I Can Sell You A Body

A New Book By The Writer Of Death Orb And Rat Queens, Ryan Ferrier.

You meet the girl of your dreams, but you can’t ever seem to say the right thing at the right time. Also, you have a chorus of ghosts that only you can hear telling you how shitty you’re doing. Also, also, you have the deranged son of a dead mob boss threatening to blow our face off if you don’t give him the money that you owe him. Also, also, also, you don’t have any money. All of this is fine because you have something the rest of the world doesn’t have: reverse exorcism powers, and you can use it for fun and profit!
That is the basis for the new series from IDW written by Ryan Ferrier and expertly illustrated by George Kambadais.

I recently was able to read both issues one and two (issue #2 just came out!) and I really enjoyed where this comic is going. The writing is solid. Ferrier is really Comfortable with interpersonal dialogue, and the art by Kambadais is expressive and helps set the tone of the book. The book comes off as part Archie comics, part Stray Bullets, and part Outcast.

The protagonist, Danny Little, is a down on his luck former television psychic that has been reduced to giving private readings to grieving family members. Luckily for Danny, he’s gained a new ability and business model. Unluckily for Danny, he’s pissed off the most dangerous gangster in town. Can he resurrect the gangsters (happily) deceased father AND pay him back in 48 hours? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

To hear more about I Can Sell You A Dead Body and it’s creators check out our interview with author Ryan Ferrier here.

Ryan Ferrier and his amazing stories.

Casey Allen

Casey Allen is a writer and editor living in Alabama.

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