Incredibles 2 Review! More Jack Jack please!


Normally our reviews are actually breakdowns so we decided to try an actual review of a movie. You tell us if we succeeded, we do go off script and you have to start 12 minutes in if you actually want to skip right to the movie even then we are all over the place. Its fun and full of twists and turns but in the end we both love this movie and that is glaringly obvious, please sit back and enjoy!

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[0:00] You are bad what this part of the country but is mr horsley and today they on the show.
It’s all about the incredibles doles yet guys has a record review interview gap is it a while yet.
I’ve noticed so i made a comment several episodes go by how your intro has gotten super a lot faster day okay and since me that comment is data you gotten slower is that you’ve gotten.
The to day on our show has gone slower ads board tron how stuck at well you know what i mean so we listen back to the episode so it back in and it does that i don’t always do that,
you read right but when i do do it i kinda like it so like i’m gonna do that again and so now so.
Put it back that’s why does it i know that i want to come with it i’ve i’ve also those who were common mr horse the reason to like yeah will you will you said the first i did that you like a well like that sounds like okay like that’s cool do that because you are the man of many names.
I am i’m gonna no name in the memo to me and you’ve said before that john.
Most people in the family call you johnny than the engine still phone call john but you don’t hear people outside of family call me johnny so yeah okay well maybe i should not stop because it’s hard for me not because that’s how you know.
Twenty thirty years ago your introduced as johnny.
Nice john jay like that it was johnny so that’s how i was called use it it’s hard not call you johnny you read its for the rights for the working people from anthony missed letter j and there was like.

[1:40] It is one white its hard to read the letter j bitch get used to it that it does at work everything that but everything is in my name and the really everything is under john right.
Even though like in my paycheck comes to john not to jay right and you know your name or so is actually not john.
No starts for jail human to be john or even like that that it’s in an hr just jailed me if people called you anything they would just call you j.
And it made me miss spell it and spell it j a wire whenever all the time but that be okay cuz it would still be the correct pronunciation.
Yeah right right now buys i’ve done by john ever since it’s everything is john that i’ll tell schedule like every other culture company names of public conversation i’ll say that in like take people i’ve talked to fight you three four years at work now like wait how come i never knew your name was j m like that only does.
Offer up all the time yeah is could be the cause of john so that’s what is was office.
Because i say j have this conversation likes playing the game right now is a now you could you say just listen to this and listen to our incredible two episode review and i am now on,
show and explain now what do the winners for anything or just tame i’m saying it will be you don’t need to know.
Now it’s a mystery wrap in enigma thrown down right finnie lou to just nice like that so do we have any announcements today because i kinda like the announcement at the beginning.
Do yeah i see it don’t mind i’d like to announce to do so that i’m working on it and is.

[3:12] Cool cool so we id announce kirk to show which i was super excited for him and he going on now they sounds amazing all you such a liar cuz i do i am genuinely excited for yourself go lie cool.
But i don’t you still working on the number he on called hot takes a lunch breaks which is a or just ace to be for short.
Then it to be so my buddy josh joshua with mill and who are used to work with an hour should for company i haven’t had this idea of like the new idealistic for both big guys be like food with talk and.
Like this to a podcast re just get luncheon pick a topic and talk with the topic and talk about the food reading right.
Like this is genius cuz we both like food like talking about of food halibut talking about random topics and.
Him and i don’t see eye to eye under the weather there def wasn’t talk with him i differ on that so it’s gonna be fine cuz lido ever have argument on the show and how to after it but like the first thought the first thing we’re gonna talk about our very first app says gonna be on gun control.

[4:16] Interesting okay heating and i think we’re gonna go i think that’s the rest are it shows a mexican restaurant to go to jazz it is it is building so indigo are gonna set up our little microphone to the restaurant and.
Order food and what of to the shower at the regressed ten twenty thirty mins talking about you know our views on gun control his mind and where the whole idea is not to argue or i get mad or upset pursuit just talked out you know,
is the oven comes treasure should share that opinion of the other goes,
right through the fun in that wrap it up with the overview of the foods and how if that was good or not so next week we could dead and you’re trying to get it so you you leave more left.
Does he let nor right he does he is so that be interesting i like that.
That’ll be see in him liable to kind of people that we can we can talk about it and not get upset right we can we can put,
the passionate side and i know i don’t know about because i get on the camera i six hundred every year but this is the of the hot razr and it got everywhere and i will the time comes i can set passion aside and have a conversation about things and doing that that that the goal,
all right it’s also kind of for me to learn how to not just.
Promotion of something and just talk about with ceo see where goes from there but right anyways it’s called hot takes lunch breaks were gonna be recording that a previous episodes can i get at episode zero this week yeah and then we’ll probably be.
I think we can start with once every other week just give up cuz i really episode with i’m good where gonna release it its gonna be like it introduction a quick one.

[5:49] Set like this is what we’re gonna do is like if i have found you do it up subzero on like whatever part where ever hoses that you have yet to get out there and get your feet off their particular is out there for people at eight let’s footnotes coming right and then,
it says it up the actual for some side was a lot of shows do that did you do you prob pri episode yeah right yeah.
So we’re going to one of those gimmick five minutes on say hey which josh and john were doing hottest lunch break this this is the progress our show killing people is there some sort that yeah and,
i think we’re gonna push mower once every other week start it’s because of timing and want to commit to much you now yeah but.
I mean i ultimately the shows gonna be super easy to attics where can i press record and then really six a mac and added it has to be half hours talking restaurant you know if you guys go restaurant we actually week the waiter waitress comes and takes your order hopefully you guys actually record the whole thing.
I probably should be fun you know me to maybe get get some release forms.
Hey we do you do care releases yeah yeah yeah i didn’t even think about that while you know just hundred here for you man i’m just here see him this just became more complicated but really i think if you just if you print up a standard release form off the internet yeah go as they were.
Where do the podcast do you mind that i think ninety names of people be like oh yeah you got that were gonna record talk with russ on top of the food talk about some gas put put put the back from all the people you whatever yeah i want hoping they get you guys to come up to.
Near me so we can go to the cheese steak house the hialeah lr i told josh about his i got his he’s down select on there for some time.

[7:25] Cool anything other and on since we do have a big fan fest this weekend we’re doing.
We do but it’s up so that what after that that’s right so i guess so completely fresh it’s not that it got it it it’s past that was in the past i hope you guys like there is.
If they have available is coming up so that those those were yesterday old possible paying this is only week ago we was all set to come apart coming up which is awesome yeah i just left,
i just thought of another interview for us with an artist and also where him is up with a small press indie publisher cool to talk to them,
saturday fun every in and that’s and that’s in july has to be do amazing.
I did find out i don’t know how it’s gonna work but i did find out that i might be getting a ticket to pax okay so i don’t know.
What that means for the show but i have a ticket for packs so that we talk about.
No i can’t on this done on the air oh okay okay okay now it is only it is nothing illegal or yeah i don’t think that you know for removal see home with not much to do but nefarious just,
i can’t discuss her on might be getting in at like it released on getting a client nope its am allow to right right yeah confirm that your allowed to talk about on here.
Exactly yet let them take i don’t think i am yet until it finalize and.
The requirements i’m supposed to do for this other place are met before i can talk about how you got a new interesting that interesting right saw to it all to you up there but i can’t say agate doors so we can i will have like maybe a game thing you know the guy and talk to this peacock cuz.

[9:04] Yeah god knows games in the gravel on it is gonna backs and not too sure.

[9:11] I mean my nephew super josie behind the past three years need to get tickets again this year um i got married not last year but the year before of three years in a row i give to get away.
Did you get heads lie i like it you at the and it’s kinda cool isn’t it kinda cool but i don’t really have a desire to go to pax.
I’d ever been so now i’m gonna go and see if you noticed.
Yeah i kind of like we do enough conventions in the area at the more i do but that’s a lot and yeah it’s due to a lot.
But with them on this one thing flight ions booking it comes out in.
Kind of looking for two in time jedi is at a workman’s on the year the dukes up in what’s what’s up what’s up comes out and the head of every time i can’t do i could tell you this right now if you’re gonna get on the convention circuit as the.
Content provider creator they gotta listen to episode two of that thing you made with dennis can and robert robert theyd you so many tips and tricks it’s ridiculous.
They know their shit yeah yeah it was really cool actually listen to it because i never thought of the things that i would have never been a content creator like that.
You know i do this but i’ve never been i’m gonna make pillows and i’m gonna make tshirts and everything i say goes into it and then i’m gonna.
Pack up up my wares and go from convention the convention and do these different things in these guys have done that.
And they’ve been very successful at it and in the tell you these are the things you need to be aware of this is how you do this and this is what you do that and it’s it was it was crazy and give it to him give to give me some some trade secrets to just got a call yet i did.

[10:45] Stuff to pay people to talk about open now ya know this is this this is what works what doesn’t see that i opening is it mean.
Yo i did i’ve done content for years on the web and and burley stuff but i do i didn’t do many cons in the early days with is for the first ten years is one.
I was afraid to not sell anything right hand package didn’t know what i was doing you know i don’t cons before that selling,
do with a booth selling your comics is set up to my pc couchette but not likes on my own stuff cuz i was afraid its not gonna sell will just the simple thing of.
Replacing stuff around your table from time to time yeah.
It is around yeah yeah not showing all your product at want like if you have a hot seller not having all of it just available on the table for people to see that you have a bunch but giving rat.
You know that assumption that all you’re running out right let them think your is it that a turbine the loss but the last few that is not anything to do with with.
Being the fairy is or lying about anything is it’s just your tricks of the trade to get people in to it you know because then or by the megabyte.
Right but i’m giving them the best sense of urgency to get it that’s.
Exactly like don’t pilot five books are there to help five ten pretty no alright so we’re twelve minutes and i think we’re going to put no on the show note to let people know hey.
If you wanted to the criminals terrance she took twelve credit for an a though the law gives intro i think we’ve ever done that like it with yet so incredible steve i thought we thought so to feed and i took that we went.

[12:25] The first week and it was open.
Right now we thought that friday after i think we thought opening day wow you did is out front i thought sunday yesterday yeah we thought three o’clock showing.

[12:39] That was awesome that night i knew going in i was like it you know yeah eleven credible xp the first one i was like you guys don’t have to just totally.
Do stop animation and just completely ruing it for me not to like it so was that was was or quit before the movie of like all the actor saying thanks for waiting as with every up yep yep and yep fourteen years as you know it work i was funny yells twenty what’d you think of the.

[13:03] Pree cartoon before the.

[13:07] The priest gonna mean that the other short yeah sure that’s where do i thought was cute binds all by think users que matter with items to like.
Only got this depressing so depressing so sad and like a quick rundown of what was really haven’t seen in its wheelers.
Yeah it was the this family just mother and and father of asian origin are a musher which one.
Weather making dim sum sum with some chinese.
Now the other adams mia she makes the the dim sum and put them out there and and the idiom he doesn’t lease for work whatever inches em one of her crying like a baby in.
This thing grows in to be this baby to internet for first of all loving and caring and then it becomes like an angsty teenager there bring some women of female goes through its lately short life cycle.
Up until it’s right ready get married right and then they leaving the mothers crying seventy realize the whole thing.
Is are you tries to leave and then add the mother rabbits of heat you have just committed like date though what floor you so what was like what like others think of like what should happen to the,
how do you explain this one to spray.
That goes for it and it’s like the whole thing was a metaphor for heard son you movie on his life and get a fighter whatever yeah her actual when he’s just granted our incomes and.
Right and they didn’t they make ever donuts and does does the figure and it was i was super cute and very very well done very it was a really well done no there was no dialogue.

[14:44] No street i live on has there’s no delete of olives a little to short don’t have tyler get from pixar yeah she’s great i was surprised did you ever see the.
The pixar short film where the guy loses his dad in the old west.

[15:00] I’m helping said to the dogs every year also it was released on you tube and i think video or video.

[15:09] Good movie that yeah and very other yeah it was just a side project that somebody from pixar just did on the route.

[15:18] It’s amazing effect of it to leak it in but i you know it’s.
I wish i could remember the title man it was so good it was like the whole thing was.
Looking old west age coach kind of thing in no at the find it insane out that i’m talking my flick stupid because i can’t remember it like for bail now if we could find a proposal put it will probably two in the show not exactly not.
It’s a revised it’s endorse yeah exactly so so i wanna ask for forgiveness for.
Did you feel so the first across to me is probably one of the best and has a for movies ever made right yeah it’s one the gray has a super hero movies period it really is but it went incredibles is really benefit for right its it it’s been tested for done right.
But in use to the different but it is the benefits of an answer for right did you feel like this movie was had that same vibe to as far as like.
It’s a brother get super her movie ends it just more of this.
Because they don’t support all about family and family struggles and should i did i write that to do i did big fantastic four which is a really good to great analogy but i did think.

[16:29] This is this is on par with the first one is as a really.
Well fun al well done clean tight story it was for it was i mean i kinda figure it out as soon as we started up my bass the right thing it which was.
And there’s a part of me that kinda wished that.

[16:51] I will what would you say is gonna have but just for there so just be aware that right i can’t was the bad guy the big bad wasn’t who was.
Right and and that you felt that could be the big bad because you felt like the brother could have been the big bad.
Yeah i mean and that that the you don’t want of them are either one yet you the one of them are the big bad and in that be in something completely else and i think that would be cool because.
It was pretty obvious that that something was wrong with those two but i couldn’t it just would be nice for them to be weird.

[17:24] Get out of light and have something else be the big bad and and then you know that you didn’t either way deeper trade everything you didn’t have to have it be some weird nefarious thing it could have been an unknown.

[17:39] Right until it was not what you don’t mean what it seem like i know what i know in couples one he totally did he died something that happen but it would’ve been cool if like.
That the streams later come back and was like it was syndrome you know oh yeah syndrome little brother or syndrome that sucks is gas some some was a drug because.
It was all technology based was all based around new gadget yep syndrome was whole and now to their of super vs gadgets and stuff it’d.
Will be interesting if it would have brought that could have been laid back equipment syndromes kid fourteen years later you had enough time to do that.
But i guess not know that you can because it was literally right after everything of that have right its starter me to pay a little the picked up at the end of the movie yeah yeah tristen interesting.
Which was not how glares at me when i was watching her johnny said that or john mr horsley said that that yeah that the video game was considered canon.
It was and now i see credible to is it right conned.

[18:41] I don’t know i took over the plot have it again what would you did the game yeah i i’d like to think that thinking back on the plot of the under minor in the first part the movie it feels very video gamey to me like you know they never close and a minor.
Know that we did them as gone soft there was which i think is what looks like i think of all that money.

[19:03] I think that might mean maybe across three is all about and a minor in or maybe you maybe you play the game to find out more about a to capture model out over a cal maybe that’s how they kept it.
Can write is it he escaped and in the game you gone fight him yeah maybe that i don’t know,
that’s a crucial that was with that as its interesting because i was like oh that’s that we demos wondering about that close like we have if this was close the video game or if the are able to go around as or what they did.
What’s funny is kitty was behest like that pisses you’re gone,
really forty years with the fucking under minor touches get paid me only to sway babes a now if this whole movies but under my there i’m gonna be pissed at at at at like its not is way it is like.
If you wanna for long as it has a temper like ten minutes in john suleiman for not hitting you now of late i don’t want to undermine that i get it it’s not and when our promises that’s mood for it we really like to we gotta go see a big maintenance so.
It has dice yet with what we didn’t get any food just got some candy and some soda but.
It’s so much cheaper there did i really cost me for three people cost me twenty dollars to tn i paid it cost me fifty yeah it’s just so worth it will actually funny story so actually hundred fifteen dollars is the movie home i got.
Because went its o’clock cuz as always had decent sitting around here cuz kit didn’t have anything good.
Auburn had shit in the us is o’clock your avoid being in can when you can i get a guy of getting hit up it wasn’t getting can.

[20:39] Ray rice would is a off the first time we bought tickets for my whole fam which is seven of us we also what is for your mom cuz she was here.
Grandma me buy tickets for backs interest to go to which is kids mom and perfect that my sister as of their sister so we brought you we bought hundred fourteen dollars hundred fifteen or for the tickets was nice number.
I wouldn’t either pains back right and make it was my mom’s birthday so at.
It was the day after her birthday will begin at you the last eighty give or bring the seventy eight there’s which is almost a for a while that i like correcting one million thousand times are like josh,
good luck so us time.
Got any they take his for taking such as what whatever yeah hundred yo hundred under the door toro but what’s interesting is like.
An hour for relieving yeah trace called us and was like.
Hey i’m not doing gonna can go so after i just purchased the tickets yet so her next we’re going we okay if we have to action to get will see of one of his friends and do you know whatever yeah and then,
you at your ball was like cut three cut and not the old men have it so we had three extra tickets assuming.
No she just stay here and just like relax in our bed and watch tv all my god that’s hilarious you should she would love it though should come on but.
Mess with of the three extra tickets so we get to sit while we get there and play the riff the refund policy on fandango is yet refund everything and then re do everything cut now fucking do that.

[22:13] What i just read on three of the rail and i can’t risk it your refund at the box office for ten days looks like i will utilize wise yeah that’s this is why don’t use india.
What is used but it was just easier to find all the theaters and now i don’t care about regal versus a mc whatever baya i just now and yeah i just don’t because of things like that being.
Weather i use third party service and you should be able to go back to the theater in and yeah you know if that make it because they could say hey cat refund tickets but i can give you passes for later.
Right right so anyways we still on silent from to do with this this couple walks up with like a five yr old daughter summer that yeah like hey you guys wanna see credible and like yeah like it why you talking so it will.
We might be a we had a bf three we says we have three tickets extra if you want them you can have them the only sure like i use just having dose goes ticket are the movie reviews it got to sit next to us but.
You know whatever you do we have we got these tickets get used to get in good to go to waste and though.
Sweet of give him the tickets and how they’ve set next to us and with a daughter washer will just gonna call but i am so is my.
Long drawn out story of how i got to the fish is so you could you said.
Hey we bought about to take it three people dropped out and we gave three to get away with after i know why the guy didn’t twenty seconds i know you do that like four seconds of watching a timer for me a.

[23:43] That’s the way i said it is much more colorful sure.
It was good no that’s cool that’s really cool and we did it it doesn’t surprise the message your mom dropped out so now not me either as or if you for the bottom was like where we sure wanna buy them tickets cuz they’re probably not gonna go yet,
i mean would i got a lot with your mom and your sister to and they.
It’s like about twenty to twenty five percent the time day and a not going for whatever is which is which is finally kept whatever.
Haven’t gone the movies my mom a long time really now we do other things but it’s gonna from here.
Cuz that in a month i can mom’s nice thanks man yeah yeah your mother names is pretty cool she is this is just got a big heart it’s funny is.

[24:32] And if i told you the story where we went to movies and she want to go see.
I really wanna wasn’t africa or something like that and i went and saw batman.
The battery and this is like it was like nineteen eighty nine and batman started like a half hour or forty five min after her movie starred.
So if i want you start her movie and then i went to the arcade right next door the sound fun center right and then when it but for lose their eye when it.

[25:04] Twenty minutes left of the movie.
I it that the movie is still pretty much new so it’s not packed but it’s pretty full i’m cydia just about the front row.
Yes twenty minutes left here comes my mom is in the movie.
It comes like down the front row can i check with jack now and like you kidding me right now but your.
Embarrassed your ball oh yeah yeah i was like oh my god i could we literally lived a quarter mile away from the movie theater yeah i was like,
i can walk home why you in here is,
says leave at three am like i’m fifteen years old why are you coming in there like that’s a sew in buried deeper some people for laughing in the second row you back home with your mom out of the hole like a lot of the lose the where,
that’s the latest i’ve i can totally see your mom doing yeah they were ready cuz you they know we’re leaving.
That i’m i’m i’m done with individuals got yet and you’re coming with me whether you want to or not pray i think we are we must urban chic if we were just going home that she would have done that we must of been doing something else that were supposed to be like a in order something again yeah some probably church thing.
Probably so funny that’s hilarious what was your favorite part of incredibles two for apart so.

[26:29] This is hilarious review ever because it’s so convoluted it now kyle at all it’s it’s fine it’s fine at a.
Under part was probably the at.
I love jack check since i mean yeah woke recall jack we call your son jack jack jack all the time right.
And at the rear of that he from incredible we just always called him jack jack i know at i think it is a the victims referrals because the dame jack tech is stuck in yeah,
we contact jackie jack jack and would want to check and the at the funeral at the dr jackson a lot my jack woodchuck chuck if you thought that was great he he was like the day before that,
on friday we sign our room we will he for the first time he wash incredibles is like i want is i want to watch movie with jack jack and it was awesome.
So not the jackson’s are grey i liked a lot i like it when the kids had to when frozen is over the house i protect the kids from all the super heroes yeah that were brainwashed and like the whole interaction of them getting away was will cool.
Then the whole thing with them being brainwashed dude.
When the kids like the sick why don’t you go pull that they said all the glass is am me via the knock him out and they woke him like why didn’t you just i know the last.

[27:48] And it’s even a boat with jack jack when he got real big the house house later if i will i love the whole raccoon fight of either of you folks to bring is dying,
i was dying for when bob had gender identity pick up to pick up it have mrs lee’s refuse like a god yeah it was good man,
did you sell a lot of people on seen also for media think that the second one is better than the first what is your thoughts on that.
I think the first is better but the second one is a very very close to type think the first is better only because it’s the first.
You are mean yeah could you couldn’t set up the second one without that first one.
No you can edit it it the first one is so it’s it’s such an amazing movie and when you because you got the century that some german get you’ve got that church are both are from the start to the end you got.
You learn so much about the characters are just so much background stuff that do it sat i think the story to tell later is better in the first one.
Yeah that makes sense because like what you just said they had some going to beginning located the set and they they literally set everything up and go through.

[29:00] And then you know all the little tidbits like don’t use the cape dialing because of the sin then i that he dies indicate unit right and make myself set all the stuff up and its just.

[29:12] You could do this i would without without the first one after it the signal just came out it would be like.
Every good deed but if you have none the history right right like someone is that not and that’s why i have a hard time judging sequels upon the rest of movie because i write most of that eight nine grams of the time this equals only as good as it is.
Because of how good the first one was or cuz or awarded first was bad right its good because what setting the first one to like the only one that i.
There’s only like i think the only movie franchise where i think the second one is better than the first is alien and aliens.
Oh billy elliot is a much better from a all right well alien hes is very much that the scare factor the hundred houses space yeah yeah yeah read.
And do what you can watch illi is and not what iliad be exactly it’s such a better movie as oh it’s just a better.
I don’t know what it’s it’s the same thing with like probably join us night and return on try to say it’s just such a better all around movie,
and more fun more action just now it just better story better story everything was better than ever the aliens a much better who is its is the same thing have a million aliens have with batman begins the dark knight were.
To book me it was more sold but little more than once it is and why is a lot better than the first.
You can watch the dark knight and not what i am begins and still make setting still and still be given yet but that’s what we want to because you have eighty years of batman to rely on it said you don’t have to do an origin story even of your life.

[30:47] Or mean yeah i need to make some sick people know about it which they do usually do now day the still me and you could do the kind of story batman right now people be alright.

[30:56] Me that and has been really and has a shoes we will win did you go it’s her.

[31:03] So i was thinking it was eye i knew as i knew from the beginning there walk when they walked in to the office that one of those who was about was a big red write like those obvious isn’t obvious tell the right.

[31:16] I have a new it was her as soon as i realized that screen saver was start talking about super z and.
Stop at that because she resented super heroes because of her dad had just bogged down movies or got a bunn downstairs save room on the safe room though the alive and she blames super because he try to call them first and they died right right.
As soon as that was kind revealed that with kara that does hammond anti super thing behind screens of us like it’s her it harbors and her yeah has to be yeah.
But up until then it could be either one of them but we both know i could be both so i knew it was her because one of the gadgets in and of what you just said i was like okay that’s cheese cheese gonna be the one that’s gonna be weird,
but then i’ll be right maybe they’re working together yeah yeah yeah to be and everything’s a ruse and then that’s when i was like man.
Now i just kinda wish they both were just weird and that shit because people have issues like that were at dads were done this but they still do the right thing.
They still at to go with what your brother with your family wants to do that it looked that up a company or just because of that right and i’m like man i wish they would’ve done something like that and then have somebody else.
Be like you now.

[32:35] Make the could have really stretched on the whole political aspect what was going on i didn’t come like that right because they yeah they went to places with that were.
Like watchman could have the didn’t.
Raise your enemy like watch with a lot of stuff like that where they talk to political aspects of people supers in should they be legal in all dr manhattan then civil war was doing the same thing with the cords.
Write a comment on the who said he quits when nowhere but yet when it was all very much just background gonna mean.
Yeah and and i thought the incredibles two degree in any incredibles in the first one to did a great job of saying you know we have all these.
Obstacles in our way and then you have the government that is shutting you down and then the fact that they’re supers and they know they can.
They could operate what they want to not because they could just you can’t stop then want to but they know that if you gonna be good you gonna protect you marry and then you gonna play within the law.
Right but you gotta pay my some rules if you wanna be third good yeah i did like down so that i did like oh i love the five k in the first incredibles right it it would it in the save the day and it stops and drone they stopped that the parts of all the shit right and they.

[33:51] Um
It’s very much like you think that a cave maybe super turn our cake as they say today’s a pretty good thing right in there make supers okay now but then you can the second one we pick up a little work start and she blessed you pick up the movie like.
Before the first one stop it comes back right when in hs yeah right what are the fight and yet in,
we go to me find out oh supers are okay soup was are still legal even know what a date and,
the government still mad at him for intervening say no if you would have done not if you would honor the wood under minor doors places in the base when sure in,
the errors of things in in place that would’ve stop this or have minimize damage are still there was there were still on the outs politically yeah so it kind of twisted a little bit where we i little thought in it in the first when they were little troopers were okay,
i’m sorry i know this is still a bad thing is still to still be loving the are vigilantes at the end of the day at the rv joke at ease and he is a.
Every juicy falling down in.
I saw falling down is what which what’s funny about falling down is like i watch that movie in high swans at all the subjugate movie i watch it down like i view it so differently and how they does a teenager.
Yeah thanks when you’re a teenager everything’s black and white i think everything’s fucked my now that is a c all the shades of grey in between my toe there so many layers to this email yeah.
Some reasons what he’s doing is not okay yeah yet well yeah you know it’s.

[35:21] That’s crazy you ever watched ny brought that up because at that is it’s like a vigilante movie that’s okay to wear in one but it’s it’s it’s very esoteric.
It was it’s got is the heat killing it so.
Yeah it is not a right to that’s its pink pam before you think him right its its its its the it man or some sort right right right just let us break one day and just freaking everybody.
Man what was that will be size jack jack what was something that you’re like or not jack and it should say that.
So we we the last of it you’ll that you’ve already like i’ve come so what i didn’t like was that you didn’t like.

[36:03] I didn’t like how they used void so much i wish they would use all i will i the future of what i thought was really working can cool.
A girl that was at the super friend of the last girl yeah i loved her i’d love to live with a meter of look of the way the major the super fan the kind of shit up,
there are really we’re really well her powers for fucking awesome man yeah loved it i wish they would’ve.
But i know she was the one of the group of yours that was like the main one right she showed she had the most interaction with them throughout the whole movie but i kind of ii duce was still there was a little bit more with her and.
It’s his i thought whoever voice dry i look enough did a great job of capturing the feel about that character was i just.
I like that that’s like the one thousand is a better to one back on character than i i kind of hope continues for with them right.
Or we get more of her some ice i really joe and enjoyed with alot now so probably well but yeah i also love powers result open portals and things five to chinese school he had that’s a legit hose but she will last for about yourself.
No i was kidding nokia did you did you.
You find it weird that she astro just got into the role of being the super hero which you fought so hard against.
Not doing that the first one and yeah i do and even getting the sale on.
Cabbage to to be a little more of of a conversation here to going to that was yeah because it was very much like app on thinking about it on doing it you now and.

[37:38] I did i did i did think it was weird that she to the new costume not made by at the mode right.
Because the whole b thing about how you and the maid all the costumes on the list admin the first one right.
And this one just give your caused from from these people what has the body can line stuff in magazines a plot point like piss off to this officer off you know like get admitted make you causes from whatever but.
It is just.
That’s free of a cat fleas you can russian that that offer to do the stuff cuz that i mean you only have a couple hours right to tell the story right let it is a time it was like.

[38:16] Two more minutes of them talking about her for being on the fence of it and make getting convince somehow it would of would of made it would’ve but he change could’ve done like one more action scene that forced her to say i’m gonna do this.
Yeah i mean yeah something happened when the kids are probiotic grocery stores in the half horse half sister powers were right you know what let’s do this yeah yeah.

[38:40] Would you think of okay not would you think of.
Fit the third one’s gonna come out much sooner than the the fourteen year hiatus obviously hope so i hope so yeah i mean some of those actors might not be around if they wait that long again.
They get they get up there yeah yeah quite a bit similar to stop and how old is samuel jackson razor sixties right.
He is seventy seven and not all w with a guy that creatine nelson az diffusers seventies definitely so.

[39:15] Knowing what you seen first one said one what would you like them to do for the third one honestly.
I would like them to a xv me forward.
The age the family for that interesting yeah cuz one of the things i thought would been so cool with this movie is if they would it it worked out re liked it but it instead of instead of picking of right after the movie left off yeah is to just.
Pick up for two years in the future in real time yeah you could have but what’s the that the son’s name not jack jack with yo on dash that you have dash be like the current.
In super hero because he’s very much into it you have the daughter be the reluctant or the house wife that’s kind of.

[40:06] Not liking where she is that my food in relate to that she didn’t follow with dash when she had the chance initially write you the whole dudes do huge yep jack jack was a.
Right disease is the problem or yeah find out yeah but you can have mr fantastic.
Mr mr incredible having everything hospital being you know at the beginning of the twilight and not be able to be quite the super that the used to be.
That was very interesting and right up that’s a hole and we’ll let one of things that i always don’t like with.
Comic books and cartoons is that the characters don’t age.
It drives me nuts and it’s like what like what we’re talking about what type of spider man that the one thing i hate with the last ten years,
or the last fifteen years plenum and movies is we’re not getting that progressive for aging of spider man were some of the best stories of our him in his thirties and twenties late twenties and thirties.
Not only a teenager we’ve done is tier one so many times it’s time to me or and i think that would be awesome if they took that a product great idea.
Yeah that’s on that’s what i was hoping for for verbal to was for them to actually age about fourteen years and tell but it not,
it doesn’t have to be an adult story but a story about them as adults with their kids or something you know yeah there’s no reason for it to be any different and what they do not then what picture or he does get me to is my because the first one was very much an adult story.
Yeah and me was a story admitted it that was all about mr incredible and hes been hes you know wanting to be super a.

[41:41] Yeah so that i am there when i blow i would love to see them exit a gym up right to modern times whatever and light be like.
Not one time is about with it with the kids and the adults now and just i have those kids doing with their kids are powers at yo.
Do you still we could tell whatever story you want their butts like continue it on twitter they a japanese goes to the next generation yeah yeah i really wanna see another nine year old dash.
No i wanna see i wanna see it to a twenty to twenty two euro dash right now right at twenty six year old violet you know and and and do a fifteen year old jack jack and see how they’re doing their and see how that porter light goes because of look at the do a third one with them at this age.
It’s gonna be just more of the same thing right to see his kids or cities kids to of had their power for several years know how to use a noun and they’ve done about to have.
Such as stop behind me the dumb stuff could they do you think it’s time because when you have super heroes people like to have the universe right.
Yeah yeah do you do you introduce incredibles into the marvel universe or do you build a whole new universe around it.

[42:50] Who do that though the whole universe what do you do do you do we have a new story with the with the different character in the same universe.
I think the only way they can do universe with this is a is a friend j just wanna characters in the second one they did is they could if they could tell avoid movie or voice or with boiler so with a void other characters are to avoid a.
Yet either church to move your bring people and we have the cable co cameo on movies like expect us that way yeah i don’t think you drop human that into the marvel universe will work.
Just because how would you rate how would you do it with the logistics of that the.
The fact that they with the a couple take place in the rough addicted to sixty friday for the past anyways but you have to have you know.
Marvel ask your address from that era when you get spider insurmountable yeah if you did why you pour the ever talked about the first of the talk about supers you’d think that like.
If they’re talking about the in the to get the lotto yet lot of caveats and that i get right right but i think the make of the committee universal franchise out of it in the span and expanding their catholic i mean who wouldn’t wanna see a frozen movie.
Yeah yeah that they do ice man right.
Yeah they do i spend hate i miss what heard bigger like this how is meant to be cuz a nigga lehman x-men comic books it’s always like don’t care.
Right right is about as wide as amazing friends acting care how you know if tues is like fire star next show.

[44:24] I do like fifer actually i do you and i do you see was cool you didn’t know i did to school she was just like of the of the year of the female version of the human torch.
Brightness officially yeah just or nova yeah uses one over the door yeah she’s actually in the comp books universe.
Oh no idea her first period worth like two dollars.
Where the which is probably a good one to get just because of that honestly all it takes the ringer and showing all the sudden the books by great twenty bucks thirty bucks a switch or investor to for a quick.

[45:01] Shorty got so what we have done that a while actually i know it is a is that it has to have a go for it i know of a few right now.
Pull up you should know better suited to do you better than i thought a.
He had to investment has any church as a for the parent pri nineteen ninety just pick it up.
Because you never know all those pictures are showing up a tv shows and movies this summer going to buy yeah and they go up like usually they go up till they go play.
You know if there are two other book the up like twenty twenty five right and they stay there for a very long time let some major happens.

[45:47] When they start going up more which is funny is so sit let’s just pick on fire starter fire star.
Yeah so far stars first appearances with an argument now i don’t all over her talking yet so you pick up the first appearance fire start.
It’s like to three dollars and might be a little bit more now and will look up actual why you do not then look it up on e bay tells with actually sold for.

[46:15] Okay is it wasn’t on connection re one ninety-three yet and aw okay so john can action number one any three-toed probably at least ten bucks.
Yeah out of the that was talking to you okay so anyways you pick that up.

[46:28] Now some new cartoon show comes out movie comes out or even like a marvel tv show comes out and they.

[46:37] Introduce fire star not which could easily happen because there usually had everybody’s it she’s a low grade character.
I don’t think you should introduce first in the in the buyer is amazing friends then came into the comic book round so i don’t think sony has any claim turn because of that.
Nova at a matters of what’s the matter is it to watch comedy pattern for writing that was x-men so that’s kinda interesting since disney just.
Plot fox and it looks like that’s going thru and actually yeah yeah and then on top of that so okay.
So you get this book she doesn’t a tv show your books gonna spike right right you’re probably gonna get if you if it’s ten dollar book and it might go up to like fifty bucks.

[47:24] Right that’s about what goes to usually but then it was.
If they go to a if the start becoming major characters in the story lines in the comic books because of the popular tv show you’ll see it rise even more what is having a lot of characters marvel yeah.

[47:43] Locate has gone so the cajun black pepper have skyrocketed because of them being the movies and tv shows and then come back in the contacts of strong yeah yeah yeah exactly.
So actually so parts are has to first appearances of the fun low picture papers are here to her first comic book appearance wasn’t spider man and his amazing friends number one from eighty eighty one.
Watch is out of continuity for marvel but you can buy on ebay for anywhere from two dollars to ten hours yeah does based off the cartoon.
Write a verse appears in in continuity yes on can you x read one ninety-three what’s also happens to be the first appearance of a war path in costume.

[48:25] So it has to person and edition but where my that are mentoring yeah you by that is you for about five bucks to they go.
That’s a party of really good so there is your investment tip x-men number one ninety-three.

[48:41] And or starting it is business number one if you can join if you want but yeah yeah whatever reason but actually one ninety-three will have more will levity.
Yep this is a first in cutting deeper yeah yeah yeah so they go is out so that’s an actual.
Real investment tip not by the coming of the first paragraph three nineteen,
ninety hey i was the general wanted what what’s work into a good one our rights was it good weather to thank you that we did we did thank you very much that’s weird that we haven’t done that in a long time which is unfortunate we need to do that.
We do we need to do more humble little bit sevens wall unit help if we took notes you have a wyo,
planned episode upright you did push you recall her besides it was talk about this record that so they so they ago when.

[49:30] Give me give me give me was what was the rating for movies we never really done a reading for now we don’t like ready smell the sale of the movie go see it if you liked the first one you’ll love this warm in i don’t rated movies has said the love you had right every subjective you now.
Yeah that’s true that’s true i’m out i into it so i will say this though i visit in ny why.
So i missed about tenants the movie because kid had where the bathroom was a close one so i missed in the middle the movie because has rejected bathroom and then i missed like i saw opted to the end when.
Void when so when ms we lost a girl and a bad girl what are name is were falling.
And what was going to purchase per to the pressure the pressure energy voids and she does your her poor old gas and a lot of balls on the boat yeah that was laughing saw.
Cuz i had to get up and take jack into the bathroom and the time they were done i walked i was what rights that to the theater and it was over so r r i should know happen after that and you gotta go see it again.
If you could tell me i mean.

[50:43] I could tell you if i can remember exactly what happened to him put well its been over a week me and the driver was lost in it is it’s like.
You know that they when they when the day again the boat like the bose will going towards the city in froze so.
Frozen frozen aphorism yeah starts building i state hit one of the one of the stand you know how the.
Go ahead rip.
You foil whatever they call that anyways he’s trying to break one the legs by creating eyes and then mr credible and the water and there has a long chain these connected to he’s trying to break push the rotor.
To turn the boat to the right.

[51:32] Right and then find the right the thing breaks the record turns dash push the button and the chain comes back to paul’s dad on the water and then froze zone like does a big like amount of snow.
To push the the the boat like into does it wrecked the buildings.
Right right to put a big snow pat your to mean yeah and then me i think i threw persisted today about over to my guy and then they they they talk about the new vote coming out and the the approve all the supers and all that kinda stuff so.
That’s basically how it and.
I have a call hole at i figured as much but again so’s the bathroom tomato of half the managers of oil are just what we wanted to know how.
Majors for as to the exact any of us have to so do i really love it it’s gonna be late okay so this is our second whatever with you the gray always tube that is very.
I’m not very focused and we just record what with it i don’t know i mean it’s all good band some sometimes.
Sometimes we can be laser focused like on that the comes for the third episode of that video cassette added to one sometimes.
This is what you get right will console.
So the past we kept doing we kept calling these reviews but we’re doing break down to the movie where we are growing seem by seeing and talking about the movie.
Seem ice is not a review so that i’m way over fine yeah the funds on the area of their findings but they are exhausting but they are fun.

[53:10] Yeah yep they’re fun to listen to after we’re done.
Doing right and iphone to do just the it what you do it’s like i don’t forget that stuff for the that this is more of a free-form taxable terms what comes our blade always but can bring a dr canales to the whole time yeah.
Yeah i have even have enough troubles three not that i’m aware of now did brad bird you both of these.
The course i think so i mean all i was away when entered amazing man iron giant incredibles tools the due credit i’m pretty sure he did do cradles.
Yes you did yeah that guy’s just ninety ninety good.
Not his and the air was tree act regret rep redbird zt on how much how many of the pixar animations does he do.
So he’d he’d directed at sea.
And giant hugs a incredibles ratatouille unit he had to another great on the directed ghost protocol.
Ghost protocol mission impossible ghost protocol grabber yeah while.
I need you to tomorrow land in trouble sue he was the writer on and see the credible obviously.
A bunch of incredible view james it too early.
End and some other games tomorrow and then across to well will you go.
Pride parade national treasure hes great and hes i was in tomorrow land but i fruit was hurt wasn’t very good but it looks like it is on see it.

[54:45] Yeah never watched that one that was the one was was of it was a video game.
No not really ride or an area of the wings attractions are trash disney but the movie has like george clooney and as a to spin this refines it now yeah costs are covered when watching a flea good as you parts of it.
Yeah i mean i know the special effects look amazing rainy was was it how excited are you for disney owning fox.

[55:17] I mixed on it man like i am a lot i’m not allow i’m yet holding on the fan was as like i was wonder by fox thing you extra back and heads and before that a the market so i read interesting article where a guy was.
Breaking that down he’s a good alot of people that understand finance but are comic book fanboys and fan girls.
That don’t care with this mean for the industry that only want disney own marvel so that all the continuity you know so that they have all those characters.
Yeah and there’s a big part of me goes yeah fucking i.
Yeah then the single yeah i-i i do want that in in you know and people were right freaking out on comcast.
How can you do this how can you wait to the last minute how to another mean it announces cutting because.

[56:09] I mean i get it you know i feel better for it was so.

[56:15] At you i you know what dude honestly if it was sony i wouldn’t cuz sony least plays with disney.
Brian i mean like a sony stepped in and said hey week we’re rich and by the i wouldn’t of been as like but comcast to.
Comcast is the evil empire did they really are i just can’t it’s like or no and want to own anything.
Who pays it know that i don’t live in allowed they don’t think they should be allowed to own.
Cannot get nbc universal because they are the major delivery system for most of the united states.
Yeah makes its animus for on for advantage like.
Part of me is like i’m super excited because it means marbles and have more of skaters by law have i think they could actually do song on itunes correctly.
The raid you so many cross or events that would just be read dick i need you drive or if they did civil war now with that with with all the mute will involve a.

[57:20] I never was like it’s gonna give disney’s so much content powered so much like so much march area me and say well two yeah yes and no i mean.

[57:31] If we take so.
This true for all the other stuff like the tv is is the tnt is this the cnn dot cnn but all the other channel that their own now right yeah and then but.
For just for us because we’re but we’re about degree right and we only look at the marvel stuff.
Did that that doesn’t give them an unfair advantage that be seen like marvel has an unfair advantage over dc comic books well to me it’s if it’s.

[58:03] It treats its marvel mom’s gonna make movies so why should they not have all their own characters.

[58:11] Ride is from all the other stuff there yeah yeah yeah that i get that i get a a a gives disney over a music is disney us we have thirty two with over thirty three percent market share of all me considered immediate right.
Which well we might be changing now though because with eighteen teens merger with time warner.
That changes a lot because now you have a company who is.
Just like comcast in a lot of ways that has the delivery system and has the ability to.
Actually can give you access to all this content,
and a much is your broad spectrum disney doesn’t provide internet access you have to get on the system what comcast like a t t like horizon to get to disney.
Yeah you know comcast and a t t now have the ability.
Push that content directly to you and not cost you anything and not regular to be there barriers to entry is far less now and so right now today’s standards yes.
Disney has more than thirty three percent of whatever that number is but that can drastically change with with with some of the murder that just happened that’s pretty crazy.
Yeah i can it’s like for me it theoretically camera off also nobody can deny the staying power or.
The sell ability of something disney produces even though thick and mr hamel yeah yeah disney just made me if you look at the all time highest grossing movies should order arrives and whatever of media.

[59:46] Like in the top twenty fifteen gonna be from some disney your disability arie.

[59:51] Take the fucking come on the avenue do not write a bd can’t fault them for being successful is not mine give in products to be unit mean like hey will just buy this franchise that’s number one we know if we put another one we’ve got the number one it.
Your mean rather make products from scratch that are amazing.
Right in the butt and they they buy the products to the premium but they mean well like marley did buy the product but dude look what sony did with.
Spider man to it with the bazin spider man look right to you know look what the x-men turned into under fox.

[1:00:29] Right exactly you know it’s crazy it it mean i just i was gonna break that at the top ten worldwide box office movies five of them are disney.

[1:00:39] That would be our top twenty five grossing film of all time right franchise of all time not this is this entered or fills our elders what are they.

[1:00:47] So did just to the ones to be force awakens infiniti war.
Adventures age of all tron a doc after all of the marvel old who think that whatever star wars but basically welds hours now is into the more of a brother but it still.
All ass is so crazy dude anthony was cross to build enough it’s so ninety eight and i can’t even imagine.
This is crazy but now i’m excited to see what they do with the x men of really am.
Yeah i mean cuz it’s gonna be i still stand by the fact leave department is legion pull own but fix everything else of.

[1:01:28] What you can leave deadpool owned that’s the beauty of him breaking the right all the time.

[1:01:34] You don’t have to even worry about apple because when they haven’t shown they’ve only shown a few characters unity mean.
Yeah colossus meet niggas on a next sunday.
Yeah not a fan on me did show there’s one for a little bit but that’s it everything you could you can leave deadpool on.
Yeah please do yeah think about it and it really they can just release it under new line.
Right right exactly of or anything really right we are way off topic of herbal your yeah well.
We are a sorry looking we can wrap it up with you did we did.

[1:02:18] So we should probably call the show polish over an hour in two and hear one weird fucking show of red like google and the way it is down we might go and maybe we’ll do a tighter incredible to think.
They’re probably not probably not they do cut well yep his apartment once.
Yeah probably not the right i mean ultimately it’s goes out monday we have is coming on this weekend we’re not doing that right right well we don’t just not go out but after that you might well quite a bit after that.
Maybe was a wealthy knows its a mystery it is a mystery thing as girl there’s are convoluted crazy review of incredible to go see you won’t be disappointed.
I think that that is the show right gotta shorter perfect inning will you go don’t forget you guys can he rest in the where part catches or heard because in the oceans of podcasts.
We are okay through this we are the go we should a we emmerich’s with gotta try announcement of the shirt we do have a teacher.

[1:03:25] Auntie public of a t-shirt that was cameron’s idea that i designed up through on this on a to point where is not properly can that in the show that’s our intermix interior designs be thrown.
Are the showings of we’ve said some italian from up on the on the store that you can pick him up for the add by the first week whatever for couple days fourteen dollars and then with the it’s a cooling on your empty it’s a it’s a fun tshirt.
Yeah it is its course re like out that is so much i stop of the middle request a so the guys go johnny had to get a hold this.
Do you hold us on twitter at spoiler underscore country where there all day long can you hold this on instagram on facebook you can email us at support country at juma dot com.
Uber website se pod dot net you can get costly was a voicemail at seven or seven six five six twenty eighty.
We’re gonna do some of those was will that promise were just hold him for a little bit to get to where we want to go yet again that number is seven seven six five six twenty eighty.
Do you guys go man i don’t think we have any much more to say than not so don’t get just open my mind and read more cia.
Do that was a fucking went up so that was way back and i’m in no sat one now as its auger.



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