on space jam too. And all the people. You know, 10, 12, 15 years old in 1996 are in their thirties or forties now wanting to see this.

Yeah. They didn’t have to appease what they needed to do to a piece to that. Crowd was give us more of what we enjoyed back then, which was. Giving us little nods, like the, the Monstars. Okay. The Monstars with the, the, the villains of the first one, we get what like a three second clip of them and that’s it to me, it’s just, it missed on, on so many different levels.

And the big excuse that everybody keeps giving is, oh, it’s a kid’s meal. Well, you know, kids movies can be good also just because it’s shit doesn’t mean that it, oh, it’s just a kid’s movie. It’s shit. What do you expect now take a look at what Disney has been putting out. Those are all kids’ movies. I mean, if you know, I haven’t been a big fan of what Disney Pixar has been doing lately, but they’re [00:03:00] still enjoyable kids’ movies because they still give you good lessons.

This really doesn’t give a kids’ lesson at all. And I’m sorry, I’m model LeBron fan. I actually kind of think LeBron is a jackass in real life and that’s another problem I have with him because Jordan’s

John: a Jack has real life too.

Robert: Yes. But if you take a look at 1996, we didn’t know that. So back in 1996, I mean, as for instance, 96.

I was 10 years old. Michael Jordan was the star. And in my, in my household, we’re a hockey family and I’m from Pittsburgh. And in the mid nineties, who was the big player in the NHL, Mario Lemieux. And he was on our team. But the next. Famous player that we knew after Mario Lemieux was Michael Jordan. I mean, that’s, that’s who you knew.


John: just actually no other athletes can get in a long time as is doesn’t matter whether you watch sports, don’t watch sports or whatever sport you like, you know, in the nineties, you knew who Michael Jordan was. Yes. Yeah. ABB, if you, [00:04:00] if you never watched a good basketball in your life, you knew who Michael Jordan.

Robert: Yeah. I mean, yeah, exactly. And that’s kind of where and, and, and like, even with space jam, like it made me want to go play basketball. We had a basketball hoop in our, in my, on my back porch. Yeah. I would watch space jam and immediately want to go outside and shoot hoops again, hockey family. Look at me.

I’m not in basketball shape. I’ve never been in basketball shape, but that movie got me so excited about basketball that I joined my middle school team and played for a season. Played for a season,

John: we’re on the team for a season,

Robert: but that’s, you know, this movie doesn’t do that. Like my, my boys liked it, but that was it.

They came out and were like, yeah, we liked it. There was no excitement behind it, no enthusiasm. And it’s all, it was also a great place to introduce the Looney tunes because. They’ve been kind of in this weird place for the last 15 years. And this would have been a great opportunity to, to relaunch the Looney tunes [00:05:00] for a new generation.

And they just kind of played second, second fiddle to LeBron and they. Together. Like it wasn’t like LeBron and Looney tunes. Like the first one was Michael Jordan and the Looney tunes and they worked together. So, I mean, I could go on,

John: let me give her country. I can hear what you’re saying. I actually enjoyed the movie.

But for a lot of different reasons, you’re not ringing up. The marketing, I thought it was stupid. Like I didn’t, I didn’t care for how embedded one of those put themselves into this movie. Like they took the the running player. Yes, thrown us all to at you. See if it works, it’s just throwing us dollar to here.

Here’s king Kong. Here’s Batman, here’s joker. Here’s, here’s a really bad penguin. You know, here’s the club of orange guys. Here’s all this stuff. Here’s the matrix. Here’s king Kong. Here’s iron giant. Again, here’s all these things from your childhood. There are things you’ve watched growing up in the background for you to like, get all these cameos and all these, all these like Easter eggs like that.

And there was an overabundance of that. But if you just pull that [00:06:00] out and ignore them, I like the story of the kid and his dad. Right. I liked the story of it. The whole, you know, the dad trying to instill his views on the kid, which is age old tale of, you know, th the living through your kid, even though he is successful, he wants his kid to live up to what he’s doing.

And then the kid wanted to do something completely. You know, and, and it was it predictable a hundred percent, right? Most kids, movies are family films are predictable because they have to be because kids don’t want that, that turn at the end. Kids want that happily ever after. Right? Yeah. They strive on.

So could you, could we predict from the beginning that he was going to make a game and it was going to go through or something’s going to happen with the video game stuff he was doing? And the dad, LeBron was going to turn at the end and be like, oh, Hey, go, do you do. I liked, but I liked that. I liked that story line there.

I thought it was really good. And there was some things that didn’t make any sense. Like as soon as they started playing basketball and Ali, whatever his name was, Ali G rhythm said, you know, if you lose, [00:07:00] everybody stays here. Why is Dom staying on it?

Robert: Well, yeah, I mean, but

John: at that point, Don, at that point, Don could have stayed on the team, but it should have been dominant team questioning and predominant even question.

He was like, okay, I’m going to battle my dad. And like, those are problems. I don’t have, that’s all I have for the movie. Right. I, it was, that is some story stuff, the marketing stuff, all the Easter egg stuff, it’s dumb, but it’s whatever. Right. It’s whatever. I think they could have tackled it better. But it was also the, within the story that they.

It was the perfect movie to throw all the Easter eggs into it because they built it up assets, server verse, which I couldn’t, I couldn’t know, but they got Snyder versus the whole time when I was watching the contained servers, but this server verse of all the Warner brothers worlds they had going on, which was interesting, but ultimately whatever.

But I, I mean the elements of the Lou tunes, we got, I enjoyed, I wanted more of it. I wanted more loony tunes, less other stuff. Right. I think if be, would have spent, and there was a long lead in to get. On this, [00:08:00] like, it was a good, I didn’t count, but I’ve, I’ve, I’ve talked to my head and I’m probably wrong.

I would say a good 20 minutes before we got to bugs.

Robert: You know, you’re talking about some story issues that you had with it also. And a lot of people didn’t catch this one. So the moment that they send LeBron to the rejects, he says to the rejects, which is Looney tune world. Right. He knows that there’s no loony tunes.

He knows that they’re not. So he’s sending them to what rejects. Now he’s sending him to bugs bunny and here’s the thing. Did he know that? Did he know bugs stay behind or did he not, but he’s, he was making it like, oh, we’ll send them to the rejects to get people. There was nobody there there’s like issues with the story.

And then I can see the draw for kids because it’s flashy.

John: Love it. My kids thought it was great. I mean, they had all the time,

Robert: a good time with it. And again, yes, it is a kid’s movie, but I, to me, I just truly feel like it missed on a lot [00:09:00] of. A lot of opportunity for nostalgia for one, and then let’s not forget, like, so we had that little few seconds mark with the Monstars and then nothing with Michael Jordan, which was shocking to me, Michael B.

Jordan, which first off that joke was funny, 15 years ago, hardly

John: would have been funny in the film played as is, had it been followed up by Jordan somewhere. Oh, yes. Yeah, it had Michael Jordan was shown up somewhere in that film. After that, that joke would have played better, but as it’s a giant teas with no payoff.

Robert: And

John: it’s the thing that here’s, here’s the tough question. Here’s a hard question. I don’t, I don’t know if we can be able to answer this. If you had never seen space jam. Would you have enjoyed it? Would you ever done something more?

Robert: No, I don’t think I would have been. I, I, again, I think there’s so many issues with the movie on its own that I’m looking at.

Okay. [00:10:00] Yeah, the nostalgia they missed out on, but over here, their story issues, which we’ve mentioned and the blatant marketing and bad marketing for their other films that we look at, some of those people in the cost play, but they had.

John: The costume for the penguin was bad. They were

Robert: all horrible. It just, none of it looked good.

And the announcers they had for the basketball game were annoying. Like there’s so many things that just did not work with it. And I’m sorry, I’m a big Don Cheadle thing. I love him in almost anything, but this was just not a good choice for not a

John: good choice. I thought he did a great job playing that character and that care was supposed to be obnoxious, annoying, just straight up evil.

And I think he did a good job doing that, but I don’t think that was the right character for the movie.

Robert: Yeah. Okay. That actually, yeah. I mean, I get that.

John: Yeah. I don’t Don short offer his role. I think he did fantastic. Exactly. He was given. I just don’t think that we should have been what they’d gone with the movie.

I think they made him, they made him to one note. He was too much [00:11:00] of a one-note bad guy, but Cheeto played him really well. And the kid saying good things about the kid who played Dom. Like he did a, he did a good job acting. He was great. Yeah. Actually all the kids were good in this movie, which was, which was, it’s kind of funny to hear the kids outside the adults.

Right. LeBron wasn’t terrible. Right. For a basketball player, turned actor. I think, I think he was on par with acting level of Jordan, you know? Cause

Space Jam 2 – COMBINED: Jordan

Robert: wasn’t the best actor. I mean, that’s that’s yeah. The acting, I’m not, I’m not looking at it from the, I mean they’re basketball players. They’re not actors.

I mean, maybe he turns into, to an actor later in his career. Maybe if that’s what he wants to do. That’s why he went to LA. Who

John: knows my biggest problem with this movie though, overall, I want to preface this all with, I did enjoy it. I had fun to watch with my kids, and I think I enjoyed it because I watched it with my kids and we all talked the whole time and had had a good time with it.

Yeah. Obviously we can break it apart and destroy it as far as what we’re doing here. But my biggest problem with the movie is the game they’re playing with this high stakes. They have. [00:12:00] There’s no semblance of any kind of rules or point structure that make it that matter. So the game was a hundred percent arbitrary,

Robert: which again goes around to the excitement I had in the original for basketball.

Like they, they broke the rules from time to time with the basketball, but it was still basketball. Like they were still playing a basketball. Yeah.

John: It wasn’t like, oh, this spider could just keep dunking over and over again. There’s no way I could get style points. Sure. Add style points. But to give it some kind of a, you get 20 points for style point or whatever, right.

Not just infinite or whatever, whatever they feel like put it on the knee. There was, there’s just no reasoning, no rhyme or reason to the point structure, which made the basketball game feel completely pointless of the movie and where the, and. That part. I didn’t like a lot. I said, well, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no reason for this is that they can do it.

They can fine. They can be playing Parcheesi and it’s the same shit doesn’t matter. So, but that’s our, that’s our quick take on it. I enjoyed it, but there’s lots of problems with it. I wish it was better. And I wish Jordan was in it at least [00:13:00] somewhere. And I, I expected more out of it. My kids loved it, but I expect them.

Robert: Yeah. I mean, again, there’s no, I mean, there’s nothing that’s going to make me say that this movie was any good. I didn’t laugh one time. I was actually talking to a couple other people today about it. Not one. No, no, there was not a moment in that movie where I chuckled. Oh

John: man. I can’t say that. I, there was, there were definitely some funny parts in it for me, but overall I’d say it’s.

One of those movies you just watched in the background as once and the never watch again. We’re a space-time I’ve watched literally, oh, I,

Robert: a year I put it on it. Occasionally. It’s a great movie. It’s a good time. It’s good. Fun. But again, that just playing on nostalgia because we were

John: 10 15 to watch this movie in 20 years from now and thinking it’s great.

You know, who knows? Maybe. Yeah. So there you go. That’s our roughly 10 minute take on space jam too. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Next time, whatever the hell, the next time.

Robert: And make sure you go to bridging geekdom [00:14:00] on YouTube, Spotify, apple podcasts, all that stuff. Yeah. It’s whatever’s dot com also.

John: Yeah. And if you haven’t heard of split country, go check them out too.

I hear it. I hear they’re pretty good. I don’t know. They’re pretty good. I heard they’re all right. All right. So yeah, in for all the fun stuff and this is Although I found out that from Sumner, that this means, fuck you in England. So I should not do this anymore. We have a lot of English listeners, so not fuck you.

But peace.


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