Into The Void: The Void Review

The Void is surely one of the most under-rated horror films I have seen in recent memory. Releasing in 2016, the film focuses around a seemingly empty town, that has some odd occurrences. How does this film hold up? Check it out below!

Practical Effects Really Help The Void Standout

The most standout thing in this film is its practical effects. Whether it be simplistic cloaked members that haunted the entirety of the film, or if its the abominations that clearly make their presences known. The final scene (not getting into spoilers) is probably some if not the only noticeable CGI in the film. If I were to compare the effects in this film to another, it would be John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The film presents itself as a very amateur-esque film, which really works for it. The Void never feels like its a massive film or has an overwhelming cast, which does wonders and really builds upon the eerie feel the film gives; considering that the majority of the film is in an abandoned hospital. There are hardly an cliché things you see in other horror films (overused jump scares, heightened music, etc) which is extremely refreshing.

The Story is Great, the Ending Needed More

The story for the most part is an interesting ride, the payoff at the end is good as well. I personally didn’t care for the ambiguous ending that makes you question if there’s going to be a follow up or is the end of the story, which they most certainly should make a sequel. The “bad guy” of the film has all the right motives and nothing he does really seems out of character or odd.


The Void is a horror film you should definitely check out this October! It is streaming on Shudder and I couldn’t recommend it more!

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