Introducing Shootin’ the Sith

Shootin’ the Sith is a podcast dedicated to bringing you good old Star Wars talk where you won’t need a protocol droid fluent in over 6 million forms of communication to enjoy yourself.  Host Robert Slavinsky will be talking about the latest news, rumors, controversies, and whatever else may be going on in a Galaxy Far Far away so you can make this your one stop podcast for all your Star Wars needs.

Robert Slavinsky has been a fan of Star Wars since the mid 1990’s when his mother bought the THX remastered version of A New Hope on VHS. It was not long after that where his toys transitioned from Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles to the latest and greatest Star Wars Power of the Force toy line.  

Jump ahead 20 years, Robert and a friend of his started a little podcast called Star Wars talk where he and his co-host would discuss and dissect all things in the greatest film saga to ever be released. This was simply a hobby to have an outlet for diving into all things Star Wars but as things progressed and a following grew a brand change seemed like the right move to legitimize the show and thus ‘Shootin’ the Sith‘ was born.

Unfortunately, Over the past 6 months life got in the way and Shootin’ the Sith fell to the way side. Now jumping over with the rag tag team of misfits of Spoiler Country, Shootin’ the Sith will rise again and make sure your Star Wars discussion needs are met.

We look forward to this new adventure and cannot wait to see where it takes us.

If you want to reach out to us, you can shoot us an email at [email protected]

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